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message 1: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod
any word or phrase you find interesting?

message 2: by Rohit (new)

Rohit | 99 comments SCRUNCH
Meaning:to make something or yourself smaller to fit into a small space
Synonyms: compress, crunch
Antonyms: expand, uncompress
Example:The cat was hiding, scrunched up under the sofa.

message 3: by Krishna (new)

Krishna | 171 comments Mod

meaning : a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.

synonym : clique, set, circle, inner circle, crowd, in-crowd, gang, band, pack, crew, clan, club, fellowship, brotherhood, fraternity, sorority, sect, camp, community, league, alliance, faction, cabal, junta, caucus, syndicate, nucleus, cell

Example : a coterie of friends

message 4: by Rohit (new)

Rohit | 99 comments AGOG

Meaning: adjective, Very eager or curious to hear or see something
Synonyms: excited, impatient, in suspense.

Example: “We are now agog to know when, on the basis of its forecasts, the Bank will push up interest rates...”

message 5: by Rahul (new)

Rahul Verma (rverma) | 7 comments Fat - Skinny

Hide, cover
Crane - a large type of bird
Fall- the season between summer and winter
Pen - type of enclosure for animals
Show - a type of broadcast
Tire - to become weary or bored
Wave - a movement in water

message 6: by Rohit (new)

Rohit | 99 comments PETULANT

Meaning: adjective, (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered
Synonyms: peevish, bad-tempered, grumpy
Antonyms: good-humoured, easy-going, affable

Example: "Petulant children are especially difficult to care for..."

message 7: by Namita (new)

Namita Barthwal | 1 comments YONDER
meaning: adjective, distant but within sight ('yon' is dialectal)
synonym: Yon

Example: Not to limit space by saying, "Here, there and yonder."

message 8: by Heena (new)

Heena Malhotra | 2 comments numismatics- study of coins
corpulent- obese
embezzle- misappropriate
august- dignified

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