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Black Leopard, Red Wolf (The Dark Star Trilogy #1)
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Novelist Dienne (novelistdienne) | 1 comments Is anyone else struggling with this book "Black Leopard Red Wolf" by Marlon James? I was reading the book until I got to page 116 but got the audiobook to start all over again just to better comprehend it and my ass is still lost. For me, the book just got interesting around 3:03:33 on the audiobook (them poor children) and 4:40:36 (page 127)

Maybe I'm thrown off by the Trackers pov. I feel like that I should have read Marlon James other works before reading this, his writing style is beautiful. I also feel like that I should have some basic knowledge of some Africain mythology, fables, religions/ spirituality and how some stories and fables are told in the African diaspora just so I can understand the story better and appreciate it more. My only knowledge was based on Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor and the youtube channel HomeTeam History but his channel is more based on real parts of history than mythology and sometimes he covers religion.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the action scenes but some conflict I felt could have been avoided. Leopard so far has been my favorite but there's 493 pages left so that may change.

Britney (melanineclectic) | 1 comments Mod
You arent the only one struggling. Especially through the beginning. It's an interesting POV which sometimes proves hard to read.

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