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Sophia Who else hates Percy Jackson? This discussion is for only those who think Rick Riordan is crazy for writing Percy Jackson. I've never liked this series and never will. Sorry for the few Percy Jackson fans out there.

Ferret Fox I HATE PERCY JACKSON many of my friends love him and i never got why, to me anything that's a ripoff from Greek myths is
not allowed.

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Haters gotta hate. Please give reasons?

Ferret Fox i hate it because it kinda mimics harry potter, and it's off form real
mythology. i love real mythology and i hate any thing that's a rip off or based on it and is wrong.i mean, check the family tree, are
any of posidan's kids named Percy?!

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Ian M Percy Jackson is not a rip off of actual mythology it just has its own twist like all GOOD books needs.

Ferret Fox 1. i said "any thing that's a rip off OR based on" i never said the words:Percy Jackson is a rip off.
2.juts because it has a twist does not mean that it's instantly better
ever herd of the book Just So Stores?
3.what do you mean by"GOOD" and what do you mean by"twist"?

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Ian M Percy Jackson has everything a book needs and I don't understand why people don't like it

Absolutelynothing All that a book needs are characters, a plot, conflict, a setting, and a theme. That's to be expected from any book, even a bad one.

Ferret Fox it's good to you, we all have different opinions and Leah
said:haters gotta hate, i have reasons why i don't like it, and you have reasons for why you do.

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People who claim it taught them abobout mythology when riordon gets all his myths wrong just tick me off.

Ferret Fox that's one of the reasons i hate it, the myths are off.=^=

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Liyla Johnson This is a sad conversation. I love Percy Jackson will all my heart. Maybe if you all really try to give reading Percy Jackson a chance (not just the first book; the books afterward, as well) maybe you'll find something in there that's keeps you interested. I just think there's a lot to Percy Jackson that people don't know. If you've actually tried to read Percy Jackson, then I can't blame you, but if you're going off of what you know and heard instead of what you would actually feel if you read the books.... I'm here to say I think you'll really like it. Percy Jackson has so many components that make the books amazing and I think can gain the liking of anyone if they really try.

Elliott thank you

Kayden lax The series alwasy seemed lame to me i only read it bc my older sister forced me to read cause she said It's a Good series
yeah right it isn't a good series

hello I love this series, and I respectfully disagree with this discussion. But I argue that several people have commented that this is a "rip-off' of Harry Potter. Sure, Harry Potter is more popular and the two series have a lot in common but they both are good books. If you think about it even lots of books have magical characters that have to go on a quest and fix things, so are those ALL "rip-offs"? Sorry, I know that with every fandom and hype of a book theres going to be a few haters as Leah stated, but theres no need to be calling the book a "rip-off" when it isn't and sometimes Rick Riordan's mythology books aren't the readers thing. I Hope you respect my opinion, and maybe agree (its ok if you don't).

Ferret Fox maybe it's because i read harry potter first that i think Percy Jackson is a kind of spin-off. i have read the whole series and... i'm sorry, they just don't appeal to me, i'm the kind of person that's not going to read something if it does not interest me. im not here to argue or persuade anyone that im right. im just stating my opinion.
_ _
(^ - ^)
/| |\

Ferret Fox also, if you go to the top of this conversation, you can see that i said
"a rip-off of Greek myths" i never called Percy Jackson a rip-off of harry potter.i just said that"it kinda mimics harry potter".

Shain i am a rick riordan lover so really just respect the fact that we dont all love anime or picture boos at your level

Shain yeah come on rick riordan is a genuis so all those haters f**k you

OliveTree I have a review of percy jackson 1, although it is the only book I've read.

It's okay. decent pre-teen adventure story. I like it enough to be curious about the sequels. My sister's much more passionate about it. It's practically what got her into reading

Ferret Fox You're aware that you said "boos" right? What's that?You are assuming that if we don't like Percy Jackson we're idiots? Please just clarify what you're trying to say? I would love to give you a proper response, but i can't if i don't know what you're saying...

Nonni why do y'all hate the books their great!!

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