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message 1: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod
ok so can second law of thermodynamics be broken?

message 2: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod
if 2nd law cannot be broken, then time travelling backwards becomes a serious problem

message 3: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod
here's an interesting video on the perpetual motion machine!

message 4: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod

It seems that something odd happens to the second law of thermodynamics when systems get sufficiently small. The law states that the entropy, or disorder, of the universe increases over time and it holds steadfast for large-scale systems. For instance, whereas a hot beverage will spontaneously dissipate heat to the surrounding air (an increase in disorder), the air cannot heat the liquid without added energy. Nearly a decade ago, scientists predicted that small assemblages of molecules inside larger systems may not always abide by the principle. Now Australian researchers writing in the July 29 issue of Physical Review Letters report that even larger systems of thousands of molecules can also undergo fleeting energy increases that seem to violate the venerable law.

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Rumell Khan (rkrespectedmember) | 61 comments I recommend checking out NEET Easy.

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