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Can anyone write up a summary of this book?

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SomeGuy I tried reading it, i really tried, but its really not my cup of tea-though i'd still like to know how the trilogy concludes.


Honestly this book is all over the place. Girton is given so many tasks that he tries juggling unsuccessfully and it's a pain to follow.

Someone kills Girton's new apprentice, and two of Rufra's children (Vinwulf, who for some reason is super cruel and Anareth, who is a little girl) witnessed the event. Anareth shuts down afterwords and Girton is told to get her to talk again.

Someone attacks Rufra's new wife, who is pregnant. We know that person is an assassin with true invisibility.

Rufra goes to Ceadoc so he can join the petition to be the new high king, because the old one died and has no family to inherit. The seneschal is running things meanwhile, and for some reason he doesn't like Rufra.

Girton realizes there's a huge souring hidden under the castle, meaning there's an active sorcerer there.

Boros finds out that Girton is a sorcerer but doesn't turn him in.

We meet the other groups petitioning, including Rufra's uncle, Rufra's new rival Merrel, and the Boarload (now "repentant" and calling himself Barin). Boros immediately flips out and tries to kill Barin in front of everyone. Boros gets his tongue cut out and gets sent to prison and will be burned alive in like 3 days. Rufra heavily suggets in private that Girton to try to save him.

A young assassin approaches Girton, and this guy is Girton's biggest fan. Then an arrow comes out of nowhere to kill the guy, and Girton pins it on the mysterious assassin from before.

There's talk throughout of something called the forgetting plague, which is what it sounds like.

Girton is told that Festival wants to speak with him. They give him a confusing acid trip of a prophecy that Girton misinterprets for some reason.

Girton keeps seeing a figure he calls Xus when no one is actually there.

All during the story you get a few chapters from Merela's past, and how she loved a noble man, was impregnated, and the noble's brothers stabbed her womb and left her for dead. She was saved and cared for by an old woman, who taught her to be an assassin, and that queen from the first book, who was a servant to Merela's family at the time. The two of them hatch a plan to merry the other girl off to the family and systematically kill the brothers in revenge. You also find her dead son's name was Girton.

The seneschal shows Girton something called the menagerie, which is something the high king and the torturer made. It's a bunch of imprisoned people with animalistic/monstrous traits, meant to fight each other or something. Rufra knew about this, and that's one reason why he's obsessed with becoming high king. He wants to destroy it. Girton, acting unintentionally as a champion against the menagerie, fights a big guy and gives him a killing wound. The guy is dragged off.

Rufra's rival flips out and thinks that Girton killed his wife. Girton gets sent to prison and meets the castle's torturer. A few days later Girton is exonerated and you find out the rival's wife died in a place no one should have been able to get to. Later you learn her body may have been lost but no one wanted to admit it.

Girton saves Boros by switching the minds of Boros and Barin, so Barin is the one burned alive and Boros inhabits Barin's body. He can't tell Rufra about this, so Rufra thinks he failed. Boros has an existential crisis because he has Barin's memories.

The townsfolk keep saying the old high king is alive. Some secret group of people say Darsee cured the forgetting plague.

The Children of Arnst are still a problem and led by Danforth, and since Girton doesn't take his place as the chosen they all ambush him. Girton kills Danforth but is about to be killed by the rest of the cult. He's saved by Boros/Barin, but the Children are waiting at the gate to where Rufra and co. are staying to ambush him before he enters. Girton is just thinking about how he needs a distraction when Xus' birds swarm up and suicide themselves into everyone's torches to provide Girton with enough shadow to sneak in with magic. Now people think Girton actually is the chosen of Xus.

You learn Darsee had a sister, who was sent away and/or died.

There's something about needing votes to be the new high king, and Rufra is losing people on his side but they aren't announcing loyalty to anyone publicly. Girton, as always, suspects the Landsmen.

Girton and a mute assassin friend go beneath the castle to the Sepulchers of the Gods, which has been flooded and locked off, to investigate what the Landsmen are doing. They find and watch people move a body that looks like the old high king Darsee to resurrect the big guy Girton thought he killed in the menagerie.

Girton returns to Rufra to make a strike force. Rufra stays with some at the small keep he's in, and Girton takes the other half to the Sepulcher.

Literally everyone who went into the Sepulcher, excepting Aydor, Girton, and the torturer, all die. The friendly mute assassin dies to save Girton.

They find out the body was Darsee's sister Cassadea, and that Cassadea was a sorcerer. The torturer woman, who loved Cassadea, admits she knew this. Cassadea killed a bunch of people to absorb their life to try to bring Darsee back to life, so now she's stuck in the state of killing with one hand and healing with the other. Cassadea caused the hidden souring and cured the forgetting plague by accident.

Danforth is alive again. They kill him, but not before he kills Aydor. The torturer tries to use Cassadea to absorb Girton's life, but instead Girton uses the torturer's life to save Aydor.

Aydor and Girton leave with Cassadea to act as reinforcements to Rufra.

Boros/Barin dies, but I forget how or why or when.

Girton gets his mount Xus and covers him in chalk dust to pretend to be Xus to stop the fight. Aydor loses an arm, but lives. Girton stops the Landsmen from fighting Rufra by outing the Trunk of the Landsmen publicly as knowingly using sorcery to resurrect people. The Trunk dies.

Rufra becomes high king without a vote. Everyone celebrates. Girton still hasn't avenged the death of his apprentice and is mad. Neander approaches him and slips that Gusteffa, the dwarf jester, was his spy. Girton figures out that Gusteffa must also be the assassin he's been looking for. He runs like mad to try to save her from killing Rufra's children, and Merela/Girton fight against Gusteffa/Marrel's not-actually-dead-but-an-assassin wife. Marrel's assassin wife kills Marrel. Gusteffa kills Merela.

Girton, while attempting to rescue Merela, calls her Mother. I'm uncertain if it's literal but it probably isn't. Girton kills Merela's wife and Gusteffa, but cannot save Merela.

Girton realizes that Gusteffa has been working for the old queen Adran all along and that marrying Vinwolf and Aydor's daughter will put Adran's bloodline on the thrown. He broods and seethes because his Master is dead and Gusteffa won.

Rufra's little daughter comes to see Girton and asks him to protect her from Vinwolf. Girton realizes Vinwolf killed his apprentice, so Girton kills him and leaves Rufra's service secretly. He flees to unknown lands and wraps up the book asking for forgiveness and knowing one day he will wake to an assassin of the next generation killing him.

Aydor visits him every now and then, but no one else is mentioned.


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