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City of Thieves

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message 1: by Hector (new)

Hector (hecctorm) | 8 comments Book Rev.: City of Thieves
City of thieves is written by David Benioff and takes place during WWII in the city of Leningrad. Leningrad during this time has been surrounded by German forces who are bombing the city every night for the past year. The city is barren of life, the winter is getting worse, and nobody gets to eat except for the higher ups. The main Character Lev Benioff gets into trouble with the police and gets thrown in prison along with Kayla who gets thrown in for a different reason. Together they get sent on a mission to find eggs in the middle of the ongoing war.
I thought the book had a great sense of humor, and it was a lot of fun seeing how Lev and Koyla reacted to all the situations they encounter. You learn about the two characters and as you build this list of information you begin to see through their eyes and know what Koyla or Lev are going to do whether its preparing to fight or planning how and when to escape. The author did a great job of describing how intense the conditions that the characters faced were. I felt as if I myself was the one trudging through thick snow with the wind cutting my cheeks. The only thing I guess I didn’t like was how you could see the ending coming from a mile away but even then, the author found a way to make it very enjoyable.

message 2: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas | 6 comments this book sounds really good, i love WW2 and I'm going to have to pick this book up, and I've been looking for war books that have a sense of humor to them.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin N | 10 comments Brutal. Does the humor in a WW2 book fit the feel or did it take away from harsh conditions they faced? Either way sounds like a pretty good read.

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