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Slave, Warrior, Queen – Morgan Rice

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Helene Synnott | 10 comments Reviewed by: Helene Synnott
This story involves a young girl named Ceres, a girl doomed to the live the impoverished life in the City of Delos. She dreams to become a fierce warrior and swordswoman, however in this city women are forbidden to practice the art of combat, punishable by death. Yet, that doesn’t stop her. While she delivers her fathers swords to the palace, she finds a way to disguise herself as a boy and to train with the combatlords in fighting. After a horrible accident leads to her expose a hidden power she never knew she had, she then finds and opportunity to maybe be able to achieve her dreams of becoming a warrior. However, as fate would have it, her vile and abusive mother sells her to slavery to provide for her own selfish needs. Desperate to change her miserable circumstances, she decides to join the rebellion with her brothers and childhood friend. Tired of being oppressed by the Royal family and all that they stand for, Ceres wants to fight for her freedom and a better life. In doing so, she finds herself becoming the weapons keeper to a handsome Prince Thanos, who despises how the royalty live and rule their kingdom. After reluctantly falling in love with him, Ceres finds herself stuck in an even more dangerous situation than anything she has dealt with before.
This sounds like an amazing storyline, right? Expecting a book with the perfect combination of a powerful female protagonist and a love story? Well, you're wrong. This book was severely underwhelming, which is quite disappointing since Morgan Rice is a fantastic author and I have thoroughly loved and enjoyed her previous books. The relationships in this book were extremely lacking and underdeveloped. The plot development was very haphazard and all over the place. And all the characters were lacking in something that was evident in her previous books but was misplaced in this one. I was beyond excited to read another gripping Morgan Rice series and midway through this book, after I realized I had just read 300 pages of basically nothing, I was just waiting for the turnaround, mind blowing plot twist that would sink its talons into me and never let me go until I read every last book in the series. However, that never came. I was instead bound to read a predictable story with nothing to latch onto. I was expecting Ceres to be this total mystical badass with insane powers which could take down kingdoms and end the repression of her people, but instead I got powers described as a “warm feeling” which made her throw a spear further? Or wield a sword better? C’mon really, that’s it? Rice had so much potential with this storyline to possibly create one of the best series ever! Yet what Rice did, was a little disappointing. I would not recommend this book and have lost too much faith in the series to red the next one to see if it gets any better. However, I do recommend one of Rice's previous series beginning with the book The Rise of Dragons. Now that was a great story that you will never want to put down.

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Tahlia | 18 comments I really like your description of the story! It provided good detail and a good summary of the book. I might try reading the other book recommended as it sounds so good.

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Jeremy  alexander (TimeZone117) | 8 comments To me i think just the name of the book sounds interesting and i would read it.

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Helene Synnott | 10 comments Tahlia wrote: "I really like your description of the story! It provided good detail and a good summary of the book. I might try reading the other book recommended as it sounds so good."

I was really sad about how this book turned out, but if you like this genre and types of books, I strongly recommend the book I mentioned because it does a great job of including everything that was missing in "Slave, Warrior, Queen". "The Rise of Dragons" introduces you to a strong female protagonist who is driven my valor and loyalty to fight wars between mythical creatures with a power beyond imagining to become the greatest warrior the empire has ever seen. I strongly recommend, and thank you for the reply!

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Helene Synnott | 10 comments Jeremy wrote: "To me i think just the name of the book sounds interesting and i would read it."

If this book sounds interesting to you, then by all means read it. However, I do warn you for it might sound fun and exciting, but in reality it does not live up to our expectations. But that is solely my opinion, therefore you should read whatever you would like. If you do decide to read this book, I'd be curious to know what you thought of it. Thank you for replying!

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