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message 1: by KR18 (new)

KR18 I think that the theme of metro 2033 is That you always need to press on. I think this because no matter how hard the journey was just kept moving towards the goal of polis. He knew it was hard and that he probably wouldn’t make it but with all that he kept going to polis knowing that if he didn’t his home station would be destroyed. The First time he left his station he is sent on a mission to warn polis and the entire metro of the looming threat of the dark ones. In the metro, there are a lot of dangerous things like mutants and radiation. But the biggest threat in the metro is probably the people like the communists and the 4h Reich.

message 2: by KR18 (new)

KR18 1. What is the sound in the pipes between the stations?
2. Did hunter learn something about the dark ones?
3. Why does Artyom not leave the station?

message 3: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Am I imagining that there are several nods to Homer's Odyssey in this book? I don't mean just the overt mention of the cyclops, but throughout.

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