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UNSOLVED: One specific book > fairy (or similar supernatural being) is to protect college boy, but it goes sideways when she can't make him forget what happened

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Kateblue I only read the first few page of this

This fairy has a mission to protect some college boy, from some supernatural happenstance, I think. It goes sideways when she can't make him forget what happened.
After she does whatever saving or whatever it was that she was supposed to do, he won't forget that she was there when she uses a forgetting spell or a forgetting potion or something like that. As she is leaving for fairyland, he grabs on to her and ends up in the fairyland with her, and next thing you know, she's in trouble with her supervisor. She's in training or probation (I forget which) and is in big trouble because the boy followed her home

All I know is I liked the interaction between the fairy and the college boy. I think she might have been his fairy godmother, except I think he wasn't the only one? And I think she was a fairy-in-training?

That's as far as I got, I guess. Probably the library loan expired. I really would like to find this one again

It's not Artemis Fowl.

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Kateblue, you started a thread about this already here:


so I'm closing this. One thread per book please, otherwise it gets confusing. Please bookmark your original thread so you don't lose it, and you can bump it every 30 days.

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