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Kay Thorn | 2 comments Erotic MFM romance
105,958 words
First person POV three people.
Steamy, light BDSM, erotica
Verbal violence and PTSD
Need 2 or 3 but I’d be happy with one

Feedback questions changing suggestions whatever you feel like to share. This book was previously published two books that. Appeared in an anthology. They are two books one story so I decided to combine them and publish them that way.

Our True Bearing

One lost life, one lost direction.
Tessa lost herself even before losing her husband. Finding the way to herself again, a new life leads her to places she only dreamed of.

Two lives twisted, two lives unraveled.
Leaving the military left Tyler and Scott lost. After forging a new path they slowly they find the way back. A chance meeting has them both looking forward to a future that they didn’t think could exist.

Three paths, one lifetime.
When the unexpected happens the future looking lost. They both realize that their journey with Tessa is something special. Can they all overcome their demons to come together and map out a life together?

“Scott, why don’t you go get showered and I’ll take Tessa up, so she can wash up. I’ll come find you and we’ll decide about dinner and where she’ll be sleeping.” I look over to Scott and without even saying anything, he knows I want to talk to him in private. We still communicate like we did in the Army. He nods, turns, and walks away.
“So, Tessa, lets grab your bag and I’ll take you to my room, so you can get washed up and changed.” With a slow kiss, I trace the line of her lips, she kisses me back. Letting go of her wrists, I wrap my arms around her, pulling her against me. My left hand comes up to the back of her neck with my fingers in her hair. Her hands run down my back, under my shirt. Her touch is pure heaven. I can still feel the path that radiates from her touch, the slow burn that her touch scorches into me.
I should slow this down or I’ll combust. I know I WILL combust! I need to stop, or I may take her right here on the kitchen counter. Slowing our kiss, I nip at her bottom lip, just enough to bring her out of this whirling tidal wave of passion. As the moment recedes, we stay there looking at each other while our breathing returns to normal. With one last peck, I back away from her. She’s a drug, one I could easily get addicted to.

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Samantha Godwin | 2 comments Hi,

Are you still looking for beta readers? If so, feel free to contact me here or at

Samantha Godwin

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