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I.W.J. Keller | 8 comments Hey guys,

I've got a real mess of a novel that needs critical eyes on it to help smooth things out. I can feel it has a lot of potential, but I know there's also a lot wrong with it right now. The whole thing is on Wattpad ( and it'd be easiest to engage with it there. At the end of every chapter in the novels five parts, I have a link to a google form, and I ask that you provide your thoughts for each part as a whole through that. You do not need a Wattpad profile for this.

It's 134k words long, and it is the sequel to another book--but don't let that get you down--I tried to make it as stand alone as I could.

This is the novel's blurb:

"Horror, ghosts, gangsters, Satanists, adventure, and war.

Albrecht Ebner is about to be caught in the middle of it all when he's hired to retrieve an immense fortune buried on Poveglia, the plague island of Venice. What was to be a simple, quiet assignment will become the most perilous adventure he's ever experienced. A Gothic descent into near-madness at the hands of a tyrant; will Al escape his chains?"

Leave a comment here, message me on Wattpad, or send an email to if you're interested, and I'll give you more specifics of what I'm looking for.


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Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I am repeating what I say on my post. I would to read it if Google is fine. I am not allow on wattpad site, please PM me

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