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Do you know of any interesting books?

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message 1: by Hind (new)

Hind Marri (HindMarri) | 10 comments Mod
Is there any interesting books that you would like to share with rest of Eqra'a members? we would love to hear your opinion!

message 2: by Ghoson (new)

Ghoson Taleb | 13 comments Mod
I heard that this book is hitting the shelves recently, it s a thriller
kindly view link attached


message 3: by Manal (new)

Manal S | 17 comments Mod
one of the books that i really enjoyed reading is "Ask and it is Given"Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

This book mostly covers topics relating to personal empowerment, positive thinking, goal-setting and taking accountability for the your actions and decisions.

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