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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's chapter book-An eighth grade girl mourns her mother's death and figures out how to deal with life and high school. [s]

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Tathariell | 172 comments I just started this book at my library and realized that my second mother's passing is still a bit too fresh. I put it back on the shelf, and then decided that I want find it again in a couple years. But I forgot to make note of the title...
The title is two words, cover picture is a girl with long dark hair sitting on a bed and facing mostly away.
The main character is named Danielle, her best friend is Joci. Danielle's mom died of cancer over the summer, so when she goes back to school she has a lot to deal with.

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JE | 62 comments Could it be a Lurlene McDaniel book?

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Tathariell | 172 comments Unfortunately no, at least none of the ones listed on Goodreads.

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Mai | 1254 comments I found one searching online that seems to fit most of your description (including the cover!) except for the main character's name: it's not Danielle but Corinna.
If Only by Carole Geithner
If Only by Carole Geithner
Corinna's world is crushed after her mother dies of cancer. How does she get through the funeral, trays of ziti, a father who can't communicate, the first day of school, Mother's Day, people who don't know what to say, and the entire eighth-grade year? Despite her alienation from many of her peers, including her best friend, she succeeds in finding support.

(In the reviews readers mention that her best friend's name is Joci)

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Tathariell | 172 comments Yes! Thank you!

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