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Cry of the Hawk
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Western Fiction book where Brigham Young is the bad guy [s]

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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan McCracken | 5 comments I read this book in 2004 but it was an older book, hardcover but it had a dust cover on it. I would say it is from the 70s or earlier.

What I remember from the book is that it is about a guy/cowboy type that lives on the frontier in/around Missouri. I think his family is murdered by thugs who turn out to be members of Brigham Young's frontier gang. The gang rapes and murders their way along the frontier while protagonist tries to hunt them down. I know there are some native Americans involved in some fighting too and he rescues a native American woman and they become lovers during his quest.

I thought it might be Revenge at Snake Bend, but it definitely isn't. Any help is greatly appreciated!

message 2: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 8 comments Ryan

I thought at first that you were referring to A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle - but parts of the plot do not mesh.



message 3: by Ryan (new)

Ryan McCracken | 5 comments Ah yeah it definitely didn't have Sherlock holmes in it lol. I wish I could remember even part of the title but 15 years is a long time. The thing with Brigham Young being the bad guy is just the main thing that sticks with me.

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Lobstergirl | 37621 comments Mod
Possibly Battalion of Saints?

message 5: by Ryan (new)

Ryan McCracken | 5 comments Hmmm nope that wasn't it. Sounds pretty similar though. The one I read was more focused on a personal revenge story. Brigham Young just happened to be the leader of the bad guys. It really didn't include anything on them being mormons at all.

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Ryan McCracken | 5 comments bump

message 7: by Ryan (new)

Ryan McCracken | 5 comments I found it! I have been looking for years, googled everything i could remember and nothing was coming up that was really close. The last few months I started going book by book through famous western/frontier Authors works. Finally today I just so happened to stumble across it.

It is called "Cry of the Hawk" by Terry C. Johnston. Not only did i find it, but I found out it has 2 sequels that actually resolve the story! And I found all 3 of them in hardcover on Amazon just like the one I had in the Marines! I am so excited!

The other Surprising part is that the books are from the early 90s. I had really thought that the book was much older, but I am just so glad that my search is finally over.

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Lobstergirl | 37621 comments Mod
Terrific. Thanks for letting us know.

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