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All the Bright Places
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All the Bright Places

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Abigail Mestre | 10 comments All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Reviewed by Abby Mestre

In the small town of Barlett Indiana, where Theodore and Violet meet under some uncommon circumstances. Violet used to be the popular girl and a cheerleader. Her identity was soon striped when her sister was killed in a car crash. Theodore was also well known, but for different reasons. Theodore was always seen as an outcast, a rebel, and a freak. Theodore also didn’t come from the best home life and was always writing about death and often considered suicide. Theodore and Violet meet one morning at school on top of their school’s bell tower. They meet on the bell tower when emotions are running high and it seems as though nothing good will happen. This story follows Theodore and Violets journey after they had been assigned to do a school project together and explore Indiana. This story follows Theodore and Violet as they rediscover what this life has to offer and what they may have to offer each other.
Sometimes with teen fiction, the stories about a girl and a guy falling in love can get cheesy and very predictable. I felt that this book wasn’t like that and the author was able to tell a love story in a way that wasn’t predictable. The author did something that some authors struggle with, addressing a hard topic. As hard as talking about suicide and depression can be, it is something that is important to talk about. It was gripping to watch the journey of Theodore and Violet unfold and to watch them rediscover themselves. Niven did an outstanding job of addressing a hard topic but shining positive light on it. Theodore and Violets journey wasn’t just sad and depressing, it was a journey filled with discovery, love, and adventure. It was a pleasure to watch the characters that I had grown so fond of find themselves in ways that they didn’t think they could. I think that this book, besides the sad ending, was hope giving and gave across a good message. I would highly recommend this book.

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Kristoff Kogan | 10 comments sounds very interesting. its rare to find a book that addresses those hard issues.

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Ainara | 13 comments It is hard to talk about those topics like suicide and depression, the book sounds amazing like the whole love story I can already imagine how different it is from all the other romantic novels that as you said are cheesy sometimes. It seems like a book that will leave you thinking about life in a good and deep way.

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