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Book Issues > Same book or different books with 2 GR entries, what's going on?

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Richard (smashed-rat-on-press) | 37 comments Here is an interesting little puzzle for some knowledgeable librarian. Long ago, I read this book:

The above seems to be the legit biblio entry for the book; author is Dibdin. It's 190 pages.

Today I noticed that somehow the book on my GR shelf, which I reviewed, doesn't match that one, it's a 72-page something that lists Rosalie Kerr as author. I don't know what it is, but it's is not the book I read:

Maybe a lot of people, like 4800 of them, rated this 72 page whatever-it-is associated with the name "Rosalie Kerr", thinking they're talking about Dibdin's book.

Is this some kind of bibliographic mess-up? Or is the entry 76207 some weird edited thing? Who is Rosalie Kerr, and why are there all these books under that name and other writers' names together? Is this a person who wrote introductions or prefaces? Or literary criticism? Course notes? No explanation is given on the author page for Kerr, or in any of the descriptions of the "books" under that author.

Anyway, upon discovering something like this I would ordinarily just delete my review of 76207 and then review 1787455, except that my review has 18 "likes". And it seems weird to me that there are 4880 ratings and 155 reviews that are possibly misplaced, while the real book has only 318 ratings and 54 reviews.

Anyone have insight? I must be missing something?

(Please feel free to move this question if it's incorrectly classified.)

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10797 comments Rosalie Kerr is the author of several adaptations. Adaptations should have the adaptor as primary author and shouldn't be combined with the original work. (An author of an introduction/preface should be listed as secondary author)

In the librarian change log of the adaptation I see a lot of merged editions in early 2012 when there was a specific situation going on.

What I think that happened:
Adaptations and the original work are not always separated, people combine them incorrectly, so I think they were combined at some point (or maybe more than once) and with both people adding the first edition they see and the merges from 2012, a lot of people have this edition of the adaptation on their shelves while they perhaps were looking for the original work.
And then someone has separated the adaptations from the the original work and we have now an adaptation that is more popular than the original.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about people shelving an edition that is not the edition they are really looking for.

Richard (smashed-rat-on-press) | 37 comments @Renske: Ah, adaptations. Thanks very much for the explanation. Sounds plausible about what happened. Too bad, though, for everyone who now has a review associated with the wrong thing...! :-(

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