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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult fiction - a man meets a spiritual master during a high society party, possibly held in his honour.

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Eighthoursbehindgmail com | 4 comments This is a series of books - 2 or 3. I read it over 20 years ago and it seemed quite old at the time. I vaguely recall that it was set in an American city. The guru was possibly English and travelling around america, the protagonist meets him at a party and begin a spiritual mentorship with him. Set at least 60 years ago. I would love to teach this down for a reread and to locate the rest of the series.
Thank you!!

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Eighthoursbehindgmail ~~
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Good luck!

Eighthoursbehindgmail com | 4 comments thank you!!

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Eighthoursbehindgmail, can you describe the guru - e.g., his age, what he believes and encourages people to do, does he promote a specific religion?

What about the protagonist - e.g., his age, job/skills/interests, family/friends, marital status, difficulties he was facing?

Eighthoursbehindgmail com | 4 comments Hello Kris!
Lords, it was so long ago that I read this.
The guru was either American or English, I believe it would have been an elderly Buddhist type of religion or possibly Theosophy.

I think that the protagonist was a middle-aged man going through a spiritual crisis.

The book had almost a Victorian era feel to it. I remember a series of rather grand houses parties held in honour of the Guru in which he would speak at.

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