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This is our discussion of the 2019 Hugo Award "best novelette" finalist...

The Thing About Ghost Stories” by Naomi Kritzer
it can be read on-line at Uncanny Magazine.

This is part of our discussion of the 2019 Hugo Award short story & novelette finalists.

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Sentimental story about a woman collecting & classifying Ghost Stories, and her relationship with her mom, who died from Alzheimers. A lost ring (no, the caregiver didn't steal it, not that anyone ever apologizes for the accusation) is the hook to mom's ghost.

I dunno, maybe it's just heartless me, but this seemed beyond sentiment to treacle, and very predictable. It didn't seem like it had any new ideas (a taxonomy of ghost stories is an interesting notion, but the story doesn't do anything with it beyond state it and toss a few numbers around.

I thought it was "OK".

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Andrea | 2476 comments I actually enjoyed the first part where it was more a discussion about why we have ghost stories, almost as if this were a non-fiction article. And reading the few actual ghost stories reported (not that I'm a fan of ghost stories, they do legitimately creep me out, but these weren't intended to scare). The rest did become rather sentimental though.

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Rachel | 520 comments I did enjoy how it started out as a non fiction almost. And how its really about dementia making people into living ghosts kinda? I guess it was the right kind of sentiment for me b/c I never felt pulled out of the story by it,
I may have a higher tolerance for sweetness. Another one that was actually a bunch of shorter stories (like the 9 teeth)

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Caitlin | 68 comments I didn't mind the sentiment all that much, though that tends to be less likely to bother me. I really liked the first part where the narrator was comparing the different types of ghost stories. I don't think it's in my top three but I enjoyed it.

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