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message 1: by Abbie (last edited Apr 20, 2019 08:55AM) (new)

Abbie Ep1 Necrophilia

The gals dive right in with a classic taboo, discussing the perks and pitfalls of sex with a corpse. Criminal cases include Jeffrey Dahmer, Anatoly Moskvin, Edmund Kemper III, and Bryan Hathaway. This topic is paired with a lovely 2014 Gio Dominico Negro Langhe Nebbiolo, so grab a glass, pop that bottle, and please don’t judge us.

message 2: by Jammin Jenny (new)

Jammin Jenny (jamminjenny) I need to grab a bottle first!

message 3: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Jammin Jenny wrote: "I need to grab a bottle first!"

I wish I could. I have to go into work at 4 today.

I picked this Podcast, cause its tagged True Crime and Humor, so hopefully its not too deep, heavy and depressing.

message 4: by SandyC (new)

SandyC (sandyc88) | 1 comments I started this today while I was walking my dog.
The hosts are from Minnesota (my adopted state).
I learned that necrophilia is a misdemeanor in Minnesota!

It is funny! I think my best friend would really enjoy this podcast.

message 5: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) I don't know guys. Am I the only one that found all the laughter annoying for such a serious/sick subject?

message 6: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Yes, I started on my drive Into work. Super funny.

message 7: by Abbie (new)

Abbie OMG, the part about Jeffery Dalmer and the head in the oven... best pinterest fail ever!!!

message 8: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Be sure and check out the pictures they talk about for the dolls.

message 9: by Jammin Jenny (new)

Jammin Jenny (jamminjenny) Sheila wrote: "I don't know guys. Am I the only one that found all the laughter annoying for such a serious/sick subject?"

Sometimes Sheila I think people laugh when dealing with such morbid subjects just to shake off the feelings and get through it - kind of a knee jerk reaction.

I'm going to try the podcast tomorrow (after reading my scriptures to banish any demons)… :)

message 10: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Oh, let me see these pictures. I didnt get to finish the podcast yet, should be able to get the rest in on my way homd6

message 13: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) Jammin Jenny wrote: "Sheila wrote: "I don't know guys. Am I the only one that found all the laughter annoying for such a serious/sick subject?"

Sometimes Sheila I think people laugh when dealing with such morbid subje..."

Oh I do get it Jenny. I was on the trauma team at a level 1 trauma center for over 30 years and you wouldn't believe the things that were joked about during horrid situations.

message 14: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Does anyone plan on trying the wines? I dont drink wine and was curious

message 15: by Sheila (new)

Sheila (sheilaj) I am not a wine drinker either but think it is neat that they find a wine that relates somehow to their topic.

message 16: by Jammin Jenny (new)

Jammin Jenny (jamminjenny) I'll give it a shot. I love wine.

message 17: by Abbie (last edited Apr 23, 2019 06:14PM) (new)

Abbie Thought it might be fun to do my own pairing and find my own story to go along with each episode. Feel free to join me!

Pair anything you would like, and find a story that goes along.

message 18: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Since I am not a Wine Drinker, I decided to pair this episode with:
Crystal Head Vodka

message 19: by Abbie (last edited Apr 23, 2019 06:08PM) (new)

Abbie I remembering watching something about this story when I was in highschoool. Took me a minute to find it, as I didnt remember the name.

They say love never dies. Carl Tanzler took that to heart — maybe too literally. When his beloved patient, Elena Milagro de Hoyos, died in 1931, he couldn’t bear it. After two years of visiting her in her tomb, he stole her decaying body and brought it home, where he did his best for seven years to preserve it.

Carl was an odd bird even before he became a grave robber. First, there’s the issue of his name. When he immigrated from Germany with his wife and his two children, he was plain old Carl Tanzler. But in the New World he became an aristocrat, calling himself Count Carl Tanzler von Cassel.

He wasn’t a count. He also wasn’t a doctor, but that didn’t stop him from taking Elena Milagro as a patient. When he met the young woman who would become his life (and death) obsession, he was in his 50s and living in Key West, Florida. His wife had left him. He was working as a radiology technician at the U.S. Marine Hospital.

Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos was a 21-year-old Cuban American beauty. She had come to the Marine Hospital for treatment of tuberculosis. Tanzler had had visions since childhood of a dark-haired woman who was destined to be his true love. He believed he had finally found her in Elena.

In 1930, tuberculosis was an often fatal disease. Bypassing all hospital rules, Tanzler set about saving her life. He invented a bizarre regimen of homemade tonics and x-ray treatments using equipment he smuggled from the hospital to her parents’ home.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t work. Elena died on October 25, 1931. Tanzler used his own money to build an elaborate stone mausoleum for her — with her family’s approval. But he kept the key. For two years, he visited her nightly in her above-ground tomb. Then he decided the next step was to bring her back to life.

He built a laboratory for the purpose, and late one night he stole Elena’s body, bringing it to his lab in a toy wagon. Tanzler used mortician’s wax, plaster of paris and wires to hold the rotting corpse together. He bought it perfume and clothing. He even put a wig made of Elena’s own hair on the corpse’s head.

He also shared a bed with it. It is not clear whether or not he had sex with his dead bride, but a paper tube was reportedly discovered in her vaginal cavity. Tanzer later revealed that his ultimate plan was to fly Elena high into the stratosphere where radiation from outer space would “restore life to her somnolent form.”

He never got the chance. After seven years of blissful life with his mummy, neighbors began to get suspicious. Why was he buying women’s clothes? Why wasn’t he visiting Elena’s tomb any more? When one local spotted him through the windows dancing with a giant doll, they came to investigate.

Elena’s mummified corpse was put on display in a funeral home where more than 6,000 people viewed it before it was returned to the Key West Cemetery. It was put in an unmarked grave to prevent any more tampering.

Tanzler was put on trial for grave robbery, but as the statute of limitations had expired, he went free. Surprisingly, he was not despised in the community. Many people, especially women, saw him as an eccentric romantic. He even asked for Elena’s body back. That request was not granted, but Tanzler did build a model of his love and made do with that for the rest of his life.

Rumors persist to this day that he actually switched the model and the mummy at the last minute, and lived out his days with Elena’s corpse.

message 20: by Jammin Jenny (new)

Jammin Jenny (jamminjenny) Listening now to Ep1 - sans wine... :(

Need to go get some wine now...

message 21: by Abbie (new)

Abbie I think any wine should do.

message 22: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Jammin Jenny wrote: "Listening now to Ep1 - sans wine... :(

Need to go get some wine now..."

How did the first one go?

message 23: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Ted Bundy Thread

Kind of goes with this episode!

message 24: by Abbie (new)

Abbie The book I read to go alone with this topic was Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit

Mindhunter Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Edward Douglas

message 25: by Abbie (new)

Abbie I am reading Sons of Csin at the moment, and why I have never thought of this, I will never know. But they discuss the fsirytale sleeping beauty and its necrophiliac theme.

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