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C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 633 comments You have until the 22nd of April to post a story and from the 23rd to around the 29th of April, we’ll vote for which one we thought was best!

Please post directly into the topic and not a link. Please don’t use a story previously used in this group. Only one submission per person is allowed.

Your story should be between 300 and 3,500 words long.

REMEMBER! A short story is not merely a scene. It must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

This week’s topic is: Underground

The rules are pretty loose. You could write a story about anything that has to do with the subject/photo but it must relate to the topic somehow.

Most of all have fun!

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Alannah Author: Alannah.
Title: Greetings
Genre: Dystopian Science-Fiction
Word Count:
Rating: M for scenes that involve death, swearing and mild sexual reference.
(This is my first ever post).

It’s been three days since the man died. Three days and six hours and now they are just sitting around the campfire not doing anything. Charlotte is the first to speak.
“When do you think they’ll come to take the body?” she says, her voice raspy, as she tries to cover her mouth with her weathered hands. Danny, the eldest of the group lowers himself down next to her at a snail’s pace.
“Dunno. Maybe never?” he replies in a southern Oklahoma accent, he starts to scratch his bushy beard much to the disgust of Violet who cringes at the sight of him just being there in the room with them all.
“Don’t say that,” Violet snaps back clenching her fists. “They’ll be back,” She mutters under her breath looking downcast at the steady flames of the gas stove that encircle them.
“Why don’t we cheer her up?” Lorna says as she brings her guitar to the group. She starts to play very badly as if she has no knowledge of playing the guitar whatsoever as if she had just found it on the floor.
Which is exactly the truth. “Where did you find it?” another member of the group, Danny says rubbing his ears glad to hear the quiet sizzling of the fire. “I found it on the floor!” Lorna exclaims as she points to the darkened corner of the room.
That corner is where the dead body lies.
Everyone in the group turns their head away from that corner and then they slowly come back to life again. “Don’t go over there again Lorna okay? We don’t know who he was…” Charlotte stops as she realizes what she was about to blurt out.
“Why don’t we come up with a name for him? I mean its respectful right?” Danny said nervously, “It could have been any one of us who got hit by that thing… Then being blasted around like dog chowder” Danny adds with a low chuckle.
“Hmm… Robert?” Lorna says. The others shake their heads as the dead man doesn’t look too much like he would have been called Robert when he first stepped into this hell hole with his comically large biceps ripping off the door handle when they had to run away from those things outside.
Charlotte feeling her cheeks rise up. Thinking to herself ‘how could they do this to a dead man who was at the wrong place, wrong time when it attacked'. Charlotte’s eyes wandered back to the sleeping corpse of the man who had-
“Frank.” It slipped out of her mouth, unaware of the gazes of the others including her daughter who was at the time on the other side of the room playing with paint on the walls as quiet as a mouse.
“That’s a great name!” Lorna says as she clasped her hands together like a small child, breaking Charlotte out of her trance.
“From now on he shall be known as Frank!” Lorna says gesturing with her finger to the sleeping man. “This is so much fun,” Violet who had been hidden in the corner piped up like an excited child.
“I can predict the past, present and the fuuuutttuuurrreee!” Lorna yelled as she mocked that of a magical genie. Mostly everyone laughed but not Charlotte; it wasn’t right to mock the dead, no matter how horrid a person they were. Well except Hitler Junior who after all was the bastard that did this.
“Shuuussshhh Lorna, Calm down”, Danny says as he pulled out one of his cigars, shoved it inside his mouth and moved closer to the flame.
“Don’t get your beard on fire” Charlotte says in her motherly voice as Danny erupted a low manly chuckle. He inhaled it slowly and then blew the smoke out up towards the ceiling of this hell hole like the trapped rabbits they really were.
“That’s exactly my chosen breakfast for today, the smell of a dead guy mixed in with smoke,” Lorna says through loud coughs as Violet came over to her to lightly patting her on the back as they exchanged a look of thanks, she perched herself down cross-legged next to her.
“Storytime tonight,” Charlotte says as she reaches for a large book next to her. Her hands opening up to a page in the middle as she quietly said “Rapunzel”. That moment was when the whole audience broke in a series of groans and complaints.
“Just like every other night Charlotte, think I’ll take over for a change,” Danny said with a grin from ear to ear. Danny was famous for his stories.
Charlotte gave him a look of disgust as she slowly got up from her seat of pain and walked to the other side of the room where her daughter played. “Where are you going?” Danny asked her and she turned around and smiled “I’m going to play with April for a bit. Continue without me,” She said as she spun back on her heels and walked to April.
April was only five when she was in the hell hole though she doesn’t remember much of her experience. She remembers her mother’s stories every night. Although not this night.
Her mother sneaked out of the shadows like a cobra in one of her many tales as she slowly pounced a surprise ‘boo!’ on her frightened child. The child, scared out of her mind started to cry as the mother realized what she had done as she scooped April into her arms and started to sing a lullaby that they had only shared.
“Mommy. Is it you?” April asked in a timid cry as she looked into the eyes of her mother and smiled. “I’m sorry, baby” Charlotte spoke comforting her precious child. “What were you drawing there?” Charlotte asked, looking closely at the red picture on the wall.
“All of us,” April said as the painting itself was adorned with stickmen which consisted of the group, this wasn’t the problem, however, five crudely drawn wolves surrounded them ready to swallow them whole.
A loud roaring of laughter broke the silence as Charlotte looked towards the group, 'why are they laughing? Were they laughing at me?' These thoughts flooded her head like a bad migraine.
April clung onto her mother as they walked back towards the group. “So… the first time I had sex was with my neighbour on top of his washing machine!” Lorna said in a fit of giggles.
“What are you talking about?” Charlotte said as she searched each face of the group, their flushed embarrassed faces stared back at her.
“First time sex, what’s yours?” Danny said nonchalantly as he took another long drag of his second cigar. Charlotte let go of her daughter as her hands moved to April’s tiny ears trying to block out their disgusting conversation.
“Don’t talk about that … it’s immoral,” Charlotte hissed as Danny roared like a lion with a fit of laughter.
“Immoral? This is the same woman who four nights ago was screaming down the house when she moaned out her” Danny stopped as he could see the tears in her eyes.
Charlotte looked down to the floor, disgusted, corrupt and disgraced. All these emotions that had been bubbling up inside of her just waiting to explode. No, she had to be an example of honesty and purity for her April and for their new society, after all, that disaster outside. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t.
“Sorry,” Danny said ashamed as he blew out another air of grey dirty smoke, up, up and away into the ceiling. “Wait! Are you serious? ... She got action but none of us have. That’s so unfair!” Lorna complained.
“Shut up Lorna!” Danny yelled as he patted the dirty ground next to him for Charlotte to sit down. She took her place again begrudgingly as she whispered thanks to her companion. “Don’t mention it. I mean seriously don’t.” Danny snapped.
“Okay, okay, okay Danny I get it,” Charlotte said in a hushed tone. “Oh, I know who you had sex with!” Lora said as Charlotte and Danny shot her deathly glares. She ignored the warning signs and kept spewing on her annoying chatter.
“It was Frank! ... I’m right, aren’t I Charlotte? I woke up to your screams of lust that night, Oh Frank! Oh, Frank! OH FRANK!” Lorna yelled as Charlotte nodded in defeat looking back to the corpse of Frank in that dead, dark and depressing state of life.
“Shush Lorna, her daughter’s still here.” Violet whispered, trying to ease the trapped tension.
“Whatever. It’s not like I want to be here anyway,” Lorna said as she got up from the group and with a sulk in her steps, reached for her bed. She turns and faced the wall and really tried to block out everyone else like the spoiled teenager (that she mentally is).
Charlotte reached to get up but Danny stops her with his hand, “Don’t. Leave her,” Danny mutters.
It’s like they were all thrown together from all walks of life, everyone with different thoughts, feelings and opinions. They were a mixed group but somehow they worked together for the harmony of this little bunker, that they have grown accustomed to even with its smallest difficulties.
That’s why humans can be so interesting since with hardships they work together like ants on an anthill, working together for the benefit of everyone around them. Even though Lorna could be annoying, she was still in this bunker with the rest of them and that is something that Charlotte could kind of understand.
Charlotte ignored everyone else and walked to the bunk bed that occupied with Violet and lightly put her hand on Lorna’s shoulder as the woman turned around to see the worried face of Charlotte she grumbled out “What do you want?” in a childlike voice.
“I’m sorry.” Was her reply as Charlotte sat on the edge of her bed, Lorna pulled herself up from the grip of the bedcovers and let out a muffled cry as Charlotte wrapped her arms around Lorna in a soft hug, she patted the top of her head as she would do with her own daughter.
The rain starts falling like a pitter-patter of a heartbeat, it swirls with momentum falling faster and faster above them. The only information that its raining is from the noise of it splatting against the roof.
As soon as the rain gets heavier, the chatter from the group extinguishes like a fire in a rainstorm, Charlotte gives Danny a fleeting look if they stay in here they will surely drown.
There is a small advantage to this situation however, they can’t work in the rain or function for that matter. “Charlotte, we have to move” Danny warns her asking for the aid of Violet to help him up from the dirty floor.
“I’ll get the things then” the small muffled voice of Lorna says as she slowly starts to move from her bed. Charlotte looks around for her daughter and she spots her on the floor near the wall adding to the painting she made earlier.
“We’ve got to go baby,” Charlotte whispers to her daughter as she scoops her up into her arms. Lorna extinguishes the gas stove as she is unable to take this object with her and soon it will be at the bottom of the sea.
Charlotte looks towards the remains of the dead body, all that was left of her beloved, an arm and a leg as his other bones lie somewhere in the deepest corner of the dark.
There was no point in burying the rest of him he will soon be washed away with the water as if he never existed. But perhaps, that was something for the better. It put her mind at ease a little.
Every war that has hit them, they just rebuild with anything they have on them especially those that wear them down day by day, week by week, year by year.
There is nowhere left to go now, only the next abandoned house that can be turned into a home. A home, where one can feel safe and protected from the machine outside.
As soon as they exit their second home they don’t look back to the abandoned small building, an old petrol station its sign above with the words ‘Esso’. Its red and white painting striped of its first coat by the unusual weather.
Now it just looks sad among the brown and dull green grass as their feet clothed in old ragged slippers thundered against the cold grass. April looks back towards their ‘home’, her painting lost to the currants forever.
April looks eagerly around searching for any sign of the wolves who wait in the comfort of the shadows as the rain sticks to their skin.
They walk alongside the others, their minds only on the skyscrapers barely visible on the horizon, towering above them.

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4214 comments Hi and welcome Alannah!

Excited to see your first post here!

Also if you want you can introduce yourself down here:


We'd be happy to greet you there too!

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4214 comments Sorry. Just realized I have been using so many exclamation points!

I'm not addicted to using them I swear!! ;)

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9030 comments My characters use exclamation points all the time, but only because they're constantly screaming at each other. Hehe!

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4214 comments Garrison wrote: "My characters use exclamation points all the time, but only because they're constantly screaming at each other. Hehe!"

Lol, Garrison. :)

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Edward Davies | 1727 comments Title : Underground Carpark
Author : Edward Davies
Word Count : 818
Rating : PG

Simon lay awake in his hotel room bed, staring at the ceiling as he desperately tried to get to sleep. He’d been lying there for almost an hour, and the faint sounds coming from the night were preventing him from drifting off peacefully.

He’d booked into a hotel room to try to get some writing done. He’d been trying to finish off a manuscript for over a year now, and his deadline was soon approaching. With a five year old son running around the house he rarely got a moment’s peace to get anything written, so he’d booked into a hotel for the week in the hope of finishing things off. With barely three chapters left to complete, his mind had come to a complete standstill…

…And the noises were not helping in the slightest.

He couldn’t quite figure out what they were, and that was the primary reason they were keeping him awake. He’d considered moving to another hotel, but he’d already paid upfront for the week and he was too frugal to waste money unnecessarily. And anyway, he could put on headphones and listen to music while he was writing… just not while he was sleeping.

So he lay there, staring at the ceiling, hoping the noises would go away.

But by three in the morning he could still hear them; a low, grinding, rumbling noise, a little like how a construction site might sound if it were wrapped carelessly in cotton wool.

Simon breathed loudly, hoping his own breaths would drown out the sounds and allow him to get some much needed rest, but if anything they made them seem somehow worse. Figuring that, much like the last two nights, he wasn’t going to get back to sleep any time soon, Simon climbed out of the hotel bed and, putting on his complimentary slippers and dressing gown, walked out of the room.

He followed the sounds down the stairs of the hotel, leading to the main foyer. The sounds were still faint, almost as faint as they’d been in his room, so he continued through the main doors and outside into the carpark.

The carpark led downwards, underground and underneath part of the hotel itself. There were lights, but they were weak, and Simon had to strain his eyes to see where he was going. And still the faint sounds continued…

Simon approached a car, parked towards the rear of the underground carpark that looked somehow out of place. As he grew closer to it, he heard the faint sounds getting marginally louder. He couldn’t be sure, but they sounded as if they may have been coming from inside the car. He took a step closer, and that’s when the car’s headlights snapped on.

The sudden bright light caught Simon by surprise, and he instinctively lifted his hands to his face in a vain attempt to shield his eyes. The lights continued to shine, now paired with the sound of the car engine idling.

“Is someone in there?” Simon asked.

The engine revved a little, but under the rumbling noise he could still hear that sound, the irritating annoying sound that had been keeping him awake.

Simon closed his eyes, feeling the anger and frustration of the last few nights getting to him. Finally, as he stood there listening to the engine revving and the irritating sounds that had been pestering him almost since he got here, he burst.

“Can you just leave me alone?” Simon yelled, feeling his pulse race with a combination of fear and anger, “And keep down the noise!”

Simon stared at the car, his breath coming hard and fast as he balled his fists with rage. The lights on the car dimmed, then went out completely, and the engine stuttered then stopped.

Simon stared in the darkness, then turned and ran back to his hotel room.

He jumped into his bed, pulling the covers over his head as his heart beat fast in his chest. He lay there for a few minutes, listening to his heart beat as it gradually slowed to a normal pace. And the sounds, the sounds that had been bothering for the past three nights, had stopped.

The following morning, Simon awoke feeling refreshed and revitalised. He got out of bed, sat at his laptop, and began to type, getting seven pages completed in less than thirty minutes. When he finished writing, he decided to take a shower and clan himself up so, heading into the bathroom, he began running the water in the shower to get it nice and hot. With the steam filling the bathroom, he stood at the sink brushing his teeth, staring at his smiling face. The steam began to coalesce on the mirror, and that’s when he noticed that a message had been left for him. He dropped his toothbrush, staring at the message in shock horror.

“Sorry,” the message read.

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