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Who do you think Sophie's genetic parents are?
Abby Abby Apr 18, 2019 09:22PM
Please, I really need to know what you think. I am completely out of ideas. HELP!!!

deleted member Jun 04, 2019 06:25PM   1 vote
You can read all the fan theories here:

My personal favorite theory is:
Sophie’s biological mother is Shannon Messenger. Because if you really think about it, she’s the one who really created Sophie. Which would make her Sophie’s real mother. And naturally Mr. Forkle is the only one who knows this dark secret. He can’t tell Sophie or anyone else the truth. Because if someone were to find out, they would realize that they’re all just characters in a book series who are all being controlled by the author, like puppets. Knowing this would surely topple the Elvin world because it would make them all become self-aware, which would create chaos like no one has ever seen before, in fiction or reality!!!

deleted member Jun 07, 2019 03:38PM   0 votes
I think we don't know who they are yet, Mr. Forkle said that they would like to be in her life but sadly they can't.

deleted member Jun 12, 2019 12:11PM   0 votes
Oralie being Sophie’s mom not only makes the most sense, but I personally like the idea of it. She’s always such a sweetheart and even gave Kenric’s cache to Sophie. So that’s what I’m rooting for.

I have no theories on who her dad would be though. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s ever revealed!

Ohhhh! Hard question. I think Lady Gisela is her mom. I don't know why!

deleted member Sep 03, 2019 10:36AM   0 votes
Oralie and Kenric, I hope.


Oralie as her mom, and maybe Quinlin as her Dad?

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