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The Maze Runner

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message 1: by Dreysen (new)

Dreysen Chritton | 12 comments The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Reviewed by Dreysen Chritton

The book starts with a boy waking up in an elevator remembering nothing but his name. Once the elevator reaches the top, he is greeted by a community of boys that are living in this sort of big open space called “The Glade” that is placed right in the middle of a huge intricate maze with huge doors on either side that close at night. Thomas is brought into the community and starts asking questions about anything and everything he can think of, but he quickly learns that every boy there has arrived the same way he had not remembering who they are or why they’re there. The glade has 4 rules: Never threaten your fellow Gladers, everyone must pull their own weight, No one is allowed in the maze except for runners, and no one’s allowed in the maze after dark. The Glade is supplied with requested goods like farming materials and livestock that come from the elevator (called the box) once a week. Everyone is working towards solving the maze and getting out alive. When a girl comes out of the box not long after Thomas with a note thing start to go south for all the Gladers.
When I read this book, I thought the plot was alright and straight forward and had constant twists and turn throughout and that’s what really kept me in to the book. The main character didn’t really grow, and the author just had him conveniently remember things from his past to progress the plot. The book also had that what’s going to happen next style to it and it kept on going, once they resolved something another thing started almost right away, and it helped hold my attention. There isn’t much to go on for setting because they are trapped in the middle of a huge maze but in the center where all the boys are set up there is a sort of clearing where they have a makeshift farm. This book also ended with a huge cliffhanger and left me unsatisfied with the ending but I guess that’s my fault for not reading the next two books.

message 2: by Finn (new)

Finn | 7 comments I remember reading this book in 5th grade and i agree when you say it's very good at keeping you reading.

message 3: by Tahlia (new)

Tahlia | 18 comments Interesting. Does it have any romance in it? It seems engaging.

message 4: by Jacob (new)

Jacob | 15 comments This seems like a pretty cool book. I think I may be interested in it now. I enjoy books with twists and turns in their plot that you don't see coming and that keeps me reading too.

message 5: by Tushar (new)

Tushar | 17 comments I liked your review on the book and i agree with the ending on a cliffhanger and i have read the other 2 but from best memory those 2 were better than the first at least in my opinion.

message 6: by Mason (new)

Mason Anderson | 6 comments This book seems pretty cool. Thanks for the review.

message 7: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy  alexander (TimeZone117) | 8 comments I have only seen the movie and i have not read the book, the book looks interesting, i'm curious of if the book is different from the movie.

message 8: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 11 comments I read this book probably 7 years ago when i was younger. I hardly remember anything about it but still think its a very interesting concept. Ill have to read it again because i probably could'nt pick up on all the details when i was younger.

message 9: by Avamazing (new)

Avamazing | 3 comments I agree that the authors constant plot twists and turns help make this an engaging book. I've read the whole Maze Runner series and reccomend continuing if you enjoyed the first one.

message 10: by Dreysen (last edited Apr 19, 2019 01:41PM) (new)

Dreysen Chritton | 12 comments Tahlia wrote: "Interesting. Does it have any romance in it? It seems engaging."

it didn't really have any romance

message 11: by Dreysen (new)

Dreysen Chritton | 12 comments Anthony wrote: "I read this book probably 7 years ago when i was younger. I hardly remember anything about it but still think its a very interesting concept. Ill have to read it again because i probably could'nt p..."

I also havent read it in awhile but if you're interested then go for it

message 12: by Yogesh (new)

Yogesh | 15 comments I have never heard about this book before. it sound interesting to me. I would not read this book because you said in the review it does not have a satisfied ending.

message 13: by JADED (new)

JADED | 4 comments I've seen the movie but haven't read the book

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