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This is our discussion of the 2019 Hugo Award "best short story" finalist...

The Tale of the Three Beautiful Raptor Sisters, and the Prince Who Was Made of Meat” by Brooke Bolander
It can be read on-line at Uncanny Magazine.

This is part of our discussion of the 2019 Hugo Award short story & novelette finalists.

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This was a pretty amusing story, told faerie-tale style (whatever that means. :) It features a completely clueless Prince, his intelligent but unappreciated bride, and of course the central three Raptors. The Princess only hangs around too look after the Prince (lest "he should stumble face-first into a chamber pot and drown — or decide to hunt the poor for sport,").

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Rachel | 520 comments oh I LOVED this one!! Saved the best for last I guess!! Perfect fairly tale bedtime story for a feminist Jurassic park girl! all the hearts.

The details of describing the world as a raptor experiences it just made it perfect! And the Baba Yga shout out at the end. Delightful as fresh blood and sun-warmed grass naps.

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Andrea | 2478 comments I actually reacted a little differently to this one. I liked the raptor aspect but I'm finding the "smart princess who ditches the dumb prince" becoming a bit of a cliche. I'm not saying we don't need strong women stories, but I'm getting a little tired of always making the guy an idiot, that's not really fair either. Why doesn't anyone write stories where the guy is actually what women want them to be, so when we hand these stories to our sons, they are not only willing to to read them (I mean women complained we had no stories to give our girls, now we don't have any to give our boys) but also to show the guy as a positive role model, not someone the woman needs to tear down.

Note that I'm also the person who thinks the Rose McGregor story was her favorite short, but there I found it a bit different, first because the men weren't human, they were fae and so I could accept being a *fill in your choice word* is part of their nature, and secondly, I don't think the males were as badly portrayed as the prince was, perhaps because it was from their POV.

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Rachel | 520 comments I think the prince might have been a bit of political allegory too somewhat as he boasted about his decisions being the best greatest ever...

But the point is that the prince is just a side character- not about him at all which is great. Also the princess doesn’t want a man at all!! Which is awesome!

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Andrea | 2478 comments If you haven't read them already, you'll probably also enjoy - The Paperbag Princess and Dealing with Dragons

On the other hand, the princess did decided to abandon the kingdom to suffer under the prince by leaving. I felt that was sort of selfish, though ultimately that problem was solved and it was ok for her to go in the end. To be honest it wouldn't have crossed my mind if the princess herself didn't consider the people briefly, and then decided her own happiness was more important. I'd have been more impressed if she decided to stay and take control of the kingdom instead. Because while people shouldn't let other people walk all over them, people also shouldn't abandon other people when they are in a position to protect them, just so they can live naked in a cabin that can walk :) I didn't feel she so much took control of her life as she just ran away from the problem and left it for someone else to figure out.

I guess I spend enough time in public transit where enough people think their backpack deserves more space than I do, or that since they are busy with their phone and can't hold on to the bar, they can just use me to catch them whenever the bus lurches, so I'm a little tired of people putting the "I" before the "We", just my own personal pet peeve baggage :)

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Caitlin | 68 comments Ended up being fairly mixed on this one. I thoroughly enjoyed the raptor elements, it was amusing to have that mixed in with the more fairy tale style aspects. But I disliked what felt like heavy handed treatment of the dumb Prince. It's amusing but pounds that drum a bit too much for me. Think it's the same lack of subtlety that annoyed me in Kill the Farm Boy vs the way that Discworld stories make fun of similar characters.

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