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Cara YiTing | 1 comments Spoilers!

It’s set in a fictional ugly village in France, ugly so as to deter the English. A man and a woman love each other but are too awkward to admit to each other. The woman goes to live in a castle/fortress for a considerable number of years. The man often packs a picnic with his friend and broods over his love problems. He would also compete with his friend to see who brings more delicious fare for the picnic. Eventually the entire village was convinced that a famine or disaster of some sort was going their way and everybody barricaded themselves in and indulged in food, wine, and love-making. It was at this point that the protagonist couple revealed their love for each other. When the village realised that their homes were spared from destruction the next day, they indulged in even more food, wine, and love-making and of course the couple got together happily ever after.

I remember the opening of the story starts with the man making a cassoulet. And I remember the author is a lovely English lady. I read the book in 2016/17, and believe it was published in the 21st century.

Please do help me out with this search request!!! It’s a wonderfully funny story, I hope everyone gets to read it after the title surfaced!

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