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A little wider than your normal alleyway, there's entrances to buildings and even a few other alleys branching off of it creating a sort of maze.

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[For Xwft: This ones long...]

It was past dusk by the time Gwen got out of work, she managed to hand off her list of patrons to Lils before she changed up and for lack of better phrasing ‘got the hell out of dodge’. Free of the horrid garment that was her uniform and dressed in her civvies the blonde felt more at ease walking down an side alley than most women would. Noticing the temperature drop from the morning rather quickly Gwen zipped up her maroon windbreaker as far as it could go, she missed her black one because unlike the one she was wearing it had been fleeced lined. Walking and adjusting the small, but durable backpack she carried with her when she worked, there was an air of calm in place. Surprisingly her day had gone well despite the albeit shocking run in with her ’favorite’ psychotic asshole and Misha and his boys, they were always an unwelcome treat. Often she wondered if they caused her more trouble than they did good.

Reaching for her back pocket Gwen went to remove a small cardboard carton and her lighter, she didn't take a smoke break and figured she could go for one. Pausing in the opening of another sidealley branching off Gwen didn't even have time to fiddle with the stubborn little gear before she was yanked into the sidealley. Dropping her lighter and actually letting out a yell of surprise Gwen was thrown against the brick wall of a building. The force alone was enough to make her head knock against it painfully leaving her disoriented for a minute. But then Gwen remembered who she was exactly and fought the arm that was still clutching onto her windbreaker, “Get off of me you fucking dick!” she swore at them finally getting her attacker to let go and allow her get a look at them. She didn't look at first though, went to hit even drawing up into an offense position before a look of realization and confusion crossed her face as not one but three figures came into her vision.

“Fin? Misha and is that Collins behind you?” Gwen asked in question noting that one was missing before remembering that these assholes had just succeeded in scaring her and with that her face turned red. She charged over to Misha pushing at his chest rather aggressively, “What the fuck, Misha?!” hissed out Gwen her voice rising a bit but staying low enough that it didn't draw attention to the alley, “What the fuck man! You don't just pull that shit you asshole!” For some a thing like that would be brushed off as a joke, but Gwen knew Misha, and he didn't joke like that so when she'd seen it was him? Her instinct was to raise her hackles and bare teeth.

Misha looked amused, but there was something not right about it, it was almost unnerving. He held up his hands in surrender almost, “Damn Gwennie, calm down it was a joke,” he said with the faintest bit of humor in his voice, “We thought we might have a chat, we haven't caught up in a while, yeah?” All of it was said in a friendly tone, however Fin had crept over in a way that blocked off the entry she'd came from and Gwen knew for a fact despite his size Collins was the groups runner for a reason. She was pinned unless there was a fire escape. Eyes drifting between the visible three before settling on Misha, he was the smallest, maybe two inches on her but she'd lost to him before. Fuck.

Gwen with no actual plan if anything went sideways, she still didn't know if they intended to do her harm played along. Pulling a hair elastic off a slender wrist and putting the loose hair up she smiled. It wasn't a true genuine smile like she'd given Lils, but it wasn't the sickly sweet one she'd faked for Khalid either, “I guess you're right, we haven't pulled one together in a bit, but thats Oz's doing not mine, I don't pick location after all,” said Gwen with a shrug being nonchalant in how she talked about their informant. No one really knew who the guy was, so most called him Oz in reference to the Wizard of Oz. It was actually kinda clever.

Misha nodded in agreement to her statement before he spoke in reply, “Speaking of our last gigs… we know, Gwennie,” he said starting to sound a bit mad. What the hell?

“Know what? And stop with that fucking nickname,” Gwen both asked and demanded sounding confused, looking at Misha and even the other guys like they were nuts.
Running a hand through his hair and laughing unamused Misha looked at her eyes giving her the same look from the diner
Only this time she saw it, “Gwen, we'd hope you'd at least take responsibility, after all you used to pride yourself on owning up when you made mistakes.” It was said like a parent confronting a child about breaking a vase and then denying it even when caught.

“Misha, I have no fucking clue what your going on about here!” the blonde yelled starting to get annoyed and she was about to start going off before she was interrupted.

“The money, Gwen!” Misha yelled starting to get aggressive even stepping forward in her direction, “We know you were taking a larger cut than we were and we probably wouldn't have noticed, but then you didn't come on a job. And you see, I noticed something, Gwen, we've done five man jobs before and for some reason when you tagged with the sum was smaller.” The look he was giving Gwen made her feel uneasy, he looker dangerous for one of the first times in knowing him… Gwen felt nervous around Misha.

With an attempt to lessen the tension, Gwen made a bit of a joke whole being serious, “What are you smoking? I get the same cut as you, sixteen percent always have, its split as six because we gotta pay Oz too for the info,” said the blonde actively looking for an escape or a way to simmer the heat down.

But it seemed that was the wrong choice because the first blow of the night was struck. Misha giving into his anger lashed out. His fist cracked against Gwen's nose sending her reeling with the shock and sudden spots in her eyes. Hand going to her nose feeling warmth there from where it started to bleed Gwen was now switching from retreat to defense almost right away. With one hand still trying to stop the flow of blood the other wiped it away from her mouth, “You sure you don't want to just talk this out, Misha? You gonna resort to fists so easy?” she was antagonizing him now, he'd struck first and Gwen was mad. Even though she was angry a grin crossed her face when Misha popped his knuckles, “Alright then, fists it is, after all I've never been good with words,” said Gwen letting her hand drop from her nose and getting in a fighting stance.

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Xwft | 99 comments Khalid was bored. He expected something exciting to happen but clearly these guys just liked sitting in creepy alleys for the fun of it. There was only so much sitting in the dark of night waiting that Khalid could put up with. And despite priding himself on having the patience to see anything through, he. Was. Bored. Truth be told he was actually starting to think he should just put a bullet in each of their heads and get it over with. Of course leaving Misha alive for a little interrogation before slitting his throat and leaving him for dead. He had already slit the tips of his fingers open accidentally from fiddling with his knife, little droplets of blood being allowed to roll down his fingers and pool in his palm. However there was only so much fun you could get from watching your own blood and Khalid was getting to that point. Beside the wounds were tiny, and unless he forcefully squeezed some blood out, it only really released a teardrop. As if his calloused fingers were crying from the constant tortured he put them through. Whatever Misha and his gaggle of boys were waiting for Khalid was getting very disinterested and Khalid losing interest lead to nothing good for the boys below him.

Thankfully, a few minutes after Khalid seriously started thinking about pulling the trigger, something happened. Misha and his boys stood, seeming interested by something by they way they crowded around the entrance to the alley. For a moment Khalid thought he was going to have to make a quick escape and that somehow they had attached the attention of the police. However that thought was very quickly cut short as a high pitched feminine yelp echoed through the alley. Now that picked Khalid's interest. Shuffling to the edge of the balcony, Khalid peered down at the action below. It was dark, only silhouettes being able to be made out but that was still more than enough. He saw someone, probably the girl who yelped, withering in the man's grip like a fish stuck on a line. Two others stood behind the screaming girl seemingly unfazed by her choice words. He even winced as he heard the crack of her head against the brick wall. Surprisingly to him, the chaos stopped fairly quickly when the girl started speaking. That was also when Khalid realized exactly who said girl was. Gwen. He wasn’t all that surprised, in fact he expected it, but he was definitely interested now.

Their conversation seemed casual, well as casual as Gwen could be. She spat insults left right and center but Misha and his boys seemed to just let it slide. However Khalid was taking in everything. So they did work together, as Gwen had said. However there employer wasn’t someone Khalid recognized. Oz, whoever that may be. He guessed they didn’t know and he definitely wasn’t meant to know. Well to bad there was no way he was leaving anytime soon, things were starting to get fun. Being the amazing notice of things he was, Khalid had noted that there had been four boys before but now he only counted three silhouettes, not including Gwen he stood right under the balcony he perched on. Now he knew this could be because he was just being blind but he gave these boys some credit, they had to have some intelligence to set an ambush and pull off robberies. So he kept an eye open, not that he expected him to be the subject of attacks but more so he wasn’t taken off guard if anything did happen.

Now Khalid couldn’t see facial expressions but he could most definitely hear the tone of voice and that was more than enough to go off. For the first time Khaldi heard Gwen sound unsure, he \almost pin it as worried if he didn’t know her as well as he did. Now Gwen seemed confused but Khalid knew exactly what was going on, he wasn’t a stranger to cheating, scamming and all that fun stuff, and this was scandalous! Not that Khalid was about things like this, nor was he surprised Gwen would do something like that. But still brave move of her, going against a group of boys like this when there was only her alone in the world. However, the little cheating them out on money stunt that Misha was holding her accountable for was very interesting. This was a very hard choice in fact whether Khalid should let Misha and the boys kill her now and he would take credit for it after kill them. Or to interfere now, keep the thieving double crossing girl alive and bid her off to the highest bidder when the time came.

However, as it appeared, Khalid didn’t even get a chance to jump down and make his appearance known. Cause Misha had a very small fuse and there was no surprise that Gwen broke it. Before Khalid could even blink Misha hand lashed out striking a clean blow to Gwens face. A disturbing grin spread across Khalids face as saw the blood stream down Gwens face. This was live T.V it was great! Khalid sat quite contently at the very edge of the balcony watching the squabble below him play out. His muscles were still tense, ready to spring if he decided to save Gwen's ass and make her in debt to him, or if something went wrong that risked his life. But other then that Khalid was perfectly ready to watch this fight play out, he would process the information he learnt later. How knows someone might wants this Oz guys head and he could get it for them. Though for now he was finding great amusement in the anger that now laced through Gwen's voice. Misha had just crossed the line and Gwen was going to make him pay. This would be great fun!

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Once the fight had begun there was no real way of stopping it without getting involved. It was bloody, both of them knew where to hit and how to dodge incoming attacks because of their history. It must've been five minutes in before Misha had Gwen with her back against the wall and started wailing on her. She was having a hard time blocking his hits with how he had her, they struck both her face and ribs. It was a lucky jab to the groin with her knee that got him away from her only to get whacked in the ribs with a crowbar ultimately leaving Gwen and Misha doubled over. When the crowbar struck her Gwen yelped nearly folding in half to protect herself, after letting out a few gasping attempts at words she put a name to her new attacker.

“Lewis,” she said sounding pained and struggling to right herself, “Why-” are you doing this? The question left unanswered because even though she was given a reason it didn't make sense. Blinking away spots that still lingered Gwen was trying to keep track of who was where, Fin and Collins hadn't moved, Misha was in front of her and Lewis to her right. Trying her luck Gwen tried to bolt to the left, however still in a lot of pain she was slow and her attempt at running was cut short by the sudden connecting of metal to her temple.

It must have knocked her out for a bit because when she came around there was the chatter of infighting. Someone was talking. They sounded underwater almost and she missed the first part but caught the next, “...sure we even got the right idea? She might be telling the truth, Mish.” It was Lewis. He was normally the smart one, he'd seen that she was innocent of whatever wrong she'd done them.

“Shut up, you don't make the fucking choices here,” Misha spat out looking pissed at the other blond. Though the fuzz she saw the unmistakable shape of something in his hand. With her vision swimming, it was hard to make anything out. Gwen's head hurt. Her everything seemed to ache but her side and head were the worst. With every beat of her heart, it was like a pulse of new pain coming from her temple. A hand reached up to feel the source of the tenderness and right as soon as she touched it a soft whimper left her. The hand was wet. Fuck she was bleeding. Unfortunately, her sound of pain also alerted Misha that she was coming back into consciousness. Nearly right away he was back in front of her one hand fisted tightly in her windbreaker hissing out a command of, “Get up.” Gwen didn't have much choice to follow his guidance though he held up most of her weight.

“Misha, I don’t-,” Gwen was having trouble forming thoughts, blinking rapidly trying to clear the pea soup thick fog that was messing with her head, “I don’t what you're talking about-” before she could finish Gwen was hauled up by her windbreaker roughly so Misha was holding her up on her tiptoes. There was something cold and sharp on her neck, even with being disoriented Gwen could tell it was a knife. The blade was pressed against her jugular as a threat, if she were to move suddenly it could end badly. Misha leaned in his voice was low, darker than the blonde had ever heard from him and said something that made her feel as though Gwen was doused in cold water.

“Don't you go a nephew or somethin’?,” It was a statement said as a question, “Don't she got a nephew, Lewis?” Of course, Lewis would know, there wasn’t much you could successfully hide from him.

“Think so, mentioned how proud she was getting drinks one time,” Lewis confirmed still to her left.

“Thought so,” Misha said bringing the knife to her face, he dug the blade into her skin and there was a sliver of pain before something wet dripped down her right cheek. He'd cut her. Misha, who’d leaned back when the knife was brought to her face leaned in close the knife still tracing the skin of her cheek as he talked, “Now listen Gwen, and listen good, you fess up and atone to your little… mishap or I'm gonna find that cute lil kid nephew of yours… and I'm gonna hurt him real bad.”

Gwen’s stomach dropped, blood that was once boiling had suddenly iced over and her heart was in her throat. Something about her changed, before she was still being defiant, however at the mention of her nephew Gwen stilled face paling quickly. Her eyes were wide, fearful, not for her but the innocent little boy Misha just threatened. She swallowed thickly before wobbly threatening, “If you even get near him, I'll slit your throat, Misha.” A normally clear and steady voice shook with emotion, her lower lip even trembled even if Gwen tried to get it under control.

Misha looked to the right, towards Fin if he hadn’t yet moved and gave him a look that read, ’aw, look at this’, before taking Gwen's face in his hand and squeezing it. He looked at her still holding her face and said, “That's adorable, Gwen, truly it is… but I still don't hear an apology.”

Though she knew it was a risk, Gwen needed to take the heat away from her nephew, meaning she needed to remind Misha it was her that he was pissed at. Gwen looked Misha in the eye, steady, “I'm sorry,” began the blonde sounding convincing, Misha waited for her to finish looking almost eager to see her crack, “That your such an asshole,” said Gwen spitting on his face with a look of defiance again. In theory, she knew it'd work, but she didn't know what he might do… even if Gwen didn't show it, that thought scared her.

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It was actually quite interesting watching Gwen fight when he wasn’t her target. He must admit she was graceful and had well places hits. To bad Misha also knew as much as her. With the blanket of dark Khalid couldn’t see more then dark shapes and darker shapes but he could make out when an a fist flew true thanks to the grunt or hiss of pain that followed. It was like a movie theater, Khalid being preached right at the edge of his seat to watch the bloodbath. In fact he learnt over the edge as Misha drove Gwen into the wall below him, just so he could watch. It was sick really, him finding joy in this, but the amount of cuts, bruise, scars and tron somethingarathers he got from Gwen. This beating, whether she was innocent this time or not, was what she deserved.

He did wince slightly as a crowbar was slammed, with little mercy, into Gwen's gut.
Don’t you bruise my merchandise. It’s not fun if she’s dead before I get to kill her. He thought as the missing fourth figure came back into play. Both players righted themselves quickly though, Gwen still seeming shocked by the crowbar but Misha recovering quickly from the knee to the groin. How Khalid was glad that wasn't him. The Lewis person, seemed to be the only one willing to meddle himself with his boss's business. The other two hanging back letting the two go at it with then the same morbid curiosity that kept Khalid in place. Things got even more exciting when Gwen tried to bolt. She slipped past Misha and made a wild charge to the left. To bad she didn’t have the birds eye view that he did. Khalid saw Misha snatch the crowbar from Lewis. Saw him lift it. Then take a arching swing towards Gwen's head. If Khalid was a good person then he might have called out a warning to her. He might have stopped his silence, force his mouth to work, been willing to give away his position and informed her of the crowbars direct path to her head. But he didn’t. He sat in silence, barely preventing a flinch when the crowbar connected with the blonds head with a sickening crack and she crumpled.

He watch the men quite literally drag Gwens limp body back into the gloom of the alley, far away from the entrance she tired to bolt to. He heard them talk. They weren’t quite at all. Lewis seemed to be questioning whether Gwen really was guilty or not but Misha was having none of it. Truthfully, Khalid did debated whether he should end this all now. If Gwen had served her sentence and this was getting to much. That maybe Lewis was right? Beside she wouldn’t be worth much just now, she had to first built up a real bad criminal profile for herself. Possibly with a little help from him. So he didn’t want her killed, not yet but…. Part of him still said that she still deserved what was to come. A sick part of him still wanted to see what happened, to see how Misha and his boys broke Gwen. Then, maybe, just maybe if she lived long enough, he could use the leverage her learned from here on her himself. However, his attention was quickly drawn from thought back to reality as Gwens hand moved.
Stay still you dumb girl Khalid thought but no. She touched the clearly bleeding wound on her head and even from his perch above Khalid heard her whimper. A whimper that almost…. Almost made him call this to a stop. Heck, was he becoming more human or was this just a faze. Her certainly hoped it was a faze being human seemed to suck. You had feelings and those got in the way of everything. Thankfully his morbid curiosity got the better this time and he sat stationary, watching Misha slam Gwen against the brick wall. She continued to trying beg her way out of the situation but Misha didn’t want to hear it from Lewis and he most definitely didn’t want to hear it from her. He dragged her up by a hand on her jacket, enough so that her toes barely brushed the ground. Strangulation was boring, was he really going to strangle her, Khalid had hoped for a better show.

However Misha clearly just rested for threats. Threats that actually really interested Khalid cause apparently she had a sister? Either that or someone had gotten through to the stone hearted girl and she had become an unofficial auntie. Ha, he doubted that. Yet he also doubted her having a sister without him knowing. Either way he had leverage. Cause she was human. And humans have feelings. Khalid, he had learnt to hide those. Learnt to love not being human. Why else did he accept her “stone cold psychopath” comments. Cause at least that meant that he didn’t have feels to betray him.

With a sick interest Khalid watched Misha press a blade to Gwens cheek. He leaned closer just so he could see what line Misha was carving into the girls flesh. Yet as he did so he saw the genuine fear that crossed her face. Her genuine human fear that he had never seen on Gwen's face before. He could hear the shake in her voice as she tried to threaten him, the way she trembled in Misha grip. He was surprised when she dared spit in his face, dared mock his demanded for an apology. She was brave despite her fear that was now blatantly displayed on her face. There were looks of false adoration being passed between the other boys, all of them finding amusement in how Gwen shook. Amusement that Khalid to should find. Yet he couldn’t help feeling…. Something. Something human towards Gwen and her position. He knew what it was like to be tortured. That had been a rather large part of his life for him. So there was a part of him. A flame in him fed by Gwens helplessness that made him want to show a scrap of humanity and leap in like a hero to help. That made his hand pull the gun and hold it, ready to fire if things went so down hill or the human in him won out against his morbid side.

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((It looks great! Wowie was that emotion? Khalid showed?))

The anger that Misha seemed to hold against Gwen turned into rage as soon as the blood mixed spit hit his cheek. Gwen saw the small little fire blaze into a wildfire at once. She'd hit the end of Misha's patience. That was her goal. He was trembling at that point, for some, it might take a lot longer for someone to get to that angry. But that was Gwen's talent, getting under people's skin and bringing out the beast known as rage to the surface.

The hand that had loosened on the front of her windbreaker tightened harshly before it shoved her back against the brick. ’Shit that hurts,’ was the main thought that flew through her mind when the back of Gwen's head was smacked against the wall again. Still, somehow she kept her snark going, “Temper, Misha, you keep going for the head and I'll be too fucked to give you a clear answer,” Gwen just about half slurred out. Oh. Oh, that didn’t seem like it could be good at all. Though in the dizzy her brain was floating in was most definitely caused by all the attacks to her head. Something was off with her hearing, but Gwen didn’t have time to think on it.

With no grace or mercy at all, he let Gwen drop to the alley floor. Misha was angry. He was enraged to the point he made a mistake. He forgot where they were it seemed when Misha drew a pistol. It was small, concealed, shit Gwen didn’t even see or feel it on him. It was Lewis and Collins who looked at each other concerned, but it was Fin who spoke, “You sure you want to give our position away like that Misha?” the brute rumbled out, but shut up when Misha looked at him angrily. It was his fight. His act of bringing Gwen down. But he composed himself enough to take the safety off and point it at her head. It was execution style.

Gwen stared down the barrel, her heart rate picked up, but that was the adrenaline talking. Gwen knew she’d die young, always had after that day in the alley, one like this, that had her shaken to the core. Though a gunshot to the head was more merciful than getting stabbed in the side she supposed. Before she even realized it the gun was by her head and a hand was over her mouth. She could feel the cold metal of the weapon on her ear and smelled the faint traces of gunpowder. Its hammer was drawn back and before she could react the pistol was fired. Not putting a bullet in her head as she thought, but the wall beside her. It was loud. Too loud. The sound made Gwen want to curl up in a silent room forever and scream until her throat was shredded. The gunshot echoed through the side alley, probably alerting nearby apartments or small businesses.

Gwen wanted to curl up into herself. Wanted to cover her ears and curl into herself like she was fourteen again hiding in her foster sisters closet while the family screamed downstairs. So she did. Hands came up to cover her ears like it’d get rid of the ringing, it was horrible. Through the muffling of her hands alongside, the ringing was voices, two angry and one outraged.

“Misha what the actual shit,” hissed a voice, Lewis, he’d taken the crowbar back and looked pissed at Misha, “You just alerted our location to the nearest blue suits around, that and we’ve probably got locals phoning this in you idiot!” He was probably right, even if this was near gang territory it was still a gray area of L.A where people cared. But blind rage did that to people, they forgot who they were and where they were half the time. Collins shifted from side to side nodding, he looked like he wanted to fuck off out of there, but Fin looked indifferent as always. There was more squabbling, but eventually, the buzzing in her head drowned it out. Like continuous white noise, a tv that couldn’t get the right channel frequency leaving it just loud, unbearable static.

Somewhere in her gut, Gwen knew something was off, but a swarming of emotions; betrayal, fear, anger- along with the fuzz in her head made everything hard to detect. She felt tired and sore. Everything seemed to ache or throb. Gwen didn’t know how many hits to the head she’d taken that night, but it was enough to make her pliable. Hands slipped from her ears to her abdomen, her left one was still wet and she was bound to have dried blood on her temple if there was some still on her hand.
Through her swimming head and mixed emotions, Gwen almost felt the need to laugh. If only her past self could see her, the great blonde menace put down by a few knocks to the head. Something came to mind before her vision closed in on itself, something Khalid of all people had said, ’Someday Gwen… You’re going to bite off more than you can chew.’ and out of all the things he’d said to her that one was true. Well shit.

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Xwft | 99 comments Khalid pried himself on not being human. In fact, after everything, he deliberately made himself that way. Deliberately cut himself from the natural human nature, human feelings, that plagued most humans. But, as Gwen's head once against connect with the brick with a sickening crack, Khalid started to realize that maybe he was right. Maybe this had gone to far.

Don’t you dare Khalid thought, noticing the darker shape that was the pulled and pointed at Gwen's head. He needed her alive and being shot was definitely not staying alive. Plus any shot would call all the boys in blue from miles away and Khalid couldn’t be bothered killing for men then evading detention. It wouldn’t be the first time he got caught but it would be the first time he didn’t have anyone to help bale him out. However, despite the protests of his men, Misha seem determined to shoot her. Or at least give her a heart attack. Khalid himself was frozen in shock, curious but also fearing what the irrational actions of this man. He could see the anger in the face of Misha, could see how he wasn’t thinking right. He hoped Misha was just threatening. He really hoped he wasn’t really going to shot for all their sake. But no. Misha had a short fuse and Gwen hat a talent of making them even sorter. He saw the moment when Misha finger tightened around the trigger, the exact moment he decided to pull down. Even though he knew it was coming, Khalid himself flinched back, pulling himself further into the shadows the bullet echoed around the small stone brick alley.
“Dumbass.” Khalid hissed rubbing his ringing ears feeling sure the men and their tasers would come arrested them all if he didn’t get out of here. Yet something else was irritating him. Other than the need for self preservation a certain weight had settled over him at the thought that...Gwen was dead. That a bullet had been embedded in her brain all cause he was to morbidly curious to step in and help. He wasn’t exactly sure if it was guilt that now filled him or a just a form of… hollowness. That he nemesis for all his life had been killed. And though not buy him but while he watched and did nothing. He was used to death but there was something that made him almost feel sad at the thought of Gwen's death.

He was about to leave, putting self preservation over the job, he would get more. However, as he stood up to leave, letting the shadows cover him, Khalid noticed something. Five figures were still standing. Surprisingly to him the shadow he deemed to be Gwen was still up. That let in a flood of anger and… relief? He was annoyed at Misha for shooting, for alerting everyone of their position and didn’t even get a death for it. Yet….. in a very human way…. A spark of sympathy for Gwen alighted in him. He stood motionless, his human and inhuman side Waring over what to do next as she crumpled into a ball on the ground, hiding her head in her arms. He saw the gleam of blood coating her hand, in fact her whole body was coated in the crimson liquid. Much more blood then really should be good. It was then, as she crumpled, as Misha stood over her looking like a predator eyeing meek prey, that the human one out. This was enough, he had seen enough had all the information he needed and it was time to end this. Whether it was the worst decision of his life or not the spark of humanity in him and just grown to a flame.

With an all to casual move he vaulted the balcony railing, landing with grace between Misha and Gwen, completely ignoring any ground shock the spread through his legs. The cool metal of his silenced gun was resting in his hand but wasn’t raised yet, the dark gleam in his eyes was enough of a threat.
“Ok boys fun’s over.” Khalid’s voice was casual despite being outnumbered. His stance cool and calm, as of saying Misha wasn’t worth the trouble of being scared about. Yet a lethal poison laced in his words as he spoke.
“Very interesting show I must admit you guys are scandalous! But I've gotten bored.” His voice dripped with sarcasm a false appreciation but the flat tone of his last statement gave away his intentions. Before Mish could even think of relating raised the gun and pointed it at Misha’s chest his gaze directly meeting the eyes of the leader.
Quickly, with only a flick of the wrist three shots fired followed by the thud of bodies falling to the cold stone ground.
“Pathetic.” Khalid mumbled as the smell of gunpowder filled the air and something more thick, more heavy… Blood. “And to think your men were most wanted recently.” Khalid tucked his gun back into the sheath before pulling his dagger, holding it loosely in his hand. A dark gleam lit his eyes, a all to pleased smile curving up his face. “Now now don’t fight me I can’t be bothered getting my hands to dirty. I was going to play a little game of interrogation but it seems you spilled all you valuable information, you really got to learn to speak more quiet, so i’m just going to end this now.” He took a step closer brandishing the knife clearly in front of Misha. “This. This is for Gwen,” he gestured to the limp lying girl behind him. “Next time, don’t touch my investments.” Then, with a quick swing of his hand he dug his blade into Mishas neck.

Whether it hit the intended place and killed Khalid didn’t stay to find out. He yanked the blade back, quickly sheathing it before turning to Gwen. Though his gun was silenced the first gun shot but Misha was bound to draw attention and he had to get out of there. He knelt down beside Gwen, ready to take any ‘knight in shining armor’ comments. However, she stayed silent, not even twitching as he approached. That was when he realized she was unconscious. A spike of panic shot thought Khalid before he pushed it down. He was just worried about getting out of her alive, that was all. Regretfully, he reached forward placing his hand against the cool skin of her neck, trying to find a pulse. A strange feeling spread through him as he made direct contact with Gwen in a not violent way as was normal. Part of him wanted to keep his hand there but another part of him wanted to pull back as fast as possible. Yet they were pressed for time and Khalid refused to give time for his body to debate the answer in case it was the outcome he didn’t want, so once he found a stable pulse he snatched his hand back. She was stable, for now. Thing is… he was going to have to carry her out of here and fast before the cops found them. He slipped a hand under her knees the other lacing around her back before he hefted her up into his arms. Her head flopped on his shoulder, her soft breath warm against his neck. Her blood coated his hands and spreed onto his own clothes. Sirens wailed in the background as he carried Gwen further into the alley to keep his investment safe. That was until and idea came into his head. He dropped Gwen to the ground and ran back to the mess of bodies he left behind. Without knowing who it was of even if they were dead, Khalid pulled his knife carving the letter G.W.E.N into the skin of their arm.
Just helping her build her criminal record. he thought before pulling back just as the sirens around the corner. Even if they didn’t join dots, even if his mark meant nothing it was done and that was that. He sprinted back into the dark of the alley, picking Gwen back up with bloodied hands and carrying her away.

TimeSkip! cause I feel Gwen won’t do much till she wakes and Khalid had a party while she was out of it lol

He bought a cheap room in a motel that was thankfully self serve. He did not want to try explain why he was covered in blood and carrying an unconscious girl. So after paying all his spear money Khalid got the room key, which happened to be on the second so he carried her all the way up the steps, and dumped the limp girl onto the couch. The room smelled of bleach and disinfectant but Khalid didn’t mind, he never had a luxury life. After making sure Gwen was still stable, and he had washed the blood from his hands, he went out spending a small fortune on food, clothes and medical supplies from the closet drug store. He didn’t quite know Gwens size but could guess the pants and cheeked the tag for the top. Underclothes she had to buy himself. Self serve checkout or not he was not going to be see walking around the ladies laundry compartment. He got fresh clothes for him and once buying a bag of snacks he returned home. From there he disinfected and bandaged Gwens main wounds, the ones he could reach that didn’t require him to strip her down. He did clean her up a bit, washing away some of the blood and grime from her skin. Once she was tended to he went to deal with himself, trying to forget what it was like to touch Gwen.

At this current time Khalid is lounged sprawled on the thin mattress of the double bed. A pillow tucked under his head and a thin blanket thrown over his legs. Despite refusing to admit it Khalid had taken the bed yet had given Gwen all the pillows and blankets in hope to stop her getting sick and keep her warm and safe. He sucked on a salt water taffy, the bag open and half eaten beside him. A 2.5 liter of coke sat beside his taffy's, one in which he had been drinking straight from the neck of. His dark hair was still damp and sticking to his face for the half and hour burning hot shower he took. He wore a fresh pair of clothes, a plain black top, simple dark pants, another leather jacket cause his other one was not covered in someones blood and he bought new shoes and stuff but was currently just bear feeting it cause there was no need for shoes. The small glitchy T.V in the corner was showing some game show when people got questions and had to answer them. Yet Khalid was This close to throwing his knife at the screen cause a horse was not a big dog! Either way Khalid was not living the dream with his taffy and coke. With clean clothes with a wad of cash soon to be gotten tomorrow after he found the one paying for Mishas head. In fact he had completely forgotten about Gwen lying unconscious on the couch beside him.

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