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The Fountainhead

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message 1: by Brad (new)

Brad | 14 comments Mod
post general thoughts here.

start a new thread for discussion questions as the arise

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Brad | 14 comments Mod
I really like how she describes the school as a fortress with ramparts and corner turrets with a lance defending against its two great enemies...light and air. From the start you can tell her distaste for institutionalized education. A building of education should welcome figurative “light and air” and not intentionally block it out. It’s a great metaphor for how schools, especially universities squash the concept of free thinking and endorse conformity while under the guise of the exact opposite.

message 3: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Massman | 4 comments Pg 24: I really like how she describes the "rules" of architecture and " two materials are alike." This makes me think about the current situation with the Notre Dame Cathedral. First, is it going to be rebuilt? if so, then what materials are they going to use? Are they going to try to rebuild it so that it is exactly how it was before or are they going to try to build a more practical structure?

message 4: by Brad (new)

Brad | 14 comments Mod
Yeah, there’s an old adage about replacing/repairing parts of ship... how many parts of a ship can you replace/update before it ceases to be the original ship? Same thing with N.D. Cathedral right? I heard the fire started from an electrical shortage...should there even be electricity in there in the first place? I get maintince must be done to ensure the integrity of the building but at what cost? Structural integrity vs. spiritual integrity...if building can be said to have a sprit in the first place...

what would Roak think? Keating? Cameron? G. Francon?

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Brad | 14 comments Mod
Lots of dichotomy in this first part.
Roark - Keating
Guy Francon - Henry Cameron
Frink national bank building - Dana building.

I’m sure she uses this device quite a bit...let’s see what others we may notice...maybe ones that aren’t so glaring and surface level. Any one notice any I missed?

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Brad | 14 comments Mod
Pg. 76
“That’s our answer (in reference to The Banner News Paper) that it exists and that it’s liked.”

I can’t help but think of our ridiculous obsession with celebrity today, more than any other time period before. Our trash media outlets drown us in a never ending sea of cacophony. If Rand were writing this today TMZ or entertainment weekly or any the view or any such the Academy awards or any other such shameless self-congratulatory back patting display/performance would take the place of Wynands The Banner.

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Abigail Massman | 4 comments Brad and I talked today about my love/hate relationship with Keating. I hate him because he is a manipulator and a coward, getting people to do what he wants in order for Keating to move up in his field. I love him for the exact same reasons. He is such a smooth talker and can get anything he wants without any effort whatsoever. On page 88, when Keating is offering Roark a job and he accepted rather easily. Keating thought, again, he got what he wanted, but good ol Roark told him what he was and wasn't going to do. Roark > Keating

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Brad | 14 comments Mod
Yeah Keating is a super interesting character. You want to hate it him cuz he’s such a “shiester” but he’s so damn good at it that he often to fools even the reader, but not Roark....

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Abigail Massman | 4 comments I just met Dominique Francon and she is a badass, from what I've read thus far. She was talking with Peter and he's all like, "Why you writing this stuff?" and she came at him like, "Uhh, because I can..." I mean Keating is such the manipulator and Dominique ain't about that life.

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Brad | 14 comments Mod
Yeah she is super bad ass. One of my fav characters from any book.

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Brad | 14 comments Mod
Pg. 136
I love Roarks comparison of 2 types of house to 2 types of people. So simple yet so true.

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Brad | 14 comments Mod
Pg 139-140
I love how Dominique so back handedly describes the awful living conditions in the tenements and boarding houses that are secretly owned by the “socially conscious” elite


message 13: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Massman | 4 comments Roark is the simple, not flashy, but yet, structurally sound house and Keating is the flashy and obscene house that everyone wants to see, but yet no one can really see the foundation (a-hole) of the house because he’s too “awesome” on the surface.

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