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Cookie (cookiegeee) | 4 comments I read these books between 2009-2011 and believe it is a duology series.
I remember this book is told from different perspectives and that it starts off with a woman breaking up with her long term boyfriend. She felt their relationship had hit a plateau and she wanted to date around to weigh her options. She ends up meeting a man (pretty sure his name was Malik, or at least started with an ‘M’). She thought he was a great catch but turns out he was a player who was engaged, and cheating with another woman. She didn’t know he had this double life until some time later.

From the other woman’s perspective, she knew he was engaged. In book two of this series she crashes the wedding; fiancée’s sisters (or cousins) chase her and almost fight her. She was a car saleswoman, and correctional officer. Ends up getting in trouble with the law for later having an affair with an inmate.

Fiancée had an older son (conceived via date rape). She also had a son with Malik, and named the baby Jr., but later changes baby’s name after the wedding was crashed and she is now single.

By the end of the book the first woman mentioned in the first paragraph gets back with the ex that she had broken up with at the beginning of the book.

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Cookie (cookiegeee) | 4 comments Found the books. The first one is called Got a Man and the second book is called Ex-Girl to the Next Girl. Author is Daaimah S. Poole.

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