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A good exercise to help your writing is to ask your friends or family for a quote, any quote they can think of! then you create a short story out of it. i will post a 'Quote' topic and then you can take some of those and write the stories! then post them here so we can all read them!!! i will post a few of mine!

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Ra-Ra (Laura) | 66 comments Mod
NUMBER ONE! Based on the quote: "Love or death. You choose," from Sagers.
Regan Fallow toyed with her quill, smiling in a way that told you she was up to something. She was sure things would go her way. When a man who looked slightly worried entered the room, she grinned. The fire in the elaborate stone fireplace behind her crackled.

"Hello, James," Regan said, her voice low and seductive. She smiled at him. He smiled back, timidly. "How are you this evening?"

"Ms. Fallow," he said, seating himself opposite her in a plush, high-backed chair. "I'm very well. And yourself?"

"Very well, very well," Regan said briskly. "However, I didn't bring you all the way here in the middle of the night just to inquire after your health, I'm afraid." James had traveled all the way across town, accompanied by a wiry man that promised to show him to Regan safely. It had made him extremely nervous, but Regan's calm comforted him.

"You never did enjoy pleasantries and catching up, Regan. Always right down to buisness. Alright, what do you wish to talk about?" James asked pleasantly.

Regan stared at James very closely for several minutes before continuing. James wasn't extremely worried; this was normal behavior for Regan. Even this little office, with a large, cherry desk, walls covered with books, and a quill as the main writing utensil were definitely Regan's style.

"James, you and I have known each other for a long time." This was true: they had played together when they were still wearing diapers. "I have to take care of a few things, including relations, if I am to continue on my current career path." Though James was unsure exactly waht Regan did for a living, he knew it was probably dangerous and definitely not legal. "So, I need you to make a choice. Love or death. You choose."

James simply looked at her, confused.

Regan sighed. She had hoped that she wouldn't need to explain. "James, you can stay with me, the woman you've loved like a sister all your life, and rise to a comfortable position of power. Or, you can diee. You know too much. It pains me, but I must make sacrifices for my career." Despite her outward composure, Regan was close to tears.

James stared at her, stunned. "Regan, I can't believe this. You're just going to sell me out so you can be the queen of a band of--of--of theives and murderers?" Regan winced. He knew far too much.

"I don't want you to die. God, I don't want you to die, James. But I have no choice--yes, I do have a choice. But I'm selfish, so I refuse to consider the other option. I'd rather see you die, as much as it would kill me inside, than die myself. You know me better than anyone else, you know terribly selfish I am." Things weren't going the way Regan thought at all.

"I can't believe you're asking this of me--to leave my family, friends, everything so I can kill and rob innocent people! Regan, you should know me better." James was distressed. He was only 25 years old, he definitely wasn't ready to die.

Tears filled Regan's eyes, but she blinked them away. "I was taking a great personal risk, asking you to join. I can't lose you, James, I love you, but --I just don't--can't--" Regan couldn't continue.

James stood as if to comfort Regan, but then he turned away. "I'm leaving. Tell your 'friends' whatever you want, I don't care. But you won't find me, even if you try forever." He walked out of the room and, always true to his word, Regan never saw him again.

As he shurt the door, she burst into tears. IT didn't go the way she wanted at all.
That's slightly edited, but pretty much the same as the original.

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Ra-Ra (Laura) | 66 comments Mod
NUMBER TWO! Based on the quote, "Hello little stupido," from my friend Heather.
Dear Diary,
Ok, so you know how Max is the guy I've always loved, like a brother when we played in the sand, and maybe something more when I got into high school? And how I've been making plans for him to see me after his first year of college, and how when we see each other it will be magic, it will be perfect?

Yeah, well, those plans kind of epically failed tonight.

So I got to the movies, ten minutes early, like I always do, just like I've done with every other movie I've gone to with Max in my entire life. Nothing weird about that. Now, he gets there the same time as me. And we're walking closer and I'm grinning and so is he.

And guess what the first thing he says to me after a year is.

It's not the phrases o fmy dreams, like "I missed you" or "you're beautiful". Even a simple "hey there" would have been fine.

He said, "Hello, Little Stupido."

HONESTLY?! I just graduated high school, he's going into his sophomore year of college. He still calls me "Little Stupido" like we're 12 again.

And of course I couldn't slap him and walk away, or tell him how I feel, or even look slightly disappointed, because he obviously doesn't share my feelings. So I just laugh like it doesn't affect me at all, like it's the funniest thing in the world.

I'm such a good liar.

AKA The Most Disappointed Loser On Earth
AKA Little Stupido.
That one was really short.

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oh yeah... that was one of the ones i was going to post... yay!

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PageSageRageParker the Mighty (White Chocolate) (theoriginal) | 131 comments Mod

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