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Cerberus (Monsters Of Mythology)
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Monters of Mythology Cerberus

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Adrianna | 10 comments Adrianna Rios. s
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Cerberus By Bernard Evslin

Reviewed by Adrianna Rios

Monsters of mythology, in the starting of the book we meet the mother of Cerberus or better known as the Serpent-woman. Where she laid a curiously lumpy egg and when hatched it was a 3- headed dog in which she names Cerberus. He ends up big a mistake and was to be killed for his misshapen body and heads. But Cerberus mother was very fond of him, she took him away. Later word had reached Hades who was Zeus’s brother and the ruler of the underworld. that a serpent-woman had tried escaped with a huge 3-headed dog and from that the offspring was showing early promises. Hades grow fond of Cerbuse, had hoped to find him and make him the guard the gate to hell. Cerberus mother sent him away in hiding which was up above where he was sent. he would love to swim and kill sharks, one day a little girl named Delin the youngest child of a fisher-folk was drowning, and Cerberus had swum upon her and saved her, she owed her his life. later, Cerbuse grew a strong connection to Delin throughout the years of the thought it reminded him of his mother. They spend many happy years together but later down the road Hades send someone named Argus a monster made of eyes to hunt and to bring him to the underworld to Hades and from there the story thickens.

In reading this book i personally loved every bit of it I am very fond on nonfiction and just from the writing I loved because it was in 1st 2nd and 3rd person throughout the whole book. there would also be a painting or sculpture picture on the side based on a part in the book I had just read about I loved that really connected with the story. There was many character development is was easy to stick with and when some had died off a new character would be brought into the book.an the pace of the book I would say was fast but not a fast read it went through thousands of years was never based in one year or two and ended to the present day .I also loved that there was many adventures, but sadly all ended into a tragic journey into the underworld. He faces many challenges from saving delin to family issues from working with heroes, gods and monsters into a spinning adventure through mythology of ancient Greeks and Romans.

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JADED | 4 comments sounds fye might have to read

message 3: by Adrianna (last edited Apr 25, 2019 01:01PM) (new)

Adrianna | 10 comments JADED wrote: "sounds fye might have to read"

yes check it out, a very good nonfiction mythology book. is a fast read as well.:)

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Erika Thorsen | 38 comments Mod
I had no idea there was so much depth to the Cerberus story! I wonder what sources the author used. Does he say in his book (that you noticed)?

It sounds like Cerberus isn't the total scary monster that most stories make him out to be. Did the writer do a good job making readers feel sympathy for him?

I wonder if his story is an indication that perhaps the Greeks didn't see animals as just "animals." It's a common theme in stories to learn that the monster isn't so monstrous after all, but it's typically a more modern theme rather than one found in ancient stories.

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Adrianna | 10 comments i don't know actually i believe he was just story's from what he knows, but that's something i my self am going to check out and see.
and yes he did a great job of making me have a good connection with cerberus through out the story like one part he was in a rush and delin was being attracted by wild boars and wasn't able there and had to run through many lands, i was on a cliff hanger to see if he would make it in time. but it is a good book i would recommend it very much so.~

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