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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Share some poetry people! (better explanation in the recommend a game folder) XD

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments This is a poem I wrote for English class.
Let me be a human,
Not part of the wild pack animals.
Let me be myself,
Not what you want me to be.

I’d rather be myself,
Then try to fit in,
With the people who put on façades.
To be one of the many who put on façades,
Is like a clinging animal to the pack.

I’d rather be my human,
Than one who uses social media,
Spreads rumors,
And runs like a rabid pack of animals.

Clinging to books,
Observing what extracurricular suits me,
Is better than being a media obsessed teen,
Better than running through the school,
Like a pack of wild animals set free from the zoo

I would rather be someone who aspires to teach,
Then someone who is what their friends,
Or family,
Want them to be.

I would rather stand tall and alone,
A leader,
Than one of the following pack animals,
With perfect clothing,
Horrible attitudes,
The art of manipulation all over their twistedly sweet words.

I’d rather be a human,
Obsessed with studying, books, trees, and school,
A leader by nature,
Not by following.

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments All you do here for those who do not want to check the other post is post a poem, which I did, and provide feedback/ask questions is they are present. Then, if that person has a poem, they post it if they want. Sort of like a real poetry slam, just with a twist since its electronic.

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
((loved it. ^-^ on that note, I'll post one made in creative writing class last year...))

I Am:

I am quiet and observant,
I wonder if I can escape the locked cage of my fears.
I hear the voice of courage,
I see the lock's broken gears.
I want to escape what thinks of me as its servant,
I am quiet and observant.

I pretend that I am afraid to try,
I feel bravery growing inside.
I touch the wings that freedom uses to fly,
I worry that my confidence will hide,
I cry when hope leaves innocent eyes.
I am quiet and observant.

I understand that hope is hard to hold.
I say that a better story can always be told.
I dream that evil will fill our thoughts no more,
I try to open my cage's door.
I hope I am not fear's servant.
I am quiet and observant.

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Wow! Loved it! Here is another I wrote. Its a little personal, but not overly.
An ode to Cassandra:
who plays like a young child,
Asking why she has autism,
Who is sweet both inside and out,
Who is as emotional as a young child.
Whose room was always a mess,
Whose hair was always on end,
Is happy, excited, lighthearted, and cheerful,
Yet she can’t go to school.
Who tells me to braid her hair,
Only to ask if I am jealous of someone else doing her hair.
Whose eyes are like the chocolate chips on a cookie,
You could get lost staring into them while talking to her,
Sleeping in strange rooms
In different places,
With her mother by her side,
Whose smile used to fill the room with toxic joy,
Is so sick,
Yet so healthy.
Her laugh echos down the chambers of my heart,
And through her empty room.
Her door is kept closed, until we clean it up.
We tell the little ones she does not live down here anymore.
Cassandra, who hid behind the curtains,
And trees,
Who was a perfectly precious person,
Who always “went to bed,”
Calling after anyone to stay awake.
Calling high and low, high and low,
Until one of us goes,
Then she goes,
As fast as the wind blew,
Leaving her echoing laugh,
And her ever so bright smile,
To fill our hearts and memories,
Echoing in our heads.

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That was so sad :(
But so good :)
I hope that, if this is based on a personal moment/person/event/etc., that time may heal the wounds, though some wounds are not worth/able to be healing/healed...
I'm still sad...

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments It was based off of real events. Sorry to make you cry. I have never really written poetry before. The poems I wrote for class I still do not view as “good”

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
That's so sad... :'(
But your poetry is great ^-^
Keep at it :)

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Thanks. I think your poetry is great! A lot better than I have ever written.

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Aw! Thanks! ^-^
It takes a lot of time and practice, but it all pays off in the end... I just wish I could write songs... I love music SO much, and songs are just poetry set to a beat really, but it's never worked for me so... \;-;/

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Maybe one day you will write music.

message 12: by Kit-Kat (new)

Kit-Kat You look in the mirror
But don't like what you see
You look away
Cause you can't face
Your insecurities

You only see
The impossibilities
You just don't see
What you could truly be

Because your eyes, they could shine so bright
And I could see you dancing in the light
You are just out of sight
Ready to give up, not ready to fight

In the hallways of the school
You always seem to fit in
But when you are alone your cruel
You stop playing pretend

You stand there in the shadows
Scared to stand out
Because you think you aren't powerful
Not ready to shout

But when I look at you see
The most amazing things
I don't see what you think you are
I see what you could be

Your eyes, they shine so bright
And I can see you dancing in the light
You're no longer out of sight
Not giving up, now ready to fight

Because I know you are beautiful
No matter what you say

message 13: by Kit-Kat (new)

Kit-Kat This is a poem that I wrote in music class a couple years ago when I was trying to write a song

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Sarah wrote: "Maybe one day you will write music."

Thanks for the encouragement... ^-^
You all are wonderful! :)

And, Kat, that is beautiful... Truly...
I can see that as a song... I just need to keep trying... I'll get there... :)

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Kat, that was such a wonderful poem!

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Suffer Alone

Always beside you
But not usually concrete.
Just there in spirit.
You know that they have your back,
You will not suffer alone.

Tell them everything
They are the safest place for
The secrets you hide
Afraid to tell someone else
You will not suffer alone.

Don’t doubt the power
Inside your relationship,
Strong enough to hold
The weight you carry inside.
You will not suffer alone.

( It's a tanka, a Japanese style of poetry, consisting of each stanza having 5 lines, with the syllables following the pattern 5-7-5-7-7. And yes, I know it's bad.

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments I love it!

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Here is a poem I wrote. These two go hand in hand, so I will post them together.
Sonnet 7
Poetry is the picture of all life
Poetry is like an open window.
Loves and trees, bees and a purple loosestrife.
Nature, animals, dogs named bingo.

Emotions, feelings, and endless thoughts.
Rules thrown out, imagination is found.
Mind runs, faster and faster, until paper has it caught
Life and death and birth is found all around.

Innermost beauty uncovered for all,
Immersed in thoughts and words of others,
Writing about anything, short or tall,
Looking all around for inspiration.

Written regarding nature seen by thee,
Left alone and read by thee who can see.

Poetry is the picture of perfection in writing,
Poetry is like an open door for aspiring authors.
Poetry is about emotions, feelings, feelings on anything.
Poetry is as Important as school for children and adults,
Poetry is as pointless as giving up in the fight of life.
Why give up when you can beat the odds and recover?
Poetry means a safe environment for people to share intense thoughts and emotions, or anything. People pour their hearts into their work, expressing things they may have wanted nobody to know, finding release in the one literary writing that has no rules.
Poetry is about life, death, happiness, and hope. It is beautiful, uplifting, empowering. It is a reflection of the soul and innermost feelings that are not often shared.

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Great writing!

message 21: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Thank you.

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Here is another poem I wrote a few weeks ago. This one is a catalog poem. Apologies ahead of time for the horrible writing quality.

Joy, happiness…soon disrupted by nature.
Hospital, light, house, funeral home, cemetery, house
Empty plot for both grandpa and grandma, but first grandpa.
Easter, fun at last, But wait, first let’s go visit Grammy in the hospital.
Hospital, light, house, games, phone call, funeral home, cemetery, St John Church, house.
This time, a plot already ready for Grammy, Pappy died 9/7/1996,
Tears, hugs, hope, love, tears, hugs, hope, love, repeat, over and over again.
Schools almost over, middle school soon, yay! But, just as soon as it hits me, another thing comes,
Hospital, sadness, light, Aunt Liliana’s house, funeral home, cemetery, back to Titi Liliana’s house,
Teachers, people, friends come, bring us food, cards, and condolences.
All come from death for those who lose a loved one,
Positivity and hope, all come from death when healing begins,
Death comes and it wrecks havoc on families, including my own,
But we can’t let it control us, we need to remember that they live on with us,
Forever, until we meet again.

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
This is great guys! ^-^
I haven't been on in a few days, so when I opened this up to find all of these I was so, so happy! Truthfully, ALL of these are amazing! And you all show support for each other so beautifully... ^-^
It makes my heart smile... :)
I haven't written any poetry in a while, but I feel the need to share SOMETHING.... *searching through old writing journals*
Okay, I left all of them at home... :(
That was a tad bit anticlimactic... XD
But, anyhow, I'll put one up sometime... For now, continue as you were ^-^
Thank you all so much! You made my day! :)

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments This was my horrible free verse poem. I hated the way I wrote it, it just sounded horrible.
Starts of small and regular,
Getting bigger and more complex as you go.
Science, math, history, English,
Running to get from class to class
“Ring!!” Roars the bell,
Class has begun, people take their seats.
Write this, write that,
Type this or that,
The teachers proclaim.
Settle down, share this or that.
Rushing from French to biology.
Taking notes for a while, working In groups for a little,
Doing labs, once every unit,
causing excitement and joy to radiate off of me.
Teachers testing the students,
Seeing something such as scores.
Stress, enjoyment, happiness when one gets an A.
Rushing from biology to English,
adrenaline coursing through the veins
Writing poems,
Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, Bradbury, Seuss, Darwin
English to math,
Excitement courses through the veins,
All as school activities grow more enjoyable.
School comes and goes,
Much to fast,
But Nobody knows.
But, as schools get bigger,
We tend to feel smaller,
Almost as if we don’t exist in the abyss,
But we can’t forget,
School is fun,
Filled with excitement,
If one knows where to look within the courses.

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Huh... An interesting one... ^-^
I did enjoy it. As a hand of helpful criticism, it needed more rhyming words to tie the whole thing together, but other than that I think you did an awesome job. ^-^

Here's one I had to write for my english class yesterday literally right after I made my post about not being able to come up with some form of a poem XD :


Fear is black like an endless tide,
Freedom of ideas it does hide.
It is the sound of rejection,
A loss of pride,
The sound of prison bars that do not slide.
It is the smell of dry land, dusty pages, and the law.
It is the smell of losing those you care for most of all.
In the mirror it looks like a freshly shed tear,
Wide eyes, pounding heart, is the image of fear.
It will make you tremble before a biased judge,
And see the truth behind your father’s love.
It will make you feel caged,
Like a small, white dove,
But fear cannot conquer love.

It was supposed to be about the fear that a character, Rachel, felt in the play 'Inherit the Wind'. \0/

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Its good! I cannot rhyme, so my poems never have it. Heres another English poem.
The angel in the rainbow, hope in dark times
The angel, freedom when it is not given
The rainbow, strength for those who are weak
The angle in the rainbow, ready to go and give prosperity to those who need it most.

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Thanks! :)
You'll get there... It takes lots of practice, but it's also unnecessary... just something that makes them flow better, but some of the best poems don't rhyme at all so... \0/ I don't even know anymore... XD

This reminds me a bit of the show I'm watching on Netflix right now... Lucifer.... I'm on a massive angel kick now, and it's all thanks to that show right there XD So this poem makes me smile... ^-^

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Ok, i will post another poem later on.

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Here is a short trio of poems I wrote for my spring Literary Magazine, these are the last three I have written, so I need to write more.
Poem 1
Spring is the time of new beginnings,
Portrayed as the season of growing.
Ripe fruits will come
Into the world one by one.
Not to forget, the flowers that were once
Gone, will return brighter than before.
Poem 2
Leaves have fallen
Every autumn
And now, they return.
Vibrantly beautiful,
Each one unique to itself
Spring is the time of rebirth!
Poem 3
Flowers bloom,
Lovely colors pop up anew.
One by one they arrive,
With new colors each and every time.
Euphorbia, Everlasting Daisy, English Bluebell, and Echinacea.
Rosa multiflora, Rose of Sharon, Ranunculus, and Rain Lily.
Spring flowers bloom brighter than ever

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Sarah Knitter (sarah04) | 77 comments Just a little side note, Rosa multiflora is a highly invasive weed to Pennsylvania, and other states. It is originally from East Asia if I am not mistaken. It is the scientific name for Multiflora Rose, and it translates to many roses (so original). It has thorns that curve back, but the flowers look relatively beautiful. The other flowers are ones I just added for the sheer fact that I needed flowers to add.

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Emily Roberts (byemilyroberts) | 1 comments Hey, I’m new to this group and goodreads groups in general and I found this chat fascinating. I’ll admit I’m still reading through all the poems. I did see a comment on writing in rhyme. I know this is delayed but I wanted to through in my two cents. I write rhyming poetry and, as I was taught, rhyming is completely optional. The only thing to be aware of is that traditionally, the rhyming words and meter of rhyming poems help set a rhythm and beat for the flow of words. When you are not rhyming or using meter, other elements end up setting the rhythm (usually line breaks and punctuation because that indicates breathes and pauses). Another option is to create rhythm is to repeat a line occasionally (like the verse of a song that keeps coming back and starts sounding familiar so that by the end everyone is singing along). So if you don’t want to rhyme, that’s great, just keep other elements in mind to set a rhythm for the words. Anyway, I know this is super generic, but I saw the discussion about rhyming and couldn’t help myself. I look forward to reading all of the poems.

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Nice ones Sarah! I enjoyed those and the sidenote... You learn something new every day! :)

Hey, Emily! It is nice to meet you, and I am glad you have joined us. I'm P!ATWD, creator of the writing desk. :)
Your insight on poetry has been quite helpful and very much appreciated. :) Anything to help others improve is welcome, always. XD

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Darkling Daath (darklingdaath) | 17 comments I wrote this poem time ago it reflects a shocking moment in my life

Tick-Tock -Tick-Tock

Dreams about rains and clouds
Dreams about Reflections in the shades
Visions of rain and thunderstorms
My skin cries abrasions for the burning dust
All the clocks exploded that day
But there is a torturing silent tick-tock
Is a def sore silence that scares the most aberrant noise
Swallow ashes vomit madness memories and a starless neon city
Light of misery
Fear is afraid to look inside my heart
darkness feels clear when she looks in the obscurity of my eyes
And i can listen a broken lament
Crawling around the house
Is a part of me trapped in this mechanical imitation of hope
But all that we listen is tick tock tick tock....

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Very nice, Darkling! ^-^
It's vague, but concise, giving you a clear mental image while sending shivers down thy spine....
Well done.

message 35: by Darkling (new)

Darkling Daath (darklingdaath) | 17 comments Thanks :) I like to keep an atmosphere of mystery around the poem that’s maybe why it’s vague more like make a feeling of what is happening than’s kinda the style I use ...I will try to keep on posting more ....

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
No problem! ;)
It calls forth emotion and gives little fragments of imagery, dark and somber, like midnight rain or a forlorn home...
I enjoyed it very much, and look forward to future poems. ^-^

message 37: by Alaina (new)

Alaina | 1 comments Here is a poetry slam I wrote for English in 8th grade
Dear Future Generations
By: Alaina

Dear future generations
I’m sorry
I’m you weren’t here to see the panda
I’m sorry you never got to see the cheetah run a mile in the blink of an eye
I’m sorry you weren’t here to see the majestic unicorns of the sea
I’m sorry if you rarely get to see an elephant in the zoo
I’m sorry

Dear future generations
I wish I could have been here to see the golden frog,
Tasmanian tiger
dodo bird
And the giant ground sloth
I wish

Dear future generations
I’m sorry there aren’t any forests for you to explore
and crystal clear waters wash against the shore
While the soft, squishy sand tickles your toes
I’m sorry you have to wear masks in public
‘Cause the air is so polluted
That if you take a sniff or breath
Your lungs swell up like a sponge taking in water
You don’t have trees to climb in
Or see the old weeping willow weeping its tears in the rain
I’m sorry

I shouldn’t be sorry………
The world should be sorry……...
This all hasn’t happened yet
We can still make a change
Make a stand, make a change
1 small thing can change the world
Don’t let animals go extinct
Don’t tear down forests
Stop building unnecessary buildings
Instead of destroying animals and their habitats
Start saving them
We need to stay alive, so why shouldn’t they?
Future generations need a safe
and happy world

So please let these future generations
See the world how we see it
But even better

Please give me feedback, I love getting ideas for more things that I write.

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
It's very good Alaina! ^-^
It made me sad just reading it, thinking about what our world will look like in the future if we don't change what we're doing today...
The first three stanzas were very nice poetry with a dousing of strong imagery and a sprinkle of pathos on the side... Good job with your choice of rhetorical devices. ^-^
As for the fourth stanza, I felt like it lost its rhythm. Still a powerful message, but not quite in the format of a poem. ^-^ Hope that helps... ^-^
The whole thing was very nice in all though, and now I need to find beautiful pictures of nature to stare at and cry over.... XD
Thanks so much for sharing!
I look forward to all poems to be shared in the future....

Also, just as a general statement, I need to write more poetry.... XD
I haven't put anything on this board but reveiws for a while, and it's called "Poetry Slam" for a reason! XD Shame on me! XD
To the writing desk... The real one, anyway.... The one that's not online... XD

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Darkling Daath (darklingdaath) | 17 comments I come with a short one i recently wrote named “sharpen knives”

I Was born
with the fire and the pain
With the lament of the suffering chaos
Howling like a beast in my brain
But I learnt how to survive In a graveyard of stars
I can sharpen knives to make them shine
Im a beholder of sorrow but you can take my hand
Please show me your scars and i will give you my inner child

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Dan Algernon Blackwood's Union of God Principle

A vision to the vigilant
Is as a march to the militant;
Not to be considered a bromide,
But viewed and used as a ghost ride.
Sent from beyond as opportunity,
Not to be squandered in perpetuity.

Because visions come from consciousness,
Observation and experience yield darkness.
They must be verified by reason,
To mock or ignore them be high treason.
All inspiration derived from nature
Provides inner vision to its stature.

Our best knowledge once come,
To the auricle as a bee’s hum,
Confirmed as revelation,
Denied for immolation.
The mind ready in receipt
Can never immure a deceit.

message 41: by Darkling (new)

Darkling Daath (darklingdaath) | 17 comments Dan i love your one the rhyme is perfect and it’s so visual and epic with a dark composition just great !!!

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Very nice Dan and Darkling! ^-^
Love them and the constructive reviews. ^-^
Just what this board is for... :)
That being said:

"Love or Hate Feels Like..."
((Note: the title was actually a prompt assigned in english class... XD))

It is a blanket of warmth,
a river so cold,
both of these feelings so deep and so old.
It is the touch of a child,
it is Death's tight embrace,
these feelings so old,
to love or to hate.
It is winter's still morning,
it is summer's first breath,
it is hard to describe the feelings that are left.
To love or to hate?
The question grows old,
and one may never know what shall never be told.
It is a blanket of warmth,
a river so cold,
to love or to hate,
feelings so deep, dark and bold.
It is the touch of a child,
it is Death's tight embrace,
these feelings grow old,
to love or to hate.

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Darkling Daath (darklingdaath) | 17 comments Good one Hun takes you there in that eternal question *claps* I enjoyed it so much

message 44: by Dan (last edited Dec 10, 2019 02:36PM) (new)

Dan Nice one Panic. I liked how your internal repetitions set up the last two lines. Haven't seen that before.

I might do something with that prompt along the lines of the aphorism "it's a thin line between love and hate."

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Thanks, guys! <3

My favorite lines of that were the last two... ^-^
I felt especially clever after writing those... XD

And feel free to use any prompts you would like... ^-^
There's a discussion board on TheWritingDesk where I give prompts and then writing may be posted and reviewed... It hasn't been used in a while, but it exists, if anyone is interested... XD

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Arwen | 4 comments I'm just gonna come up with something on the spot lol

It's always just me.
I really wanna see someone.
But I sit here lonely
waiting for someone to come...
My eyelids grow heavy
My back always aches.
I can't see clearly,
Are these friends all fakes?
I long for the light
That was in my life...
But the pain in my back
is always as
Sharp as a knife.

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