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The Truth-Teller's Tale (Safe-Keepers, #2)
This topic is about The Truth-Teller's Tale
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/children, fantasy, possibly medieval or similar era, specifically remember twin girls with mirrored names or at least mirrored 'abilities', had opposite hair colours? [s]

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message 1: by Daz (new)

Daz | 2 comments Apologies in advance for the vagueness of my post, I read this about 15 years ago and was a kid at the time [this was one of my favourite books when I was that age, along with "I, corriander" by Sally Gardner, which had a similar 'feel' to the one I'm looking for, and "The Doll People" by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin].

- The setting was a medieval or earlier European style fantasy land, with magic, but I think there was still a thing about magic not being good [i.e like stigma/etc].
- The antagonist was a woman, but that's all I remember about that
- The main character was a boy, child or teen idk.
- The twin girls were important to the plot, I remember there was a twist relating to them, and for some reason I remember an important scene on a road? They definitely had opposing abilities, but for some reason my brain thinks their names or faces were mirrored? I think they had different coloured hair but were otherwise similar looking? for some reason I remember a scene or two where one of the twin girls was pretending to be the other one. I don't know if that's a red herring that I'm remembering from somewhere else.

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Rouan | 117 comments It sounds a bit like The Truth Teller's Tale by Sharon Shinn
The Truth-Teller's Tale

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Daz | 2 comments That's it! Recognised the cover immediately. Obviously some of the details had been muddled with something else.
Thanks :o
... Now, to see if it holds up >~>

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