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message 1: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 13071 comments Having a discussion about crippled heroes starring in the novels, the vista of printing new limbs/organs/body parts may render the discussion irrelevant in the not very distant future:
Or maybe not. What do you think?
If I can print a new liver soon, maybe I can drink a little more? -:)

message 2: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 9208 comments If you can print a new liver, drink up happily Nik :-) My guess, though, is new limbs might be a little more difficult because they are more complicated. Joining up the nerves might be a real problem, and getting the brain to recognize "alien limbs" might also be a problem. I hope to stick with the limbs I have.

message 3: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 5181 comments Looks like there's still a ways to go to make this technology work. Salamanders can regrow entire limbs and regenerate parts of major organs. In some cases, an earthworm cut in two can regenerate its tail. If this already happens in nature, maybe we can figure out something for humans. If new organs can be grown or regrown in the future, how will this affect human behavior? Looks like Nik may have the answer :-) But then I'm thinking only the very wealthy will benefit anyway.

message 4: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 2101 comments If you're thinking we might grow more careless because we can replace missing limbs, I would imagine the pain behind the loss would still deter a lot of people from growing careless around their power tools. :)

message 5: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 9208 comments We don't even regrow teeth. T Rex apparently did this easily. It seems, though, the more complicated the animal, the more likely this asset has been lost.

message 6: by Nik (last edited Apr 21, 2019 01:14AM) (new)

Nik Krasno | 13071 comments 3d bio-printers maybe give us a perspective of artificial regeneration.
We are left with regrowing skin, claws and hair - not enough!

message 7: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 9208 comments Yeah, and some have trouble with hair :-)

message 8: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 5181 comments Just saying - whoever comes up with a cure for baldness, whether 3d or otherwise will make billions :-) I'm sure there are people working on that.

message 9: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 2101 comments Used to be you could by the spray-on someone's got the shake-on hair.

This stuff is a thousand times funnier than the spray-on hair...

message 10: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 5181 comments Is it funnier than a comb-over?

message 11: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 2101 comments Yes!...not to say a comb-over isn't funny, but going the extra step just makes it funnier...

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