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A Red Peace (Starfire, #1)
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Kristoff Kogan | 10 comments Red peace (book 1 of 3) by spencer Ellsworth
Reviewed by Kristoff Kogan
Earth is no longer the home world of the humans. Alien species have even reproduced with humans and created crosses, there are even humans that are being grown out of vats. Earth has no life left on it. John starfire and his empire of crosses are ravaging the galaxy finding and eliminating all blue bloods. Jaqi is a spaceway scavenger cross with no parents. While trying to find work on swiney niney she discovers two kids that are trying to escape the grasp of the new empire. With the help of a pit fighter, she steals the ship of her former boss and dives into a whole new world all because of two kids.

The galaxy isn’t even the limit for what Ellsworth can create for his stories. You get the full back stories on the characters, so you are able to immerse yourself into the characters and the story. The ends of each book have you craving to get your hands on the next one. The descriptions of the creatures and worlds are so full of detail you can feel yourself entering this world and feeling like you are there and able to see and feel the characters. After a while of reading these series you really start to have a connection to the characters, you will love some and hate others. You can truly picture the worlds that Ellsworth describes in the books. You start to fell hot when your drudging through the desert plants and freezing cold when you drift through the endless void of space.

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Jovani | 5 comments Just from reading this you can really imagine yourself there it kind of gave me a guardians of the galaxy vibe!

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Abigail Mestre | 10 comments I wouldn't normally go for books like this, but this one sounds so gripping. I like that you get the whole story on the characters and that you really feel like you are a part of the story. I love books that have good description! So I might give this one a read!

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David Carr (AGuyThatDoesntLikeBooks) | 9 comments this sounds like it will be a cool book, you don't find many books that are good now a days, but this one surely sounds like a must read for sci fi

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