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Query abandoned by poster > Adult Romance Novel about woman who lost family in traumatic fire and lives alone never leaving her house. She falls in love with a man that somehow ends up at her place.

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Nathalie I can't remember the title of an adult romance novel I read around 2005-2006. I vaguely remember what the cover looked like - I believe it was light blue with white flowers like daisies or something. If I remember correctly it was about a woman who lived alone and never left her house due to a traumatic fire that killed her family. A guy came to the house maybe lost or something and somehow they fell in love and he helps her overcome her experience. I remember there being a garden too that she would always go outside to but it was in a courtyard or something so she never went in public. Please help! Anything sound familiar to anyone?

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Nathalie, please add some of those plot details to your header. This could help your book get found faster.

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Nathalie Anyone know which book this might be?

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Please note you can bump your thread every 30 days, but not more often because the group is so large.

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