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message 1: by Joi (new) - rated it 3 stars

Joi (missjoious) | 3822 comments This is Liane Moriarty's debut work. Now known for the biggies like Big Little Lies and Truly Madly Guilty, I'm glad I started with these later-in-career books. If I had started with this, I'd put Moriarty in the "guilty pleasure beach read" category and not look back. You can see the start of what Moriarty does so well (dramatic emotional family drama, somewhat dark and depressing overtones, light humor, all wrapped into one)- but it just wasn't "there yet".

This followed three triplets- Gemma, Cat, and Lynn. Each with their own set of baggage, working through the hardships of life. (Has anyone seen the TV show Baggage, where they look at prospective dates where they reveal their varying levels of emotional/physical baggage? These three could be great on that show). We meet the families, the husbands, the love interests.

There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments in this to keep it entertaining. But ultimately I never connected with any of the 3 sisters, which just resulted me in not really caring what happened to them. I think what Moriarty has mastered is the art of the "reveal". As the book goes on and on, we learn more and more about the characters, and their pasts. You can see this being developed here, but it just isn't as good as her other books.

I think I've read all her's except The Hypnotist's Love Story now, and this ranks at the bottom. My fav is always Big Little Lies, and probably ranking 2nd would be The Last Anniversary.

Debbie | 15 comments For a first book, this was a great debut.. Moriarty learned a lot from Truly, Madly Guilty etc. To me, this particular book is a story of the triplets' coming of age: at last each sees herself as an independent person not tied to her sisters and begins to carve out her own niche in life at last. The three sisters learn to be independent and unafraid of the future. Big steps forward. Loved this book.

Karin | 7202 comments Yes, a good debut, but 3 stars for me as well. My favourite of hers so far is also Big Little Lies, a book many were sure wouldn't be my cup of tea (and from the description, neither did I) but the humour worked for me plus I loved the layout and those theatre like dialogues in between things, etc.

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