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Julia For my ninth book review, I read the Historical Fiction book Esperanza Rising written by Pam Munoz. Esperanza is a 12 years old little girl who lives with her Papa, Abuelita, Mama, and some servants. Her family is wealthy and lives in Aguascalientes Mexico. She is very close with her Papa and he has a strong connection with the land. He teaches Esperanza to listen to the heartbeat of the earth. On her 13th Birthday, she pricks her finger on a thorn which is known to be a sign of bad luck. After she pricks her finger, things start to get strange and later that night, her family is horrified to learn that Papa has been murdered by the bandits in the town. Papa was one of the leaders of his town so when he passes away, his two step brothers claim that they want to take over. Papa’s step brother Theo Luis tells Mama that he wants to marry her which devistatates Esperanza. Her Mother refuses and because of this, Theo Luis begins threatening her and the family. Sadly, soon after this event Esperanza wakes up to her beautiful house on fire. The fire ruined all of their crops and they now have no source of income. Mama then agrees to marry Theo Luis so they can survive. However, she only does this so they can plan their escape to the United States. Esperanza escapes to the United States and her life begins to drastically change. She learns hardship and experiences how difficult it is to be a migrant worker from Mexico. This is a fantastic book and I would definitely recommend it for a second to third grade class.

Rachel Trusty I loved this book! I read it several times growing up, and so did my sister. I would read it again!

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