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Parents/Family: None [was orphaned at birth] [Has a sister, he doesn't remember her since he was an infant.]

Name: Joseph Tachibana

Nickname(s): Jo Jo, Tachi, [childhood insult:] Trash

Hero/Villian Name: Golden Dawn

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Hero or Villain: Hero

Occupation: Hero-In-Training


Shining Fury: A creature of pure light resides inside Joseph. He inherited this quirk from his father, though his is a far more powerful version. Fury gains offensive power when in areas with ample light. Whereas during the night, Fury’s defensive power is maxed out. Shining will allow Joseph to create things out of light to use as a weapon.

Mirror person:

This works in tandem with Shining Fury. This allows Joseph to create mirrors to aid him in combat. [max of 6] He can make large or small mirrors, though these are special. They can deflect ranged attacks and create illusions to trick his opponents.

His trump card: Can create up to three copies of himself to fight in a tricorn formation. To dispel this, you’d have to hit the real Joseph almost immediately after activation.

Extra: The mirrors are connected to eachother, so Joseph can jump between them or send objects through them.

Fog realm: Joseph can control air to either create a smokescreen, hide, or fly. He can also manipulate the density of his fog (As long as there’s oxygen of course) to make things feel a bit suffocating.

Fog Realm Trump card: Joseph can use the moisture in his fog to heal minor wounds, but only for 5 minutes currently, this can increase with time and training.

Weakness(es): Darkness based quirks have an immediate advantage over him.
Gets embarrassed easily.

Can only work with what light is available to him.

Personality: Rather shy, usually keeps to himself. Though he’s extremely fun loving and happy around those he’s known for a while.

Appearance: Has sterling silver hair, one eye is covered with an eyepatch due to a childhood accident. Usually carries two LED camping lanterns on his belt to compensate for his quirk.

History: His mother & father basically put him up for adoption the second he was born. He’s been living in a church his entire life. From there he learned to cook, he went to public school. He never had anyone to depend on really, he’s learned to be a standalone person, he’s prone to defend anyone who can’t fight on their own.

Great Cook


Great stamina

All-around nice person

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Parents/Family: [Only her brother Joseph]

Name: Yurina Tachibana

Nickname: Yuri

Hero/Villain Name: Shadow Crest

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Hero or Villain: Hero

Occupation: Hero-In-Training


Shadow Crest: Similar to Shining Fury, but weaker in light. Has the same capabilities.

Warp: Can jump from shadow to shadow.

Dark Healing: When she’s in shadows or some form of darkness. She slowly starts to heal.


Light primarily.


Personality: Once she finds her brother, she is very protective of him.

Appearance: Black hair, white eyes, she has a locket holding Joseph's baby picture, along with hers. She has a hoodie on usually, since she doesn't like light that much, exception being Joseph's light.

History: When her parents died. She was separated from her brother. He was only and infant when they were seperated by the orphanage.


She loves to cook.

Will intimidate any girl who flirts with Joseph

Plays violin.

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