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Deep within the heart of the forest lies a cabin, small but mighty. Anyone can find this small building but the path twists and turns. Nearby the building, lies a large pen filled with his sheep, the sunlight hitting the area and the grass always tall and green.

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Xwft | 204 comments “Is this strictly necessary?” Eurus whined looking down in disdain at the outfit she was being made to wear. “Are you sure he wont like more well dressed girls? It looks like I walked into the barn and decided to wear the first sack I saw, empty or not.”
“For the hundredth time we are just going off what we have been told and this is the best way to get to him. Unless, of course, you are incapable of abusing his kindness.”
A challenge, simple but annoying. Of course Eurus could do it. She had gotten the most prized information right out of the mouths of those silly rebel leaders, she could deal with a simple farm boy.
“I’ll get it done, this will be the easiest job I’ve ever done.” She said dismissively while slapping mud on her face to make her look more… dirty.
She was meant to be a distressed girl that had just escaped some not so nice men and had just witnessed the death of her family. Heck, good thing Eurus was a good actor. She just hated looking the part.
“Is THAT strictly necessary?!” Eurus exclaimed eyeing the small knife the girl in front of her pulled out.
“Remember the backstory, this is just making sure no questions are asked. Beside it can’t be the worst pain you have been through. Arm.”
Eurus sighed offering over her arm yet not looking away as the thin blade was pressed to her skin.

With deliberate stumbles, Eurus practically tumbled though the tree towards a small wooden… it was a hut at best, maybe a kids shack? With hundreds of sheep. Like seriously that was a lot of sheep.
I’m dealing with a overly nice sheep boy…. great Eururs thought as she stumbled up to the door.
She must admit, she definitely didn’t look like the fancy girl from before. Clumps of mud hung of her sack like clothing and stained her once honey tan skin. Leaves and other little bits of debris weaved through her hair that she wouldn’t be surprised if a real a animal lived in it. She was bare feet, her once perfectly manicured nails being smeared with mud and torn so little crimson lines peeked through the layers of brown. That was the other thing deemed necessary cause who would turn down a bleeding girl. So after some very specific knife cuts making streams of blood roll down her arms, legs and one of her cheek, too close to her eye if Eurus had any say. But it was all for the show, hopefully this overly nice sheep boy had a decent shower.

Limping slightly, Eurus approached the wood door knocking on it lightly as if she had no energy left.
“Please!” She begged it meaning to be a call but turned out as a whimper.
Good, her voice acting was up to scratch.
“I...I need a place to stay….I...Please.” She whimpered though she beat her voice wasn’t all that audible but the walls were so thin she took no chance.
She leaned heavily on the thin wooden wall her eyes scanning the woods frantically as if afraid of something. But the rest of her body sagging as if she knew she wouldn’t be able to work further.
“Please.” She whimpered again letting tears roll freely down her cheeks, cutting line between the blood and dirt.
And her tear ducts worked, even better. While she waited, Eurus picked at the ‘wound’ on her cheek, agitating it again so more blood bubble up between the tear in her skin and spilled over the side. She let the blood coat her hand, seeping in between her fingers and under she nails. She pressed a small bloody print onto the door, making it seem she had knocked with a bloody hand. She picked the wound a bit more so the blood trailed down her chin and onto her neck before stopping. The pain was nothing to her, it only made a few tears well in her eyes which made everything more convincing. And from there she waited, leaning like a sack of flour against the wooden building, looking defeated and dead and as if she was hoping someone was home. Though, spoiler alert, she knew he was home. There was no way she would do something like this in the off chance sheep boy was at the sheep market. So hopefully it wouldn’t take him long to come, it wasn’t like she was asking him to host a three course meal upon her arrival, though that would be nice…. No all Eurus wanted currently was a nice warm shower.

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Silence, well other than the distant sound of his precious sheep baaing to each other. How heavenly. . .

Matthew sighed to himself, twirling his finger in his daily afternoon tea. It was still a slight bit warm, the amount of time he usually let it sit there perhaps far too long. He had realized hours ago that there was nothing else to do for the rest of the day until around sunset, when he'd ensure the animals' water was fresh. It was the same thing everyday, except this time he didn't want to head down to the small market that was far from his small- uh "house" in the woods. The small wooden thing was indeed tiny, but sturdy and build to possibly last another year or two. It was old which meant he'd have to build another, but that did not matter to him. What mattered was whether or not the sheep pen could last another year. At least it had a small furnace to keep warm and a bed built for two. Well one right now, possibly one of his sheep for all the boy knew.

The sound of walking echoed throughout the house and Matthew looked up, glancing from window to window trying to figure out who it might be. Was it one of his friends? Soon, the weak voice of a woman was heard outside, her pleads pulling at his heartstrings. Standing up so fast his chair almost knocked itself over, he made his way for the door and pressed himself against it, listening for another call. One more came and he had had enough. Matthew opened the door and turned, eyes widening as he landed on the sight of the bloodied, dirty and downright broken girl. He stepped forward, grabbing her by each arm and slowly leaning her into his chest. "Are you alright?" His voice wavered, nervousness lacing his tone. She looked so beaten up, what had happened to her?! The tears and blood slowly rolling down her face seemed to already be a cry for help and he was going to try his hardest to do so.

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Xwft | 204 comments Ha this boy really was as nice as they said. She had expected maybe a helping hand, possibly for him to lead her inside and let her sit on the floor, cause it was unlikely he had anything of comfort, but this was more then she was expecting. Him taking her, holding her weight as if she wasn’t here to torture everything he knew out of him. However she could work with this, quite easily in fact. Eurus let herself go limp as took her in his arms. She leaned against him, her head flopping against his scrawny chest, her hands weakly clinging onto him as if he was her last lifeline.
“Th…. thank you.” She sniffled letting sobs shake her shoulders.
She was fully aware of how his own voice wavered and it took all of Eurus will not to roll her eyes. Had he not dealt with girls before?! Surely he must have, or were his only social life. Though she must admit he was a decent looking dude despite being awkward. The curl of his brown hair, the even enough tan. He was slender, not the nicest thing to hug and he was finding out but subtly muscular…. She decided this job wasn’t as far bad as she thought. She didn’t mind the idea of playing with this boy. He was cute, submissive and entirely obviously innocent.

“I….. they, they burned it down… all of it,” she sniffled letting the words tumble from her mouth.
She had gone over this so many times she knew her character's backstory off by heart. Not that she though this boy would join the dots if she did slip up.
“They came, they, they took everything. I…. I tried to stop them but they didn’t.” The tears rolled free now, dripping off her cheeks and damping his clothes. This was the saddest part of her story after all. “I heard her cry…. I…” Her voice hitched driving the point home that she was not overly joyous right now. In case he hadn’t noticed. “I watched her burn. I tried, I tried but it hurt… it hurt so much…. I can’t keep going.... I… I don’t know what to do,” Her whole frame shook as tears dripped off her nose the blood from her cheek and hands leaving a stain on his clothes. Tan was similar to white, what a dumb colour to wear on a farm. Her legs dropped out from under her, gravity pulling her down into an ungraceful heap on the ground. She was meant to have been walking for almost a day, she was meant to be battered and broken. Thankfully Eurus knew how to play that girl. This wasn’t the first time she had played a roll like this after all. Not the first time she had fallen meek and useless in front of a male. She shivered as a small breeze ruffled her hair, and stung her bare skin.
“They…. They killed. Without a thought, with… without a glace back.” She hung her head her body naturally curling in on itself. Now she just had to see how this boy reacted. She didn’t think she went over top but maybe she wasn’t convincing enough. Though she didn’t think this boy could tell the difference between and girl acting and a real girl even if it stuck him in the face.

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(See! See, I told you that all of Xandra is gonna burn with all of these fires and raids and bandits xD)

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Xwft | 204 comments ((Hahahah XD It provides dramatic backstory! Tho in this case Eurus is just making it up))

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Love and Sacrifice (Kura~) | 265 comments Mod
(And not just a dramatic backstory, but a realistic one considering how many villages are burning to the ground and bandits are slaying everyone in sight and the Rebellion is of course gonna be blamed for that as part of the King's propaganda and motivation for people to turn against them xD)

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Xwft | 204 comments ((I mean true... I think that's actually why Eurus stands with the kings, cause someone toasted her family.))

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((I’m so sorry Xwft that I haven’t responded yet! I’m just spending time with relatives and I’m busy :))

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Xwft | 204 comments ((It's alg!! I'm not expecting you to reply instantly every time I don't mind waiting <3))

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((Sorry for the very very late, utterly short and disgusting response that I somehow dug up in the middle of the night.))

Matthew's eyes went wide. Wider than saucers. Well whatever saucers were, he'd never heard of them before. Watching the girl cry out in emotional and physical pain just hurt him, dug at his heartstrings and bit at his heels. It hurt like a bitch and clearly the boy was not having it. Getting down on his knees, Matthew wrapped his arms around the girl and holding her close. "Là-bas, jeune fille, tout ira bien." He spoke, a rich accent lacing his voice. Holding her closely, he lifted her up, grunting in the process. Matthew wasn't all that strong but sometimes his "muscles" could get the job done. Moving towards his small cabin, he walked in and closed the door behind him. His eyes glanced back down at the dirt, blood and tears and spoke once more. "You look like you need a bath. . . and some new clothing-" Setting her down gently, the boy moved over to his bedroom and started digging. She would need new clothing, clearly, but Matthew didn't think anything of his would even be close to fitting her. Welp, a shirt that looked almost like a short dress might actually work. I'd have to, there was no other choice.

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Xwft | 204 comments ((That's alg good!! I'll work on a Eurus reply when I have times))

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Xwft | 204 comments To easy Eurus thought as the Matthew knelt down, wrapping his arm around her in an attempt for comfort. She let herself lean into him, resting her head against his chest. Smells nice to Eurus added only just managing to hide a giggle at that thought. She hid her head in the cloth of his shirt to smother the smile, hoping he didn’t see it and mistook the slight shake of her shoulders as the result of more tears then a hidden grin. She had no idea how this sheep boy smelt so good but she wasn’t complaining. This was one of the best targets she had in a long time. Most of overweight rich men who wanted everything they touched. This was the first innocent small bean she had come across in ages. Truthfully she was loving it. Cause compared to the usual, this was going to be a fun mission.

Now she had been told that this target spoke in something not english. And because any self respecting spy had at least a few weeks to plan she thought it only right to learn his language. It took quite a few tedious hours of sitting hearing the same words repeated over and over again. Until she could correctly place the english word to the gibberish words. But she eventually got there. She didn’t learn every word but she learnt the main ones and the one that seemed useful. It became a game after that. Recognize the words that she knew, translate it to english in her head. Then fill in the blanks with words that made the sentence make sense. After all what good was a spy when they couldn’t understand what their target was saying. So as he said something in seemingly gibberish, with quite a cute accent she must say, Eurus managed to understand. Most of it.
Young girl, everything, fine. From there she could basically guess what he had said.
It was adorable. And it was hard not to reply but she figured that wasn’t smart. He thought she had no idea what he said... so if spilling of valuable information was going to happen it would most likely be said in this language. Therefore if he knew she knew his language it he would be more wary about what he said. Once again people never saw a spy in the dumb blond. They see a victim, a possible constort. But never anything evil.

The gasp she let out as he picked her up was genuine. Cause her cuts were real. And though some painkiller was used it still hurt when he touched it. It took all her will not to smack his hand away and walk by herself but that wasn’t very damsel in distress like was it? So she let him carry her, letting her head flop onto his shoulder. She felt his muscles strain under her weight and once again had to try hide a laugh. He was cute but clearly not accustomed to carrying around girls. Surely she couldn’t be any heavier then a sheep? Either way she let him carry her inside, let herself be the meek girl she was meant to be. She curled into a tight ball as she gently deposited her on the couch. She was surprised this sheep boy he had this type of luxury. Seriously How much were sheep worth?
“Oh, I don’t want to intrude on your hospitality. I have already caused so much trouble,” she exclaimed, making her voice sound guilty yet hopeful. “Though, a little warm water to wash of my cuts would be nice. I don’t need much I just fear infection. After the days of walking who knows what bugs have made home in my wounds.”
Ok, maybe a little too far and dramatic. But there was no freaking way she was going to get an infection by doing this little task. Plus I will need much more than simple bucket or water to clean all this off. I need a soak in one of those royal tubs for a few hours at least! She thought to herself while letting her face hold an image of soft, sad girl.

Her eyes followed him as he walked into what she assumed was his bedroom and rifled around. Eurus knew exactly what was coming, she played this game so many times it was old. Men never had any female clothes lying around. Some of her targets did and that worried her a little but most of the time didn’t. Therefore Eurus had to wear their clothes which never fit her tiny body. And though their tops were often like short dresses on her it still showed skin and looked very, very suggestive. Thought, at her best bet, she wasn’t much bigger than sheep boy over there. Definitely unable to fit his clothes but there wouldn’t be too much of a difference as their sometimes was. So… this would be interesting. As he took his eyes off her, Eurus slipped the small knife from its place in the fold of the tattered clothes to her bodice where it was less likely to be found. It was only a small not even finger length blade and was only there for emergencies, but it could still cut flesh and other things if needed. Or if she needed to make things more dramatic. But that would come with time.
“Though…” She twisted around, the flinch also real with she realized she couldn’t bean over raise her arm over her head.
Those meant to be only for affect wounds were very quite real and very quite painful.
“I may…. I may need a little hand taking these off.” She said gesturing slightly to the rags that clung to her body letting a burning blush creep up her cheeks.
An innocent maiden that she was playing would have never been undressed by a male before. But with Eurus, this by far wasn’t the worst she had done. She had done much, much worse then having a male help undress her and bandage her wounds. But she had a feeling this sheep boy was far too innocent for anything more than that. One step at a time. It was a game that everyone played. A game where everyone had a different lock and Eurus had to find it, decode it, and break in. It was a fun game for her. Those others may not think quite the same.

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Matthew held out the shirt that he was holding to the girl, giving it to her and turning around to head towards the fire. He grabbed a bucket of water which was conveniently placed next to the fireplace. A small metal pot was placed atop the fire, the water still boiling from this morning's washing. He took a small cloth and the pot, carrying them over to the girl and setting them down on the floor. It didn't matter if the flooring was a tad bit hot, it's not like it'd start on fire from that small little thing. "The water is a bit hot so we'll have to wait on that. . ." Then she spoke.

Help her with her clothes?! Well she was covered in blood which probably made it difficult to take them off but seriously?! "O-oh. . . you sure you can't take them off yourself? I mean I understand if you can't but are you sure? I don't wanna seem, weird or anything." Just to let others know, Matthew was for sure an innocent little bean. He had hardly done anything in his life: hell he hadn't even thought of undressing a girl. It was only to help her. . . it shouldn't be really weird or anything.

"Okay," he spoke, reaching down and gently grabbing the bloody rags, slowly pulling them up as they peeled off of the bloody skin. God if she doesn't have anything on underneath I don't know what the hell I'll do, Matthew thought, biting his lip as he continued all the way up to her chest. Then, the shepherd let go. "I'm sure you can. . . take it from there ey?" He turned to the small kitchen, digging around for the small roll of bandages that he had.

Everything was so weird. There was a girl in his house that he had never met before. She was asking him to undress her. Now that's weird. She was covered in blood, begging for help. Even weirder. No one ever came out here, that's exactly why Matthew lived out here. No one could ever bother him. And that's why he was starting to get a little uneasy, wondering why she was here. What really had happened to her?

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