Legendary (Caraval, #2) Legendary question

Questions please (There are spoilers!!)
Jodi Mullins Jodi Apr 20, 2019 09:50PM
Okay, so I finished going through Legendary again, getting ready for Finale to be released and am trying to piece things together. So what I have gathered is that Dante is Elantine's child. Elantine when she was young stole the Deck of Destiny from Dante's dad, when he was running a small carnival. She dropped Dante off as a child and left. Dante's dad was a drunkard who abused him and sold him off. Tella's mom stole the deck from Elantine and ended up getting stuck in the deck. Tella is Jacks' one true love and makes his heart beat, but what does that mean really? Do I have this correct so far?

So far yes, although the part about Dante and his mom wasn't confirmed in the book (Still I thought the same thing when they talked about the lost heir).

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Jodi Mullins When I saw Stephanie Garber speak the day after Finale has been released, she gave the impression that the book was writing itself, that she had no id ...more
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