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message 1: by Sara (last edited Apr 18, 2019 02:43AM) (new)

Sara | 1508 comments Hello all! I'm on vacation this week so I'm just going to do a quick opening to get this week's check-in started.

I do want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all who were devastated by the fire at Notre Dame. Whether it is a religious symbol for you or a piece of history, a place you would go for prayer or one you just want to marvel at it's hard to imagine how close we came to losing it.

Discussion of The Witch Elm is ongoing. We are still looking for discussion leaders for July and September (I'm going off memory here so you can reference Nadine's post from last Thursday for those details.

Reading check-in:


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas - this is a reread for me.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - also a reread

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas - I decided to dive into this series because I loved her other one so much! The first book was good, but I've been told the books keep getting better. We'll see!

Currently Reading:

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas - reread

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier - yet another reread, this one for book club.

Question of the week:

If you were able to take an all expenses paid trip to a place that is the setting of one of your favorite books, where would you go?

Easy for me - the UK. Between Outlander, Jane Austen's novels, Jane Eyre and even Jenny Colgan, all I would need is about a month to travel the country. London, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Wales, the Lake District, Edinburgh, the highlands Isle of Skye and Ireland. The list is endless! I'm a certified Anglophile and not ashamed to admit it :)

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Ellie (patchworkbunny) | 1072 comments Our new sofa finally arrived, after nearly 4 months of waiting and terrible customer service. Even the guys delivering it were having a moan about how bad DFS are. Next time we need a sofa we're just gonna buy second hand from those people who are always replacing their perfectly good furniture!

But at least we can sit on it over the long weekend, and the UK weather forecast is looking amazing. I don't believe we'll have constant sun for 4 days but you never know!

Bit of a slow reading week for me. I finished They Both Die at the End for a book that takes place in one day. I liked how this explores what we might do if we all had a prior warning of our deaths. I thought it was quite realistic in the fact that you can't really do all that much in one day at single notice, especially as teenagers!

I also finished The Devouring Gray for review (using for ATY something blue). This is heavily influenced by Stranger Things but took too long to get going. I liked it by half way though and would consider reading more.

Currently listening to The Water Cure for my Charms O.W.L. This will also work for a book about a family (although a very dysfunctional one).

Currently reading A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World for my Care of Magical Creatures O.W.L. I am now back on track for the Magizoologist career, and just need to add in a sequel before the end of the month. This will get me to an E grade but if I squish in one more I'll get an O.

PS: 23/52 | ATY: 22/52 | GR: 45/100

A lot of my favourite books are in places I've already visited (there's not much of the UK I haven't been to), or in space (I don't want to go), or places that don't exist. I love The Fifth Season, but would I want to visit a world where the end is imminent? The places I want to go to aren't really connected to my favourite books.

Despite living only a few miles away, I haven't been to the Isle of Wight and The Machine is set there (and a bit of The Day of the Triffids)... but that is so close it's not very exciting!

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary Hann | 179 comments I am at 43/50.

This week I finished:
Life As We Knew It – A cli-fi book. I enjoyed this one more than I expected to.

Second Chance at the Sugar Shack – A book with Pop, sugar, or challenge in the title. This one was just okay for me. They should have cut out about 100 pages of the exact same fight.

Currently reading:
Aesop's Fables and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Question of the week:
If you were able to take an all expenses paid trip to a place that is the setting of one of your favorite books, where would you go?
Since Hogwarts is not a real place, I’m having trouble answering this one. Most of my favorite books are thrillers, so I wouldn’t want to go there. I will say that I will choose and buy books completely based on them being set in Alaska. The Hanover House series is set there, and I think the setting adds so much extra to the story. I would go to Alaska.

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Katy M | 668 comments I finished The Sweet Hereafter as my book with salty, sweet, bitter, or spicy in the title. It was sad, but a little bit inspirational. I guess. I'm still working through my feelings about it.

I read The Sleeping Beauty Killer as my book written by two female authors. I always find Mary Higgins Clark's "bad guy" to be farily obvious, but still find them to be fun reads.

I am now reading In the Woods as my book with a plant on the cover or in the title. I've only read about 20 pages so I don't have much of an opinion yet.

QOTW: My favorite book ever is Lonesome Dove. I've been out west, and it is, of course, not the same as pre-1900 out west. But, I still had a good time. I've also read a lot, a lot, a lot of stuff that takes place in England, so I would love to go there some time.

I just really love to travel. It was my lifelong dream to go to Australia, and I think I read 3 series of Australia books,plus several standalones, and I was able to fulfill my dream 12 years ago, but I think it's time to go again:)

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Carmen (TheReadingTrashQueen) (thereadingtrashqueen) | 822 comments Hello everyone from a very summery day in the Netherlands!

I am devastated by what happened to the Notre Dame. That building means so much to me! Lots of people are angry about the money raised as it proves that we could end world hunger in 24 hours if we wanted to. They have a point, but those people don't need money- they need help in navigating the new climate and their grounds, and fair trade. Money is important, but raising 700 million won't fix all those issues. Besides, as terrible as it might be, a lot of people only donate to concrete causes, and not a general one- especially not if it's far from their own beds, as it's too abstract for them to grasp.

Anyways, it's a very emotional thing one way or another so let's move on to the books! (Also, a quick mention that my first day at the petting zoo went great and I'm excited for tomorrow!)

Momenten van geluk (Pieces of Happiness: A Novel of Friendship, Hope and Chocolate) on audio for plant on the cover. Yeah.. the less said about this the better. I really enjoyed it at the start, but it went downhill very fast after that. I gave it two stars. I haven't even managed to write a review yet. I want to, to warn people about certain things, but I also just don't want to spend any more time on it. Perhaps I'll just add the TWs. (This was my Herbology book for the OWLs, career)

Once & Future for set in space (I think. It might be published in 2019. for ATY it is. I don't have my folder with me to check. it's for the challenge xD). I buddy read this with a couple other OWL students in a week's time, and I really enjoyed it! It has some pacing issues at times, and we had some things we all felt were off or annoyed by, so I gave it 4 stars. After I had just finished it I almost gave it 5 stars, until I remembered everything mentioned in the chat, haha! I loved it, though, and Merlin is my precious Gay Distaster. He's by far the best character of the book! The diversity is also amazing, and it makes my queer heart soar! Cannot wait for the next book! (This also was my Transfiguration book for the OWLs, non career)

Three Things About Elsie on audio, for dual timeline. I gave this 4 stars as well, as it had some amazing twists and turns I did not see coming At All! I kinda want to reread it now at some point, to see if there are hints throughout the book. Really enjoyed this, and I loved that it's about elderly people! It's like nothing I had ever read before. Definitely one of my favorite reads this year so far, even if that might seem strange with the 4 star rating haha! This also was my Charms read for the OWLs and finished the OWLs I needed for my career!

This brings me to 24/50 and 18/52 and 48/75 for my GR goal :D

Currently Reading
Wicked Saints I KNOW I KNOW. I really have to prioritize this, especially since I'm enjoying it so much, but for some reason I just don't. Hopefully when the OWLs are over (and the Avengers Readathon. and the Bookémon Readathon. sigh.) I can focus on ARCs for a bit. I've been reading my print books in bed before bed lately, while I should really be reading my ebooks at that time. Help!?

Catch 22 for book that inspired a common idiom/phrase. I'm 27% in and am really enjoying it- it's so funny! Which I'm glad of, because that means I can use it for Back to the Classics' Classic Comedy! Which also means I have a classic in April after all, and am right on track! This also works for several ATY prompts (though it would bump off other planned books) and the OWLs (History of Magic), Avengers (Tony's Suit), and Tome Topple (a genre you don't read often)! SCORE.

Red Rising on audio, for my DADA OWL. Technically not started yet, but I should do soon. I had originally planned a different book for this OWL, but as I need to finish Wicked Saints first, I figured changing books might be a good idea, especially as I had no more audiobooks left for the OWLs.

That is so very tricky, as most of my reads are fantasy and set in worlds that don't exist! I'd love to visit Talia, from the Stravaganza series, which is not quite Italy ;) I want to go pretty much everywhere though, haha! If only I had read a book that's set in Antarctica, then this question would be a lot easier!

EDIT: I saw someone mention Hogwarts and DUUHH. How could I forget???

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Carmen (TheReadingTrashQueen) (thereadingtrashqueen) | 822 comments Ellie wrote: "Our new sofa finally arrived, after nearly 4 months of waiting and terrible customer service. Even the guys delivering it were having a moan about how bad DFS are. Next time we need a sofa we're ju..."

I got my E after finishing Three Things About Elsie, and the OWLs for Magizoologist, but I am determined to at least get an O if I can't read all 12!

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Jen (jentrewren) | 777 comments Greetings from the Top End.
I have not done as much reading as I should have this week. Family bereavement and worrying about the errant one still. Plus I have been dog sitting for 2 lovely furbabies who belong to friends from work. They have been very well behaved considering they had kennel cough at the start of their stay and were left with an almost stranger. Pan (the male) has taken to peeing on Monkey (the female) and throwing my shoes at me at 6 pm as it is walk time in my house. They have taken ownership of the lounges and I am on the floor in my rightful place.

As for books I have not read what I was planning at all this week. Plus have started a bunch and just not got far. Will try to do better over Easter.

On Natural Selection for ATY STEM. Well we have been doing evolution with the y10s last term and I hadn't motivated myself to read this before. Biology being my first degree that is pretty pathetic. It was a lot less dry than I was expecting and Darwin is clearly conflicted himself (towards the end) between what his observations have led him to believe and what he was brought up believing as a Christian. There was no mention of finches at all but lots on barnacles. Why do we use finches all the time at school?
A Dog's Way Home: The Heartwarming Story of the Special Bond Between Man and Dog cute fluff used for being made into a movie.
The Secret Runners of New York published in 2019. Not the usual Reilly and targets a younger audience but OK.
Things Fall Apart Author form Africa. Confronting at times. Reminded me of all the harm I saw in the Pacific and Africa caused by missionaries who were certainly on a power trip and not doing the work of any god I would want to worship. Shame as I'm sure there were decent missionaries too but their stories did not last to my generation.

Currently trying to read a bunch of stuff and not doing very well.
42/75 GR, 34/52 ATY, 32/53 PS

I would love to go to Everest and Antarctica as I read a fair bit of non-fiction from those places. Unlikely since I'm not loaded.
Also Transylvania (as was) since I love Dracula. Will have to settle for Whitby for now though since I'm headed there in June/July this year to catch up with some family and friends.

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Nadine Jones | 5321 comments Mod
My kids have Spring Break so we are in vacation this week too; we took a few days to drive to NJ to visit my mom, and to go into NYC. The weather has been perfect! We never get to do everything we want to do in the City. Good thing we can always come back. This visit marks yet ANOTHER trip in which I did NOT get to visit the Highline. Sigh ... next time.

My dog Molly is acting a bit off her game, yesterday she was shaking and this morning she won't get up, so hopefully the vet can see her this evening when we get back home.

My daughter is going to France next year with a school group - I'm sad for her that she won't see Notre Dame in all its glory, but I guess she'll get to see it in a way that most people don't: under construction.

In the last week, I finished one book. I don't remember where I stand in the Challenge, but this book doesn't check off any categories so I'm wherever I was last week.

Between the Devil and the Duke by Kelly Bowen. This was a new author for me - it was a fun (if somewhat mediocre) book, and I'll definitely be reading more by this author. But ... There was never a choice to be made between a Devil and a Duke. I'd go so far as to say the story involved neither Devil nor Duke. Who titled this?? I call false advertising!!!

That's a tough one for me, because I mostly read SFF, and of the realistic books I read and love, I love them for reasons that have little to do with setting. Looking at books I love, set in real places I've not yet visited ... It's a toss-up between:
Martinique (featured in American Spy)
Dublin, Ireland (Faithful Place)
Greece (Running)

I think I most want to visit Ireland. But Martinique is tempting...

And yeah, Hogwarts would be cool. Just keep the Dementors away.

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Nadine Jones | 5321 comments Mod
Jen wrote: "... There was no mention of finches at all but lots on barnacles. Why do we use finches all the time at school? ..."

Yeah I feel like I was taught that he got his ideas from studying finches at Galopagos on The Beagle. Maybe he talked about finches in a different book? I know he did earthworm study at the end of his life, too - he found they will drag leaves into their dens in a certain direction each time.

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Jackie (heirloomroses) | 52 comments Finished:

I only finished 2 books this week.

I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life - A book about a hobby

This was short and sweet. But very good. I saw myself in the situations she describes. However, I didn't learn anything new from it. While I liked it, I can see why others would not.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - A book with at least one million ratings on Goodreads.

I've been meaning to read this book for a few years now. As a mystery it was good. But warnings for rape, murder, torture, ect.

Currently Reading:

Where'd You Go, Bernadette - A book becoming a movie in 2019

Jupiter Plague - A book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter

The Candle and the Flame - A debut novel

This book isn't out yet but I was lucky enough to get an ARC of it from a person who used to run a bookstore and still gets ARC from publishers.

The Star Wars Trilogy - A book that makes you nostalgic

I've actually been reading this book since January 5th. I'm 2/3 of the way done.

QOTW: If you were able to take an all expenses paid trip to a place that is the setting of one of your favorite books, where would you go?

One of my favorite books is Convenience Store Woman which is set in Japan. Another is the English Maurice. I would love to go to Japan or England. Either one.

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Brooke | 272 comments Hi everyone! Overall this has been a great week. I gave notice at my job because I was offered a better position elsewhere, so I haven’t had much work to do. Well, I guess that isn’t 100% true, but it is hard to motivate myself to do much of anything other than clean up the files on my computer. My last day is next Thursday and my first day on the new job is the following Monday. I’m excited! I’m also leaving town this afternoon to spend a few days with my sister & her kids. I’ll come home exhausted, but it will be a lot of fun.

I do feel awful about Notre Dame, though. I've been there twice and wish everyone who wanted to see it had the opportunity. It is a powerful, beautiful, historical monument, even for the non-religious folks out there.

25/50 for Popsugar
28/52 for Around the Year
6/26 for The Reading Women Challenge

Books I finished:
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road by Stuart Kaminsky (Popsugar #2: A book that makes me nostalgic) I grew up in Kansas with a grandmother named Dorothy, so The Wizard of Oz has always been in my life. I think my sister and I had all of the songs and most of the movie dialogue memorized by the time we were 8. This is a fun noir-esque book about a down-on-his-luck private investigator who was hired by MGM Studios to solve the murder of a munchkin on the yellow brick road set a year after the movie.

Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah (Popsugar #33: A book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in the title) This is getting a lot of positive reviews, but I didn't care for it much. It was too predictable.

Verity by Colleen Hoover (Around the Year: A book about reading, books or has an author MC) Wow. I couldn’t put this down. I’ve never read anything by Hoover since she is primarily a romance novelist, but if she writes another romantic suspense novel, I’m in.

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory (Around the Year: A book from the top 5 money-making genres) I also didn't enjoy this one as much as other reviewers. Not only was it predictable, but the inner thoughts of the 2 main characters got very repetitive and boring. This is made to be a Hallmark movie adaptation.

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (Mannegren: A fantasy novel) I didn't like this either. I should have DNF, but since it has been on my Kindle for a couple of years I powered through.

I am currently reading:
Less by Andrew Sean Greer (Around the Year: A book that was nominated for or won an award in a genre I enjoy)
Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb
The Rule of One by Leslie Saunders & Ashley Saunders

QOTW: I've had a lot of opportunities to travel a lot for work over the last 15 years, so my choice would be someplace work will (probably) never take me: South Africa. I'll choose that from Trevor Noah's book Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood. Traveling to Africa is my dream trip regardless of it being a book location, so since the expenses are paid in this fictional scenario I am not going to pass it up. :-) Of course, I will also take a few side trips to Botswana, Zambia and Victoria Falls while I am there...

message 12: by Sara (new)

Sara | 121 comments This week was again crazy. It was the end of my nightmare month, culminating in two major motions and a trial. Now that everything is over and I finally have some down time to just get some work done, I'm sick with whatever horrible cold/flu thing is going around. But, it's spring and it's finally getting warm out, so things are looking up.

Over the weekend I decided that I just wasn't enjoying any of the books I was reading, besides one, and I got rid of them. Then I started with some new books and promptly read quite a bit. Because of the turnover, I only finished one book this week, which was Dragon Teeth, which I read for a book published posthumously. I really enjoyed it. Plus, I recently read a nonfiction book that had discussed some of the real people in this book, so I had some background for what was going on.

I am currently reading War and Peace (book you see someone reading in a movie), Tokyo Cancelled (takes place in a single day), and Dolores Claiborne(no chapters). I'm also making my way through Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles for my book based on a puzzle.

QOTW: One of my favorite books is The Count of Monte Cristo and I would go to the Chateau d'If. And generally to France.

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Ellie (patchworkbunny) | 1072 comments Nadine wrote: "Jen wrote: "... There was no mention of finches at all but lots on barnacles. Why do we use finches all the time at school? ..."Yeah I feel like I was taught that he got his ideas from studying ..."

My memories are fuzzy so I could be wrong but I thought the finches were covered in Origin of Species? I remember learning about the finches too though (and Mendel's peas and fruit flies).

message 14: by Brittany (last edited Apr 18, 2019 05:56AM) (new)

Brittany | 182 comments Hi Everyone!

So I've finally caught back up and am on track for my Goodreads challenge. I had been 8 books behind for probably a month and a half. This is the first year that I really set an actual challenge (in that it's about 30 books more than last year which was my most read year ever). Normally I pick something I know I can hit and then continually push it up throughout the year. I had no idea the amount of stress that little thing would cause me by saying that I was behind. But I'm back! And to celebrate I picked up 4 new books from the library this week....all around 400-600 pages long. So I'll probably be behind again by next week. Oh well!

This week I read 7 books! The most I've read in one week so far this year.

First was All Systems Red which is the start of the Murderbot Diaries and I loved it and can't wait to track down the rest. My library doesn't have it and overdrive's wait list is like 14 weeks so I may just have to buy them all. I don't think I'd mind owning this series. I think I'll use this as my Book that you think should be a movie prompt as I think the quick plot would be perfect movie length and action amount. Apparently there will be a full length novel out about Murderbot in 2020. Yay!

Following that was Where'd You Go, Bernadette which was amusing but a little slow at the beginning but I did end up enjoying it. Also, I really want to (view spoiler). I'm using this for the book with a question in the title.

The Vanishing Stair was next which is the sequel to Truly Devious and I'm really enjoying this little series but I also kind of wish that this was just one 1200 page book rather than three 400ish or so page books. I think so far like 3 months has gone by? At a school. And both have ended within the same exact school year and the plot is basically continual. So it's like taking a break in between one long story. I don't think I've filled the amateur detective prompt (which might be ATY) so that's what I'm thinking it'll work for.

I cried so many times reading Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy. Sheryl's story is so sad! I nearly lost my husband to cancer about 5 years ago and we had a really traumatic experience (he was in the ICU for nearly 20 days and had probably 12+ surgeries). So this one brought up a bunch of feelings I didn't realize I'd have. Not sure if I'll be using this one for PS.

Next was The Matchmaker's List and you guys, I hated this book. I was going to DNF it around 130 pages in and I disliked it so much I decided the only way that I would feel ok in reviewing this one was if I had finished it and hated the whole thing. Not entirely sure that was worth it but yes, I can now say I hated the entire thing. Especially, (view spoiler)

Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stacks was cute and had lots of little 5 star letters but it started getting a little old after a while. I still enjoyed it overall and think it was a solid 3 star read for me.

Yesterday I finished Push and ooof. This one was hard. I love murder mysteries and don't really mind the really gorey type killings but I do not really read a lot of books with incest or abuse and I wasn't really expecting the depiction that happens.

QOTW: Hobbiton! Which means I guess New Zealand. I would lovvvvvve to go check out the sets of LoTR/Hobbit. It's been on my bucket list since the first film came out.

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Anne (annefullercoxnet) | 200 comments Hello! It has been a quiet week here in Omaha, so I was able to get several books read. Half of the books I read were for my youth reading committee- a lot of my reading will be for that right now because the deadline for nominations is next week. I'll have a big push of children's/YA books then get back to reading for me.
I read:
The Friendship War- not my favorite Clements, but a good book about fads and true friends. I would recommend this to a young reader.
Float- this was a fun book about kiddos with interesting abilities at summer camp. I wasn't thrilled with how the boys saw the girls as objects of desire- but I guess (at least according to this author) with twelve-year-old boys french kissing a girl is the highest of goals. I also felt there was a bizarre loose end introduced at the end of the book that became the elephant in the room since it wasn't addressed at all. Really, it was a good premise, and fairly well executed. It probably wouldn't be the first book I handed a child- but eventually we'd get there.
The Lost Girl- fifth grade identical twins are put in separate classes for the first time, and each girl goes through an identity crisis. There is, of course, the evil bad guy with his horrible magic that turns girls into dolls. Our heroine(s) have a narrow escape and all is better in the end. I liked it right up until we went to evil ogre mode- which was a little out of the blue.
For me I read:
Lost Among the Living- which I enjoyed.
I also read two books in the Gaslight Mysteries Series I've been reading. I read 16 (or so) of the books and am ready to be done with the series. The last one ended in a space were I am content so, while I think I would still enjoy more of the series, I am going to take a break from it.
I read several picture books as well. Ya'll might be interested in reading No Truth Without Ruth: The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Say Something! by Peter H Reynolds.

Also, for anyone who is struggling to read a choose your own adventure book, I read a picture book- Lenny the Lobster Can't Stay for Dinner which is a my first choose your own adventure book. There is only one choice- and it is obvious where each avenue will take you, but if you are really dreading this prompt this quick picture book would absolutely count.

I'm with Sara, the UK.

Happy Reading!

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Kenya Starflight | 609 comments Another week, another check-in. Almost done with this challenge – two books to go! Then it’s off to finish up a few series and hack away at my never-ending to-read list, heh…

Books read this week:

Forest of the Night – for “favorite prompt from the 2016 challenge” (sci-fi novel). Interesting take on a first-encounter alien story, with a unique alien species and culture.

Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast – for “retelling of a classic.” Very lovely retelling done in Robin McKinley’s signature style… and I actually liked this one better than her “rewrite,” Rose Daughter. Though is it just me or did this book have quite a few similarities to Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” adaptation? This book came first, so it makes me wonder if the writers didn’t read this and get inspired…

Mort – for “book without chapters or unusual chapter headings.” I’d forgotten how much fun Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books were, and I love his take on Death. This book falls apart somewhat toward the end, but it’s a fun ride regardless.

The Jungle Book – not for the challenge. VERY different from the Disney retelling (though I was expecting that) and once one gets past the formal language of the time period, it’s actually really good. And makes me want to watch the animated version of “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” again.

Regular Challenge – 42/43
Advanced Challenge – 9/10
Non-challenge books – 17

DNFed Dark Intelligence (not for the challenge). I’ve found I don’t really enjoy military-style sci-fi novels…

Also DNFed The Library of Lost and Found. I normally enjoy books about libraries and bookstores, but this one just wasn’t working for me.

Currently Reading:

Redwall – for “book set in an abbey, cloister, monastery, vicarage, or convent”
Casual Rex – not for the challenge
Hostage – not for the challenge


Either Hogwarts or Pern (from the Dragonriders of Pern books). If it has to be someplace real... probably the UK.

message 17: by Milena (new)

Milena (milenas) | 809 comments Hi everyone! Today is my last day of work before I am off for more than a week. I am so excited! Don't really have anything planned, just hoping to enjoy the nice weather and read outside. My husband is a teacher who is on vacation at this same time, so I took the time off to spend together. Which means I will either get a lot of reading in, or very little.

Norse Mythology audiobook. Loved hearing Neil Gaiman's voice again, but the book was boring. I think I prefer myth retellings because they focus on one aspect of mythology and turn it into a comprehensive story. I don't enjoy just reading a compilation of different myths as much.
The House of the Spirits for book by an author from South America. I loved this book.
American Spy also on audiobook. Really good book, but I wish more of it had been set in Burkina Faso. Still, a really interesting aspect of espionage thriller with a woman of color being a spy in the 80s.

Currently readin:
If I Was Your Girl
Still Alice Listening to the audiobook while I wait for the next Harry Potter to come in, so I keep looking for short audiobooks in the meantime.

One place I really wanted to go was Ireland, and I finally had a chance to about 2 years ago. I loved it as much as I knew I would. I also really want to go to England and Scotland, I have not been yet. I read so many books set there.
Other places are Japan, India, and Iceland.

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Sheri | 714 comments Hi Everyone!

This has been a busy construction week on my house addition. HVAC going in, electrical, siding going up. Lots of banging, sawing, drilling etc. At least they finished the work in my office yesterday so I'm no longer working on the kitchen table! I have a door between me and randos in my house now. Which is at least better for my mental well being even if it only does a little for the noise.

This week I finished:

Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking - Finished this up, I really loved it. I get so frustrated when I bake because I never really know how to adjust recipes. Or if I just wanted a small cake, how to adjust a full size cake recipe, if halving it won't work. stuff like that. It was written in such a way that I feel like I could really do it! I still need to actually get in the kitchen and try though. This was my book about a hobby.

White Night - finished the audio book, re-read for me

The City of Brass - my debut novel. I liked this, but I felt like I wanted to like it more. I think I got lost in all the politics. I didn't really get how Nahids were related to the Devras or whatever, since they seemed separate but were lumped together. I like my reading to be fairly escapist, unless it's for a purpose. I don't really need a bunch of heavy political scheming in my fantasy.

Attachments - this is my book that makes me nostalgic. Well, it didn't really make me that nostalgic, but I read it because i thought it would. Oh well. It was set in 99, during the Y2K stuff. There were lots of "oh yes, I recall" moments, but not what I would call nostalgia. I'm still counting it because I don't feel like reading a ton of random old books/books set in the 90s/early aughts until i get just the right feeling I'm looking for. It was a cute story, I enjoyed it a lot. However I didn't terribly like the ending, so that tipped a star off for me.

Currently Reading:
Lincoln in the Bardo - listening to the audio book of this for my books & brew club. I was recommended the audio book because it was "an experience", 166 narrators. Honestly, this reminds me of the sort of thing where someones trying SO HARD to be new and different and exciting but what really ends up happening is a chaotic mess. What there is of story is interesting enough, but it keeps spinning off into a bunch of random quotes, some which are apparently real, others which are made up, all read in different voices. It's very disjointed. I'm kinda starting to wonder if the club's not a good fit for me. This is the third in a row where i'm just...not enthused.

Rebecca - I think this will be my book that includes a wedding, the back mentions that the main character marries someone. It'll also count for ATY;s national book award winner of any year. Not very far yet to have an opinion.


I visited London in 2016, part of my desire to do that was because so many books I read were set in London and I wanted to see all the things they mentioned. I didn't get to go into the countryside or anything like that, but I did see the zoo Harry Potter was shot in, the WB studio tour, Platform 9 3/4, see the Thames and Big Ben and all the other landmarks often mentioned.

So since I hit that already I'd probably go for Japan. I've read a number of books set there, and I used to be big into anime and manga. It's a country I've always wanted to visit! It's also really expensive, so yes please, all expenses paid.

message 19: by Trish (last edited Apr 18, 2019 07:04AM) (new)

Trish (trishhartuk) | 154 comments Afternoon, all.

Only one PS challenge book finished this week: Cop Killer, Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö for 23. A book set in Scandinavia. #9 in the Martin Beck series, which are probably the "original" scandi-noir. Sadly, there's only one left for me to read now.

I also finished Under the Pendulum Sun, which is an interesting take on the Fae, for last week's ATY. Its on my reserve list for 33. Astrology Term or 50. Vicarage or abbey, as its set in a priest's residence (if not one by those terms).

For ATY, I also read The Potter's Field, which I liked as much as the rest of the Montalbano series (one of my favourites)

The next two on the list are both challenge books, though: Cat on the Scent for 19. Multiple POVs and New York 2140 for 41. Cli-fi (with Trail of Lightning as a backup if I get bogged down in NY2140).

Both also work for the next to ATYs, as well.

Popsugar: Basic, 26/53; Advamced: 3/10
ATY: Up to date with 15 out of 52.

Other than those, I've also read a couple of mysteries for other challenges: Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener and Slugfest


As a UK resident, I'm glad so many people want to come here! It's well worth a visit, and there are so many different parts to it.

For myself, I'd say New Zealand (maybe with a Middle Earth Tour). I also get a hankering to visit Botswana every time I read a No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book, and Where'd you go Bernadette made me curious about Antarctica. For unreal places, Pern or Amber.

message 20: by Raye (new)

Raye | 48 comments Hi all

This week has really flown by! And unfortunately didn’t get much reading in. After reading Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal last week for the superpower book prompt, I landed up reading all the others that have been published thus far.

The only other book that I read was Aesop's Fables, which was short and quick and chock-a-block full of idioms and phrases that are commonly used so will be using it for that prompt.

To everyone on vacation – enjoy! And those not on vacation, at least there's a long weekend to enjoy…


Everywhere! I love travelling and every time I read a book set somewhere I haven’t been, real or fictional, I want to go there. And when I do travel to a place that I’ve read about before, I always get excited… I spent a couple of days in York not that long ago and got so excited about all the Harry Potter film locations, including the inspiration for Diagon Alley, not to mention the Yorkshire moors (think Wuthering Heights and Hound of the Baskervilles), and of course Whitby (where Bram Stoker was inspired).

If I had to choose just one real place for now, I think it would be the Trans-Siberian railway trip across Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok. It’s actually from a book that I hated but the description of the train journey stood out for me.

The QOTW and recent news reminds me of the first time I went to Paris. It was just after The Da Vinci Code had come out and while we were in the Notre Dame, a tour group came past that was following all the clues from the book. Of course, we’d been looking out for them as well while we were there, but still thought it quite cool that there was an actual tour put together so quickly. I’m hoping that they’ll be able to restore the cathedral to its former glory, but I’m guessing it will take quite a bit of time and effort.

message 21: by Raye (new)

Raye | 48 comments Brooke wrote: “I've had a lot of opportunities to travel a lot for work over the last 15 years, so my choice would be someplace work will (probably) never take me: South Africa…”

@Brooke: Yeah! Great choice ;-) I might be slightly biased but I think it's amazing here in South Africa and there are so many different places to see!

Trish wrote: “I also get a hankering to visit Botswana every time I read a No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book…”

@Trish: I was actually just yesterday looking at visiting Botswana in May, and on one of the sites, the 2nd most popular activity in Gabarone is visiting the set of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

Brittany wrote: “Hobbiton! Which means I guess New Zealand. I would lovvvvvve to go check out the sets of LoTR/Hobbit. It's been on my bucket list since the first film came out...”

@Brittany: Ooh, yes, Hobbiton (and the rest of New Zealand) is also totally on my to-see list.

message 22: by El (new)

El | 170 comments 30/50

No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark for two books that share the same title #1.

I Swapped My Brother on the Internet by Jo Simmons for favourite prompt from a past challenge (A book with a family member term in the title - 2017)).

The Vendor of Sweets by R.K. Narayan for book with salty, sweet, bitter or spicy in the title.

Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier. Not for the challenge.

Like many others already said, I would love to visit the UK. Most of my favourite books are set there - the Harry Potter series, Agatha Christie's and P.G. Wodehouse's books, etc.

message 23: by El (last edited Apr 18, 2019 08:07AM) (new)

El | 170 comments Brittany wrote: "Hobbiton! Which means I guess New Zealand. I would lovvvvvve to go check out the sets of LoTR/Hobbit. It's been on my bucket list since the first film came out...."

After watching The Lord of the Rings movies, I've also wanted to go to New Zealand.

message 24: by Jen (new)

Jen (jentrewren) | 777 comments Nadine wrote: "Jen wrote: "... There was no mention of finches at all but lots on barnacles. Why do we use finches all the time at school? ..."

Yeah I feel like I was taught that he got his ideas from studying ..."

I suspect the finches are in The Origin of Species rather than the much shorter one I read. The barnacle example in this one was clearer than the finches though in terms of intermediates and gave clearer argument for the theory so why is it not in the texts we give the kids? Also a great excuse for a field trip to the beach, plenty of Balanus zonation down there.

message 25: by Jen (new)

Jen (jentrewren) | 777 comments Brooke wrote: "Hi everyone! Overall this has been a great week. I gave notice at my job because I was offered a better position elsewhere, so I haven’t had much work to do. Well, I guess that isn’t 100% true, but..."

Totally agree Notre Dame is not just about religion. It is a beautiful, powerful, calming place where you just feel history. So very sad.

message 26: by Jen (new)

Jen (jentrewren) | 777 comments Ellie wrote: "Nadine wrote: "Jen wrote: "... There was no mention of finches at all but lots on barnacles. Why do we use finches all the time at school? ..."Yeah I feel like I was taught that he got his ideas fr..."

We usually do the peas and flies in DNA and genetics rather than evolution though obviously the 2 are now very linked and genetics is seriously messing with the standard phylogenetic tree. A crocodile more closely related to a chicken than a snake.....who would have thought? (We have a lot of crocodile research up here due to the salties snacking on people and their animals.)

message 27: by Tara (new)

Tara Nichols (tarajoy90) | 164 comments Happy Thursday everyone! This has been a weird reading week for me because I was working on two long books that were fine but not amazing. On Tuesday I decided I was going to do what it took to be finished with both by Wednesday night, and I did it! So excited to be reading something else now.

35/100 challenge books completed

The Inheritance: A Family on the Front Lines of the Battle Against Alzheimer's Disease This was my second of two books that share the same title. The first was Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love (same title, obviously different subtitle). I never would have read this if it wasn't for this prompt, but I'm so glad I did. It's about a family who has the gene for early onset Alzheimer's Disease, and how they've contributed to important Alzheimer's research. It was an incredibly sad book, but also really highlighted the heroism and sacrifice of this one incredible family. Plus, it explained a lot about Alzheimer's Disease that I did not know.

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life This was picked for my IRL book club, so I decided to use it for my book about a hobby prompt. It won the Pulitzer for autobiography, and is incredibly well written, but it's also a 450 page book about surfing, and there's A LOT of surfing and surfing jargon in it. I loved the first 150 and last 50 pages, but the whole middle section was really a slog for me.

The Long Ships This book was orginially published in Swedish in 1941 and is the fictional story of a 10th century Viking named Orm. It's my book set in Scandinavia. Here's the deal, I'm not into adventure stories, and that's what this was, so I liked it just fine but didn't love it. However, this book has a following of people that absolutely adore it, so I would say that if you like adventure stories or Vikings, you will probably love it.

As I Lay Dying I was so surprised at how much I liked this book. I read The Sound and the Fury years ago and didn't love it and didn't intend to read Faulkner again. But then I was the guest on the What Should I Read Next podcast back in January, and Anne recommended it for me (it's episode 168 if you're interested). I mean, apparently no one does dysfunctional families like Faulkner. This is basically the story of a family roadtrip with a rotting corpse, told with 15 different narrators. Reading Faulkner isn't easy, but I felt like this journey was worth it. It was weird and interesting and at times I couldn't put it down. I don't think it's for everyone, but I really really enjoyed it.

Currently Reading
A Lesson Before Dying
Second April
Riding Freedom

This one is easy for me because my favorite book of all time is A Tale of Two Cities but I've never been to either of those two cities: London and Paris.

message 28: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (book_music_lvr) | 3067 comments Mod
Carmen wrote: "Hello everyone from a very summery day in the Netherlands!

I am devastated by what happened to the Notre Dame. That building means so much to me! Lots of people are angry about the money raised as..."

Wow. So sorry you didn't like Pieces of Happiness: A Novel of Friendship, Hope and Chocolate. I really enjoyed it as did one of my friends. But I rarely "listen" to books. Maybe that would make a difference for me. As I consider that I think it might be difficult for me to keep all the characters straight on audio... Anyway, that's the beauty of books--each one means different things to different people! :)

message 29: by Jai (new)

Jai | 119 comments Happy Friday Junior to everyone lol. It's a nice warm day here in Northeast Ohio. I'm so happy it's starting to warm up. This cold weather sucks.
I read 2 books this week but started on several. While I was board and searching I discovered a new graphic novel series called Fatale. I read Fatale, Vol. 1: Death Chases Me and Fatale, Vol. 2: The Devil's Business back to back. Let me tell you how in love with this series. There's so much mystery surrounding the story and the main charachter Josephine. Both books take place in different time periods of her life and the author and illustrator weave this beautiful tale of intrigue.

I DNF'd The Night Masquerade I really like this series and wanted to use it for prompt #4 but I started listening to it and just couldn't get into it. I may possibly revisit it in the future but I know for a fact I won't be using this for that prompt.

I'm currently reading:
Children of Blood and Bone for my IRL sci-fi book club and so far so good. I love the afro-futurism involved.

I'm also reading Fatale, Vol. 3: West of Hell I literally just started this yesterday.

And lastly Little Women I'm listening to this and using it for prompt #5 for a book with at least one million ratings on Goodreads. So far so good, I'm listening to this as well. Classic novels can go either way. You either hate them or love them.

I think I would travel to Africa. After reading Children of Blood and Bone going to Africa, especially a few real cities mentioned in the book sound exciting.

message 30: by Jen (new)

Jen (jentrewren) | 777 comments QOTW:
Oh my how could I forget? Nederland, Colorado for the frozen dead guy festival in March. Too strange not to experience once.

Is New York better to visit in early October or early January?

message 31: by Ali (new)

Ali (aliciaclare) | 153 comments Hi everyone! I just looked out the window to see it started raining, which is no fun. BUT it's so warm outside so at least that's a perk! I had an extremely productive reading week finishing nine books!!! But to be fair the majority were graphic novels, which don't take as long to read, and one kindle single which was basically a published essay. But these have been helping me fill the OWLs prompts, because I'm really determined to finish each class. I only have 5 prompts left!

First I finished Thick as Thieves by Meghan Whalen Taylor, which was my Potions exam, a sequel. I really enjoyed this even though my favorite characters in the series didn't appear until the end. The final book in the series was pushed back another year, and I hope the author doesn't start acting like George RR Martin.

Next was Monstress, Vol. 3: Haven by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda, which was my Care of Magical Creatures exam, a land animal on the cover. I loved this! This series is so compelling which some of the most gorgeous artwork. The only downside is having to wait for the next volume!

Then was The Wicked + the Divine, Vol. 7: Mothering Invention and The Wicked + the Divine, Vol. 8: Old Is the New New by Keiron Gillen, James McKelvie, and Matt Wilson. I counted volume 7 as my Arithmancy exam, written by more than one author. I really liked both! Volume 7 is the penultimate volume before the finale and this story is ramping up! Volume 8 was their collected specials which I loved (except the first special tbh). They had a bunch of little parodies at the end made by friends which had me cracking up. I'm so interested to see how this series ends!

Then I read Romance Novels Ruined Me by Nichole Perkins, for my Defense Against the Dark Arts exam, a title that starts with R. This was a published essay so very short, but I liked it a lot! Nichole is an excellent writer and she's someone who deeply knows the romance genre. I'm hoping one day she writes her own!

Next I picked up the next 3 volumes of Saga I needed to read Saga, Vol. 4, Saga, Vol. 5, Saga, Vol. 6 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples. I used volume 4 for the popsugar prompt "a book set in space". I'm really liking this series because it keeps changing direction on me which is so much fun. I'm so eager to read the next three volumes, but then I'll be all caught up and the series is taking a hiatus. So maybe I'll try to keep my time.

Finally, I finished Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, which was my Divination exam, set in the future. I did not like this, which is a shame because this book is really well loved. Going back to last week's QOTW, I definitely started writing some of this review in my head because I was so annoyed.

Currently I'm listening to The Queen of Attolia because reading Thick as Thieves made me want to give this a reread as it is definitely the best book in the series.

QOTW: I misread the question at first, not realizing it had to be tied to a book, and immediately thought of New Zealand because flying there would be insanely expensive. So I guess I'll say the Shire, because the LOTR films is what makes me want to visit New Zealand. And if I go, I would love to take the LOTR tour!

message 32: by Fannie (new)

Fannie D'Ascola | 409 comments Hello!

Last day of work before the 4 days week-end (thanks to Easter). This is perfect timing this year since it's everybody's birthday.

I finished:
Gemina for a book that should be a movie. Like the first one, i wasn't excited nor impressed by the book. The format was great but the story not so much. I feel like I would have love it at 17.

Currently reading:
Circe but I don't remember for what prompt.

QOTW: I won't be original but visiting Hogwart would be nice. But better than that, I would visit all the solar systems visited by the ships in We Are Legion (We Are Bob).

message 33: by Katy (new)

Katy M | 668 comments I love historical fiction, so if we could do time travel, that would be great.

message 34: by Christine (new)

Christine McCann | 445 comments Hey y'all - checking in quickly while I have a break in an all-day meeting.


The Greatest Love Story Ever Told A book written by a musician (fiction or nonfiction) - adorable though at times a little meandering. Nick and Megan are pretty charming, funny people and they clearly love each other a lot.

Bannerless - A book recommended by a celebrity you admire or A "cli-fi" (climate fiction) book - haven't decided which prompt to tick for this. I really liked it! Murder mystery with a bit of a coming of age story told in flashbacks, set in a society 100 years post climate apocalypse. It was intriguing about the cli-fi aspect without being too hopeless and depressing.


Rising Strong - feeling ambivalent about this so far. There's tons of buzz around Brene Brown in the productivity / self-improvement world, but sometimes she seems rather dim, and there's lots of chaff mixed in with useful ideas.

Ghost Stories: Classic Tales of Horror and Suspense - just published! So far so good, three pages into the first story. The preface was good though!

The Fifth Season - just got rolling when my library loan period ended. Will definitely continue, despite feeling lukewarm about the second-person point of view in some sections.

message 35: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 169 comments April hasn't been a great reading month for me. I'm in my busy season at work so I haven't had a lot time to focus on reading. I don't think I'll get much reading done this weekend either since it's Easter, and I'll be travelling to see my family.

With that said, I did finish one book this week! One Day in December which I used for prompt #28 - a book recommended by a celebrity you admire (Reese Witherspoon picked this for her book club).

Challenge Progress:
Regular Challenge - 18/40
Advanced Challenge - 4/10

Currently Reading:
Miracle Creek - I'm using this for prompt #37 - a book with a two-worded title.

Lilac Girls - I'm using this for prompt #38 - a novel based on a true story.

QOTW - If you were able to take an all expenses paid trip to a place that is the setting of one of your favorite books, where would you go?

I would love to go to Hogwarts and England like Harry Potter! I also love to read WWII historical fiction especially books set in Paris which has always been on my bucket list so would totally go there if it was an option.

message 36: by Jennifer W (new)

Jennifer W | 541 comments Jen wrote: "QOTW:Advice:
Is New York better to visit in early October or early January?


I suppose it depends on what part of NY you're looking to visit and what you plan to do while here. I would say early October, it might still be warm, the trees are changing colors, and we have lots of apple things to do.
But certainly, feel free to visit in January if you want to freeze and get snowed in by a blizzard or two! ;)

message 37: by Milena (new)

Milena (milenas) | 809 comments Tara wrote: "Happy Thursday everyone! This has been a weird reading week for me because I was working on two long books that were fine but not amazing. On Tuesday I decided I was going to do what it took to be ..."

How cool, Tara! I will have to go back and listen to that episode again. I just finished episode 176 today while doing some boring repetitive work.

message 38: by Hannah (last edited Apr 18, 2019 10:24AM) (new)

Hannah Smith | 35 comments PopSugar Challenge-26/40
Goodreads Challenge- 31/60

Finished In The Last Two Weeks:
Sun Warrior A book told from multiple POVs This is the second in the series and already I am liking it better than the first. I think that might be that I am not having to wade through understanding a new world and new cultures. The characters and world has already been developed and I just get to see where they go from here. Looking to start the final book of the trilogy in the next few weeks.

Jane Eyre A book with at least one million ratings on Goodreads I listened to this as an audiobook and I was not crazy about the narrator. I am however in love with the story. I will be honest this was not one that I was looking forward to. I hated Wuthering Heights and thought this would be the same. But I really did enjoy this book and have watched the BBC series a few times since finishing it. I really do encourage others to read this book.

Circe A retelling of a classic I read this as an ebook and enjoyed it. Occasionally it got slow and I had to muddle threw. It was cool to read mythology in this way connected, but I do not think I will be rereading this book but it was good.

Roomies A book by two female authors I read this as a quicky and I really did enjoy something light after all the heavy reading I have been doing lately. If you are looking for a fun quick read this is a good one.

Currently Reading:
I am only reading two books for the popsugar challenge but have 4 books going at the moment.

The Library Book A book recommended by a celebrity you admire I am reading this as an ebook and I am almost half way through. It is very interesting I like the backdoor experience of a library and how LA came together after the fire. I really do encourage others to read this.

The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great A book that's published in 2019 I am reading this as an ebook but have only read a handful of pages so no opinion yet.

Non Challenge Books:
Linger I am reading this as an audiobook and thought I would give this series another try. I am not in love with it. I think that after this book I might quit the series. Its such a shame it is so cheesy. I really did enjoy this author's book about the water horses that I thought I found a new YA author I could read, but I do not think that is the case anymore.

The Wolf in the Whale I have had this on hold at the library forever and though I got it a few days ago I have not gotten around to reading it just yet. But I do hope I really like it.

If you were able to take an all expenses paid trip to a place that is the setting of one of your favorite books, where would you go?
Well this is both easy and hard for me if you go with my favorite fantasy books this would be impossible. But for my favorite fiction such as Jane Eyre and Outlander and Jane Austen I think it would be easy to say that I would be very happy to run over to the UK.

message 39: by Jennifer W (new)

Jennifer W | 541 comments Hi everyone! Last week was so hectic, personally and at work, I couldn't even deal! This week has been much better on both counts, so that's good. Plus, the weather is trying to turn nice here in Upstate NY.

I didn't finish anything this week, but I picked up a couple of new things.

I'm about halfway done with Bless Me, Ultima. I'm not in love with it. I don't really care for character driven stories, so it's kinda boring to me. I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen.

I started Corelli's Mandolin. So far, it's kinda all over the place, but there's some surprising humor. I think I'll like it.

I also started The Closer: My Story for a book about a hobby, baseball (which is part of why I'm not getting as much reading done as I might like!). Plus, Mo is going into the hall of fame this summer, so I figured it was a good time to read it.

I think I'm going to return The Witch Elm to the library unfinished. I just don't have enough time to read it before it's due.

Question of the week:

If you were able to take an all expenses paid trip to a place that is the setting of one of your favorite books, where would you go?

I'd pick a historical time, if I could. I'm a fan of the Russian Revolution, or the 1960s in America....

I guess if I had to pick a place to go now, I'd still go to Russia, or maybe see the pyramids in Egypt.

message 40: by Jai (new)

Jai | 119 comments Oh I have to edit that I finished Fatale, Vol. 3: West of Hell I didn't think I would be finished by today and I spoke too soon.

message 41: by Christine (new)

Christine McCann | 445 comments Ooh, I forgot to answer the QOTW!

I'm with Sara - I need to visit Bath at a minimum, and will probably one day invest in a Jane Austen tour of England.

Also though, reading The Swerve: How the World Became Modern inspired me to plan a trip to visit Herculaneum - I want to see the site of the library that brought so much ancient literature to light! Hopefully my husband and I can go when the kids are older!

message 42: by Heather (new)

Heather (heatherbowman) | 689 comments Finished
Homecoming by Jo Graham and Melissa Scott (a book you think should be a movie) and The Lost by Jo Graham and Amy Griswold (a book by two female authors). So Stargate Atlantis was cancelled after 5 seasons, and I'm still not over it 10 years later. Fortunately, Fandemonium Press got permission to write a season 6 book series. Unfortunately, I'm not in love with their version of the characters. The plot is pretty cool, though.

Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth. I'm reading this one pretty slowly, but I'm enjoying it.

A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World by Tony Horwitz

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. I'm taking a short break from this to read some other things, but I'll come back to it soon.

Middle-earth! I'd be happy to see New Zealand. :)

message 43: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 182 comments Heather wrote: "So Stargate Atlantis was cancelled after 5 seasons, and I'm still not over it 10 years later. "

You and me both! Didn't know about the books! Might have to check them out myself!

message 44: by Johanna (new)

Johanna Ellwood (jpellwood) | 227 comments 18/52

It's been a bit since I last checked in. I have finished 3 books in that time.

Completed Prompts:
China Rich Girlfriend for a book with an item of clothing or an accessory on the cover. I loved Crazy Rich Asians, so this was an obvious read for me.

Us Against You was the obvious choice for a book set in scandinavia. I read Beartown last year, so thought I would continue with this one. I don't think I liked it as much as Beartown and I thought it started kind of slow, but I enjoyed it at the end.

The Giver was a reread and my pick for a book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter.

On my bedside table:
Life After Life which I'm going to read for one of two books that share the same title.

QOTW: After finishing China Rich Girlfriend, I would go to Singapore. Of course an all-expense paid trip there would be nice because those people sound crazy rich!

message 45: by Kali (new)

Kali | 65 comments I continue to take a lot of reading detours from my challenge list (I pre-planned most titles) but I'm still plugging away. I'm at 15/50 for the challenge, 29 total books read so far this year.


The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle - For a book revolving around a puzzle or game. I thought it was an enjoyable read and an interesting mystery/sci-fi mashup. I'm interested to go back and read what folks had to say about it in the group discussion in February!

Smoke & Summons - This was my Kindle First Reads selection from a few months ago (January?) and I can't for the life of me figure out why I picked this since YA fantasy is not a genre I typically enjoy. I thought it was pretty terrible. But, if it seems like your cup of tea, it would work for the "extinct or imaginary creature" prompt. I didn't have it on my challenge list.

Currently Reading

The Parking Lot Attendant - I am 3/4 done with this and might finish by tonight. I liked it at first but I am starting to lose interest and fail to see how it can be wrapped up in a satisfying way. But we'll see! Not for a prompt.

I'll be grabbing So Lucky (for book with a two-word title) and The One Hundred Nights of Hero (for book you meant to read in 2018) from the library tonight so those will be next!

Question of the Week

This is hard to answer because I haven't traveled that much and there are a lot of places I would be interested in traveling to but they don't necessarily coincide with books I have read. It's definitely not one of my favorite books but I remember reading Prague many years ago and wanting to go to Budapest and Prague after reading that book. The Galapagos is (are?) one of my top travel destinations but I think that is unrelated to any of my reading.

message 46: by Karen (new)

Karen | 161 comments Hello folks!

I'm spending my day following the reporting on the Mueller report. So short report today.


A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman for PS #23 a book set in Scandinavia

Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner for PS #40D fav ps pprompt from 2015 a book by an author you never read before.

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim for PS #44 a book read during the season is set in.

Total PS 24/55

Botswana for #1 Ladies Detective

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Sarah (sezziy) | 831 comments Hi everyone. It has been our busiest day of the year at work today. I'm so glad I managed to duck out before it got super crazy.

This week I finished Silver. This was a fun, fluffy, little adventure story with a twist on the zombie trope.

I also read A Night to Remember. Coincidentally I read it almost to the day of the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking. There were a lot of details in the book which I had no idea about. It was really interesting.

Currently reading: The True Queen still. I've read a lot more of it this week. I should hopefully finish it soon.

Also reading The House of the Spirits. I'm not enjoying this one at the moment. Hopefully it will pick up soon. If not I might DNF.

QOTW: There are so many places I want to visit. I'm not sure if any of them are particularly book inspired. I quite liked the whole "grand tour of Europe" idea the rich posh people went on in classic books.

Oooooo actually, my favourite book when I was a teenager was The Beach so I'd love to visit Thailand

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Tania | 458 comments Hello - finished a few books this week including one for the challenge, so I'm at 24/50

Books finished:
Old Bones the Wonder Horse by Mildred Mastin Pace - this is a sweet children's story, it's one that I came across recently and had never read (and I can't let a horse story pass me by to this day). It's based on the true story of Exterminator, the celebrated race horse.

The Bed She Made by Elicia Hyder - a romance that's been on my TBR for a while, it's a good story

Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson - a reread of this thriller for the challenge, obviously prompt 10 with Pop in the title, I'm a big fan of the Alex Cross series

We were also saddened by the fire in Paris; yet another piece of history endangered by fire (last year the museum in Brazil burned down). I wish these events would spur people into making plans to protect these monuments, but there's never enough funding for that.

QOTW: I've always wanted to visit Morocco (because of King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arabian) although as an woman I am nervous about my safety there. My second choice would be the Swiss Alps (because Heidi).

Raquel (Silver Valkyrie Reads) | 895 comments Not a great reading week for me--I only finished one book. My Saturday was completely taken up by a day trip to see the League of Legends North American championship, and a lot of the normal social stuff in the evenings, so I had little reading time, and wasn't feeling super motivated when I could read.

I'm loving the weather today though! I'm one of those crazy people who loves rainy days, and after snow on Sunday and a HOT summerish day yesterday (blech--my least favorite weather) this is a lovely in-between springy weather.

Finished Reading:
A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World I ended up giving this five stars despite the rough start for me. Recommended for most or all Christians to read.

Currently Reading:
All the same books as last week, plus I started Three Bags Full. It's a fun, light read, which is what I needed at the time, but isn't likely to be a favorite unless it gets more interesting later.

The Moon! This is a totally unrealistic answer despite being a real location, because there's no way I could pass the physical tests to be able to safely space travel. Since it's the setting of both Artemis and the Lunar Chronicles though, and my husband and I both had childhood dreams of becoming astronauts I would definitely take a trip to the moon if it ever became realistic.

For real, earth based locations either Antarctica (I loved Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage) or England (Jane Eyre, The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Whose Body?, Agatha Christie books, and so many more).

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Deborah (dg_reads) | 83 comments Hello all! This was a very slow reading week for me with too much work stuff getting in the way and allergies making my eyes need a break, but I did get two Popsugar reads in which pushes me past the halfway mark at 26/50 for the year!

Bird Box - I had been waiting for this hold to come up at the library for ages and it finally came through. I really enjoyed this one - a perfectly chilling thriller for the reading mood I've been in.

The Night Tiger - a beautiful book with some issues that left me not loving it in the end

The Witch Elm - another book on which I have mixed feelings, a little slow and definitely not what I'd consider a mystery/thriller, but some really good character development. I'm using this in the plant on the cover slot.

Crazy Rich Asians - this was a fun easy read to check off the book from Asia, Africa or South America category; I enjoyed it for the most part, but I'm not rushing out to pick up the next in the series, so this was another mixed feelings book

I'm currently working on The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe for a fun adventure YA and Future Home of the Living God on audio and really liking both so far! Not sure how much reading I'll get to this week though as there is lots of family and friends fun to be had over Easter weekend.

QOTW: Not from a particular read that I could name, but Ireland is on my list of destinations I really want to make it to and this largely came from descriptions of the beautiful land from books.

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