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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Looking for a rockstar romance/contemporary romance book with possible HEA; Possible Spoilers Ahead

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Kassandra Rolling | 11 comments I believe I read this around 2014-2016. It's a rockstar romance/contemporary romance book. The hero/heroine are best friends, then friends with benefits. He becomes a famous rockstar and doesn't see her frequently, but they hook up when he has time. She loves him, he's not into commitment, she gets pregnant, but the baby dies in utero. He finds her at the hospital and she doesn't want to have the procedure, even though she will stay sick and probably die. She can't let the baby go because she believes that the baby is all she will ever have of him.

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Jenny (jennytr) | 175 comments bump

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Stephanie (ramblingsfromseks) | 1 comments Anyone have any thoughts on this one?

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Debbie | 8 comments I hope you find it because I would like to read it too.

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