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Rohit | 99 comments Hey Guys, Share Your Memes Here, And May The Force Be With You....

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Rumell Khan (rkrespectedmember) | 61 comments We have this thing called The Satire Thread in one of my groups. It's incredibly fun. Hold on while I find one.
Intrapersonal Intelligence: Life is best on your own.
Me: I agree.

Logical Intelligence: You are very smart.
Me: *blushes* Thank you.

Linguistic Intelligence: I read your writing the other week. Amazing!
Me: Thanks.

Existential Intelligence: You are going to die soon.
Me: Okay...

Musical Intelligence: You aren't good at this.
Me: Who are you again?

Natural Intelligence: You don't deserve to step foot outside.
Me: Fine by me. I like being indoors better.

Spatial Intelligence: Your drawings are awful.
Me: Little bit harsh!

Interpersonal Intelligence: You need to interact with people more. You are bad with people.
Me: You know that is difficult to do.

Kinesthetic Intelligence: *exists*
Me: Nope

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