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Jane (janeboniface) | 123 comments The title makes it pretty obvious that this is a story about a transgender boy. It is entirely appropriate for Year 7 and up. It is told from the viewpoint of the younger brother which I think makes the story particularly accessible and relatable. Sam is 14 and his older brother Jason is 17. Their mother is "climbing the greasy pole" of British politics, with her eye on the top prize of becoming the Prime Minister; her husband is her private secretary. The parents have been so intent on their career that they have largely neglected Jason and Sam, who have been looked after by a series of au pairs. Since Sam was 10, it has been Jason who has taken care of Sam. Sam hasn't any good friends at school and he idolises Jason, who is popular, good looking and the best footballer at school. It is a massive shock to Sam and his parents when Jason tells them he identifies as a girl. His parents don't handle the news at all well, Sam is isolated and bullied at school and Jason is left unsupported by his family. A period of great unhappiness for the entire family follows, but ultimately they realise that loving and accepting each other is the way forward. A good dose of humour adds a welcome lighter touch to the story, and it's contemporary setting also adds to the interest - fun is poked not only at Donald Trump, but also Ed Sheeran, and even Harry and Meghan get a mention. A recommended read for those who enjoy books from the Realistic genre and an enlightening read for anyone. Themes of empathy, bravery, honesty.

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DHS Library (dhs_library) | 2 comments Great review Jane. I just finished this book last night and really enjoyed it. 5/5 from me - a wonderful addition to our library and our LGBTQ reading lists. Could recommend to all our students - Year 7 - 13.

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