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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult Fiction. Book set in the future where people have phones that are connected to their hands. Gods based story woth both characters comming from different breeds.

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Marinalatariya | 2 comments Hi! I’m looking for a book I read at least 6 years ago. I specifically remember the cover it was white with blue spirals on top. The book was set in the far future where the world was divided into different zones/areas, where some were more advanced then others. The man is living maybe exiled into the less advanced area and is saved by the main female character that enlists his help with and investigation or something and he moves back “home” where he gets back his electornic phone/wristband that is used as a wallet and phone and any other technological machine. The book is a part of a series however i only read the first one. Thanks a lot!!

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Marinalatariya | 2 comments Another thing i remember it is a detective/mystery story where the main male character was exiled into a less technically advanced world and the female character brought him back because she needed his help with her case and they fell in love

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