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The Dreamwalker's Child
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA sci-fi/fantasy - War between mechanical insects that people can fly in. [s]

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Will Adams | 2 comments I think I read these 2 books around 2004-2006, they were paperback and I think they were new. I don't know if there were more books in the series. The first book had a blue cover and the second one had a red cover (think the title was Fire related) - may have been insects on the front covers?

The main character was a young boy who went into a world where it was revealed that insects like Wasps and Dragonflies were huge machines that could be piloted and there was a war going on between two sides (the wasps might have been the baddies?)

Spoilers: When the insects went into the real world the insects were usual size, meaning that in the fantasy world the people are really small

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Will ~~
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Emilie (emilierose) | 139 comments does The Dreamwalker's Child ring any bells?

Will Adams | 2 comments Omg yes thank you Emilie! That’s brought it all right back.

And thanks Kate for bumping this back up!

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