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message 1: by Antonomasia (new)

Antonomasia | 508 comments There are quite a lot of English translations of this uncombined, and with various translators listed as primary authors. (And also a handful editions in more than one volume.) It wouldn't be surprising if editions in other languages were also messy, as it often happens with these centuries-old anonymous works; good idea to check. Needs a good sort out.

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19920 comments Found and corrected some editions, combined with existing edition:
(And also some vol.1 / vol. 2 / vol. 3, and two German editions sorted).

It would have been nice to have a link to the main edition in the request.

Since the majority of the existing editions was on "Anonymous", I've also corrected the ones with "Unknown" as an author.

message 3: by Antonomasia (new)

Antonomasia | 508 comments ah, for things like this I use results on the search page as the starting point rather than an edition page

message 4: by Antonomasia (new)

Antonomasia | 508 comments Thanks for doing this. Had more or less forgotten about this post

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