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Sofia Lapa | 1 comments I really don't remember much about the book. I know that it had a couple and that the girl a some point received a "gift" from one friend of the guy. That friend had the ability to draw snakes that would come to life and would protect that person. The friend's wife also had one of this snakes. The only other thing I remember was that the girl was in some kind of battle and used the snake as protection. The drawing/tattoo of the snake liked traveling all over the person's boby, it never stayed in the same spot.

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MJ | 1382 comments Unlikely, cause the snake is just one of many, but the Druid chick has a snake tattoo (with others) that she can shapeshift to, and that saves her/them at some point. She also can add spells to tattoos that protect the tattooed person. Nothing comes to life from those tho, I think it's more of protection from mind control.

Others of Edenton...?

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Rainbowheart | 19013 comments Still looking, Sofia?

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