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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 641 comments Mod
Warning: This is some seriously creepy crawly stuff here so.... discretion is advised...

(Will jump into a summary in a minute when I'm not busy being busy....)

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So, here goes:

A girl makes a youtube channel.
This girl, as far as we know, is simply known as Ash.
As you may have guessed, Ash made her channel to keep a vlog.
Thus, Ash_Vlogs was born.

Now, Ash posted quite a few videos.
All were normal vlogs with nothing curious about them:
Beauty tips, 'A day in the Life', and so on and so forth.
Her videos were so relatable and so 'typical youtuber' in style, that, in fact, her channel took of quite quickly, and she gained a massive following in a very short time.

((To be continued in a moment...))

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So, Ash posts a series of vlogs in 'episodes'....
You can look these up on Youtube by searching for Ash Vlogs and clicking on her channel... ((It's a better, and way creepier experience if you decide to do this... just follow all of the hidden links...))
Anyhow, for those of you that just want to hear about it and don't want to actually see it ((it's way less creepy this way because you miss the visual of how bad all of this was/is)), here's a summary of her episodes, which will come in handy as events roll on...

Episode 1- "I'm Starting A Vlog. How Original.":
Ash makes an introductory vlog telling who she is and what she plans to do with the channel. Sweet and simple.
However, toward the end of the video, Ash says the phrase "claim to fame". There are also some stomping and crying noises that Ash claims are being produced by her neighbor Kate and her baby... or one of the woman's cats... either way.

Episode 2- "The Lamest Adventure. Ever.":
Ash posts a vlog of her day:
going to a park and a mill.
She also talks to Kate through the "paper thin" walls of her apartment. While there is nothing truly alarming about this, the woman does seem to sound pretty sad... almost defeated or tired...
But Ash is perfectly happy...

Episode 3- "Sleep.Exe is not responding":
Ash makes a short, bittersweet video about how tired she is because her neighbor's baby is keeping her awake...
She says, "I'm just so tired... I just want to sleep", and then pretends to shoot herself in the head with her fingers shaped as a gun...

Episode 4- "My Most Interesting Day":
Ash talks about her job at a call center working as a telemarketer and how much she hates it... Normal day, normal life...

Episode 5- "Strange car guy outside. Is this content?":
Ash introduces us to "Car Guy", a guy who shows up outside of her apartment early in the morning (2:26 am in the video), with his headlights on... He then turns them off and drives away later in the day (5:07 in the video) causing Ash to spend a sleepless night.
This is the first time this has happened so... New content?
Ash says, "I will be dead tomorrow... Kill me..." (sarcastically of course)... but appears to be shaken by the appearance of Car Guy as she thinks he's a bit creepy...
Can anyone say "stalker!!!"?

Episode 6- "How to make a sick beat and still have no friends.":
Ash shows us how to make a beat using a mix board... so she's musically inclined... nice.

Episode 7- "Drawing vlog... This must be a Youtube first...":
Ash makes a cartoon version of a vlog...
In this vlog, Ash mentions that, at work, she has been receiving "ghost calls" or calls that just have dead silence on the other end. Not only that, but she has been getting several every day...

Episode 8- "Collab announcement!":
Ash tells us that she plans to do a video collaboration with a youtuber called "RackaRacka"...
She finishes the video by saying, "Stay tuned guys... See you soon... Bye!"

Episode 9- "Guide to failing. Step one: Be me.":
Ash opens this video with her standard greeting, but messes it up big time and makes fun of herself for it...

((To be continued shortly...))

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Okay, to continue with the video summaries:

Episode 10- "What the internet really needs is more unboxing videos.":
Ash buys a new microphone to go with her camera and unboxes it...
She sings, "This is how we unbox this box."
When she says this, she puts the words on the screen, but 'box' is a doodle of a cube...

Episode 11- "Fake plastic laundromat."
Ash does some cover songs with her musician friend "Dusty"...

Episode 12- "You're the best fans!"
Ash thanks her fans for the support she received on the 'plastic laundromat' video...

Episode 13- "Ferris aint got nothing on Ash."
Ash goes out to the museum with her friends (Jordan and Alex) and vlogs her day there...
She also tells her brother about the success of the laundromat video, putting him on camera, but she blurs out his face because he would rather not have been on the film... Protecting identities like a good sister XD You can see that her brother is wearing an orange shirt over a blue long sleeve shirt, but you can't see his face so...
Then Ash tells us that Car Guy has returned...
She also hears some noises from Kate's apartment and inquires, through the wall, as to what is going on. Kate says that a telemarketer has been harassing her and giving her ghost calls...

Episode 14- "The worst uber driver ever!":
Ash tells us that her brother is in the hospital, but doesn't elaborate... She continues with the vlog as always, which depicts the following:
Ash and her friend Al are going out to the movies and call an uber who, to their surprise, end up being their friend Jordan. In the video of their drive, they decide to play about and act like they are in a car chase and someone has shot Jordan (who is driving and laughing, not understanding what is going on). Ash and Al say, "Oh, no! Jordan's dead! Rest in peace, One Star!" which was a pun of when they said that because Jordan was their driver they were going to rate his services with "one star"... Thus, they jokingly called him 'One Star'... Haha???
When Ash gets home, she sees a package on her porch and guesses it is prank fan mail (or a record she ordered from BandCamp), but is dubious because there is a funny symbol on it...
She decides to unbox it, and finds a hard drive inside. She says that after finding "this bad boy", she was kind of scared and curious, so she called Al who was curious to see what was on it too. Al agrees to come over to Ash's house and open the hard drive with her in case it is something weird... After all, it was a huge hard drive (HUGE!), and was wrapped in lots of pink bubble wrap and blueish purple duct tape, in a shipping box with nothing but an odd symbol on it, left on her doorstep... What could possibly make it scary?

Episode 15- "C2F.EXE":
Ash and Al open the hard drive (now drawn on and called "Bad Boy" as a pun from the last video) which contained a file with the same odd symbol titled 'C2F.EXE' and, when the file was opened, there were disturbing pop-up photos and messages ("25,000 buyers and counting Ash", "much more popular than the others", "I think they might be jealous", "I'm outside", "I'll be there soon") to Ash, which she could not exit out of...
When the pop-ups are done popping up, the computer reboots all on its own, but never turns back on...
When Ash and Al try to make it turn on, the computer (Al's old one from high school) stays blank...
Al then gets a call on her cell phone which, when answered, has nobody on the other end... Just some static...
Then headlights reflect through the windows, landing on the girls, and they call the police, trying to report the person who has pulled up (apparently, it's Car Guy)... The person from within the car then gets out and goes to the door which the girls realise is not locked and run toward it... and Ash shuts the video camera off as she goes...
If you turn on the subtitles, they then read, "Ash, you never finished making this one. It's okay. I will do it for you."

So why/how did this video get posted?

((To be continued in a moment...))

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Okay, so, the answer:
Nobody knows!

Imagine that.

But, there's a reason why...

So, after this video is uploaded, there's a break in the uploads to Ash_Vlogs.
A couple of months go by, and people begin to assume that the vlog is over and was, perhapps, just one long scit that they were all drug into blindly.
Nothing new... It's been done before...
Also, one inquisitive fan noted that Ash looked a lot like actress Lauren Koopowitz.
So, everyone thought it was some sort of alternate reality game (ARG)...
But some people noticed that this video, unlike the rest, had a description (hidden unless you clicked 'Show More').
This description simply read as "click" followed by an odd link.

Upon clicking on the link, viewers discovered disturbing video #1...

((To be continued shortly...))

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This first disturbing/hidden video was entitled "Cut"....
Actually, it was a small emoji sort of thing that looked like a pair of scissors cutting film, but I can't do that on GoodReads so.... \0/


So, it was entitled "Cut/Pair O' Scissors Cutting Film", and showed a clip of Ash running down the street in the middle of the night. There's creepy electronic/static/old horror film sounds playing in the background...
More of Ash running...
It then begins to play distorted audio which begins, "I'm the tagger..."
The video then 'glitches' (obviously an edit) and shows a figure who appears to be Ash lying on the floor of a freight car with appendages bound, struggling to sit up (almost as if they had previously been knocked out...) and the audio continues....
"I try to tag others softly on the shoulder. They try to run away from me because they don't want to be tagged."
The door of the freight opens, and a darkly shrouded figure enters while the audio continues...
"The game goes on and on until someone gets tired."
The door swings all the way open, and the video goes black while the audio continues...
"This is how you play tag. This is a very fun game, and it is very fun to be both the tagger and the one chased."
Audio and video end.

But not before a code appears (if you have the subtitles on) which reads:


There are more in the description, but there's a lot of doubt as to what any of it means... If it means anything at all.

This is the last time Ash appears on any videos in relation to Ash_Vlogs, which appears to now be out of her control as well.

And everyone began to ask:
Where is Ash?

((To be continued.))

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Okay. Back again:

So, many people tried plugging these codes in as urls and video codes, and found that this particular one brought up an Ash_Vlogs Instagram account which had been started on the same day as the 'original' vlog (the vlog before it went... weird?...). It featured photos and short clips of food, flowers, Ash, and Ash's friends along with selfies with fans and countless other faces that seemed random/unfamiliar (keep in mind that we still haven't seen her brother's face)...

Then, just as the suspicion began to die down, Ash_Vlogs came to life.

One by one (with week-long intervals between), Ash's vlogs began to be re-uploaded.
While this might not have seemed peculiar at the time, curious viewers soon realized that the videos had been edited to include intentional glitches and moments of static/distorted sound... Not unlike the first hidden video.
And, what's more, if you looked in the description box, there were now links in each re-uploaded video (there were like three right in the middle that didn't have any but they still got edited and re-uploaded so...). When opened, these links showed viewers a series of hidden videos that coincided with each vlog.
And the ones that didn't have links in them?
Well, why don't we just ask Kate The Neighbor?

((To be continued momentarily....))

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Okay, so, back to the story:

So, the first episode of Ash vlogs is re-uploaded, followed by the second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on and so forth.
But, now, there are more hidden video links... Yay!
So, here's a summary of the videos linked to the episodes of Ash_Vlogs....

Hidden video #2 (linked to ep. 1)- "Vid 20171006 005018":
In this video, there is a computer screen with what appears to be the upload screen for Youtube video content.
Not only that, but the camera pans over and shows that the filmer is in a creepy, deteriorating warehouse.... nice, I guess...
And, the name of the video appears to show a date: 06/10/2017
So, this film was made on the 10th of June, 2017.... Okay.

Hidden video #3 (linked to ep. 2)- "Vid 20170409 151909":
In this one, there is a clip of Ash filming her vlog.
From afar.
The filmer of the clip is hiding behind culverts and bushes, filming Ash as Ash films her vlog....???
But, what's more, is that the date on this video (April 9th, 2017) was actually prior to the date on the one before it...


Because they filmed Ash first, and then filmed themselves uploading the video...

But why put the events out of order?

Well, this is where we begin to compare the content of Ash's vlogs with her stalker's videos.

Episode 1:
Ash says she's going to start uploading video content to Youtube
Hidden video:
Stalker is uploading a video of her making a video to Youtube

And it gets worse... XD

Episode 2:
Ash goes about her day filming her first vlog at a mill/park
Hidden video:
Stalker is filming Ash as Ash makes said episode

And thus, we will continue to summarise and compare Ash's content with the videos from her apparent stalker...

But, first, let's talk about Kate...

((will continue momentarily))

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Yay! Back to thus:

So, Kate The Neighbor... *sigh*
Where do I begin?

Well, let's just say that episodes 3 of Ash_Vlogs has no hidden link.
And we'll find out why in a moment...

Bear with me. Please.
Because, get this, episode 4 does have a hidden video.
So, without further ado, we'll begin to summarize and compare...

Hidden video #4 (linked to episode 4)- "Vid 20170412 150005":
Note that this one is shot on April 12, 2017...
This means that it was shot after the film of Ash, but before the video of the upload screen.
So the stalker has been stalking for a while before they decided to upload their cryptic videos...
Now, in this clip viewers are shown the handle of a modern car door where the buttons to control the window panel reside.
So the person is in a car... Car Guy anybody?
Anyhow, so there's a set of numbers being said in this audio, and then the view panels up to show a guy in a blue jacket and pants standing on the sidewalk.
Nobody knows if this blue guy is important, so we'll stop talking about him right.... now.
What is important, however, is that, when the series of voiced numbers are linked to letters of the alphabet (1=a,2=b,3=c,etc.), they spell out "claim to fame".
Remember when Ash said that in her first video?
Just something to note here...

Now, to compare:

Episode 4:
Ash tells us more about herself and her job as a telemarketer.
Hidden video:
Stalker spells out claim to fame in numbers.
And then shows a guy in a blue worker's suit (talking about him again... woops...).
While these may not be linked, I believe that the reason this video was chosen to go with episode 4 was:
a.) so that the video number would match the episode number
b.) because Ash talks about work... where she deals with phones and phone numbers all day long... and what do you see on the bottom of the numbers on a phone? Letters. That match certain numbers. Imagine that...
But the fact that Car Guy chooses to spell out "Claim to fame" is a bit creepy... Don't you think?
Honestly, I think it's because he wanted to show where the fluff stopped (much like the first video was just Ash explaining her channel which would be just fluff), and where the content began (Ash ends this fluff filled video by saying "claim to fame"). And, you know what? It seems to make sense because the next episode of Ash_Vlogs is of Car Guy's first appearance...

Just sayin'....

((to be continued...))

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So, back to the creepy pasta:

Episode 5 has no hidden video.



Neither does episode 6....

But episode 7?

Well, it contains hidden video #7.

Wait? Video 7?
I thought we were on 4...
What happened to five and six?
Do you know how to count?
Or was it just Kate The Neighbor?

Yes. Yes it was.

But more on that later because we don't find out about Kate's dark side until later...

So, episode 7 of Ash vlogs...
Ash's cartoon/ "I've been getting ghost calls" vlog...

Hidden video #7 (linked to episode 7)- ".":
There's a distorted clip of Ash saying something about "Ash's vlogging-time, fun, eh!....?"
Aka: The opening to Ash_Vlogs episode 9
So Car Guy is watching Ash's videos... catching up... and being a creep... nothing new? I guess? But all of this is new because it's not normal!
But that's about it...

And Ash_Vlogs episode 8? What about it?

No hidden video.


Episode 9?


So Car Guy is gone?


Just catching up on Ash's videos?

And nope.
He wants you to pay attention.

Episode 3 is its own hidden video. Ash pretends to kill herself.
Thus, no video.
Episodes 5 and 6?
Car guy was busy stalking in his car and then getting inspired by Ash's sick beats... but Kate will make up for the lost videos. I promise...
8 and 9?
In 8 Ash makes a "collab announcement".
In 9 Ash opens the vlog that was ripped for video 7.

So why skip 8?

Because 8 was a notation of inspiration for Car Guy...
And Kate will make up for it too...

But more on that later (Note: Kate owes us 3 videos)...

((to be continued))

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Back to the magic!:

Episode 10 of Ash_Vlogs has an unlisted video.
Car Guy is back at it again... Stupid Car Guy!

Hidden video 10 (liked to ep. 10)- "box":
Well, the name is actually the shape of a cube and shows someone boxing a hard drive in pink bubble wrap and blueish-purple duct tape...
Tha's it.

So, comparison?

Episode 10:
Ash unboxes a box (symbolised by a cube)
Hidden Video:
Stalker packs a box and titles the video with a cube...

So Car Guy is back to matching Ash's video content with contradicting tapes... How....
Kindred?.... No....
Thoughtful... of him... :(

((to be continued...))

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It's been a while, but...
Ash_Vlogs is alive...
In 2019....
And if I don't catch up now...
I'll fall behind forever....


episode 11- No hidden video... but note that Ash is making music in episode eleven... just wait... chill... k?

episode 12- Hidden video 12 ("I can make a song too")
The stalker makes a video of...
from Ash's previous videos...
and turns it into some form of a SUPER disturbing 'song'... where the phrase 'claim to fame' is exaggerated yet again....
So now you understand how/why there were no videos on episodes 5,6, and 9... Stalker dude was hinting at this moment right here... drawing attention to the fact that Ash is making music... and he can make 'music' too...

But what about episode 8? It had no hidden video...
But it's coming...
I promise.

episode 13- Hidden video 13 ("True Art.")
A dark, glitchy screen pops up while screams (feminine screams) play out in the background... Note that, in episode 13 of Ash_Vlogs, Ash told her brother about her music video.... and the fame it has gained... but Stalker is mocking both of those things:
Ash's music, and her 'claim to fame'....

episode 14- Hidden video 14 ("RIP One Star")
Look at the title long and hard...
Remember when Ash said that in episode 14...
And who did she point that phrase at?
So this video is of a car driving down the road and then....
Well, they pull up to a house.
There's a phone call in the background...
The recipient picks up and says, "Hello? Hello? Is this?... If this is that same person that keeps calling me, then I swear I'm going to f****ing call the cops, okay? Alright? Goodbye."
Why so many 'hello?'s?
Because stalker stayed silent and gave the person he called a ghost call... yep... and, he's flashing his lights at this house... and the recipient of the call is like 'back off'... so, who's on the other side of the call?
RIP One Star.
So is Jordan dead?
Truth be told, we can only guess... because we never find out for certain... but that don't matter... k?
Moving on:

episode 15- well, we know that this one got the first hidden video so... yeah.
There's more to the actual episode:
The subtitles continue after the video is done... just for a moment... but they say, "We know everything about you: your friends, your family, where you eat, where you sleep." In general, where Ash exists... where she thrives... "we're in your rear-view mirror..." Car guy anyone? "This turned out to be a nice little colab. The drips were him, and, like the last ones, you will too."
Now, in the episode, note that you can, briefly, see Car Guy's face as he walks up to the door:
Shrouded in a black ski mask that has an oval opening for both eyes... like, it's one hole to look through ya know? Instead of the standard two? Idk... I'll just hope you understand... but this becomes more important for their 2019 live-streams... k?

((to be continued))

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So, after all of this, Ash_Vlogs posts a new video.
Not an upload.
Not another hidden video.
But an actual video.

Now, this grabbed people's attention, and more people started paying attention to the re-uploaded videos...
Because this one was titled "Face Reveal" and showed the person behind the camera filming a guy in an orange shirt over a blue shirt...
The brother?
In the orange shirt with blue sleeves underneath?
Ash blurred out his face?

Well, Face Reveal!
Ha, ha! XD
And then they move in toward the guy...
They walk up to him...
A 911 call starts playing in the background... Something about a guy bleeding out after being stabbed...
They sit in front of him...
He looks scared when he realises who it is...
They sit while everyone starts getting off...
The train is empty...
The camera man stabs the guy in the orange shirt.


And remember when Ash revealed that her brother was in the hospital? Episode 14? After she had told him about her music/'claim to fame'?
So, that's why he was there...
He was stabbed...
So this video was being uploaded later...
We also know this because of the hidden video that goes with it...

Titled, "OBIB)V12B2PYDJ;KYM&IWGQV:A'8^V$/", it shows a man in a burlap sack over his head and blue scrubs for clothes. There's blood on the hood over his face, and he's sobbing a bit... obviously distressed.
His captors, men in black outfits and with latex gloves over their hands, take his phone and "call Ash" appears in the subtitles. Promptly, the phone states "calling Ash" and begins to ring on speaker. The guy beneath the hood starts really crying now, twisting and turning in his bonds, and Ash comes on the phone, distraught by the captie's tears, asking where he is and what's going on.
He says he doesn't know, starts talking quite fast, panicked...
The subtitles read "bye Ash", and the speaker begins to move the phone away, hanging up.
At this point, the captive goes beserk, screaming, "No! Ash! Ash, no!", but is quickly reduced to broken, choking sobs. However, as a result of the captive's panicked words, the phone quickly says "finding directions to Mum's house."
Again, the figure goes crazy, screaming more protests, and the subtitles read "hi, mum" before the figure with the phone walks away and is replaced by a new member with a gun. He holds the captive at gunpoint and...
The video ends.

Not much to go off of.

((to be continued...))

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Now, within the hidden video is another hidden video.
This one is called "Bad Drip".
Remember the things about the drips?
Well, that's what this cult/group calls their followers.
And, when they do something bad?
When they deserve to be punished?

Bad Drip.

That's what they say.

So, in this video, there's this car that CarGuy is following quite closely. Comments are being read off by a devise in the background, probably from the cult's multi-streaming platform... which they open in one of their 2019 youtube live-streams... but more on that later...

Anyhow, they're following this car.
The commenter is saying that the driver is getting too close. That 'they' totally know. Then, the car being followed stops and a guy gets out, stars yelling and CarGuy rolls down the window enough to say "It's not what it looks like. It's not what it looks like!"

The video stops.

So, who were they following?
What wasn't what it looked like?

Welcome to RackaRacka.
The youtuber that Ash was going to do a collab with.
But never showed up for.
Instead, Racka got some strange drawings and mementos in a package in the mail...

But let's talk about Kate The Neighbor first...

((to be continued...))

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Now, Kate owes us three videos...
But how will we get them?

Say hello to a channel called "This is Kate"...

Kate The Neighbor.
Who had been getting strange calls too...
Who had a place in Ash's life...
Who posted (or maybe it's just the cult posting under her image) the following:

Video 1: "Get Well Soon"
A guy comes into a hospital room...
He looks like a doctor...
He lifts the patient out of bed and puts him in a wheelchair...
Things to note: hospital, guy in blue scrubs is a patient, this footage came from a security camera, and Ash's brother was the only one we knew was in the hospital. For being stabbed...

So is the guy in scrubs and the burlap hood Ash's brother?
We think so.

Video 2: "You are not afraid to Die."
This video shows a guy in a room. It's quite long, and just shows him walking about this small space like a caged and waiting animal. Then, the video 'glitches' and all that is left is an open door and a lot of blood where the guy had been sitting in a chair... and now the room is empty of all furniture...

Is this footage of Ash's brother being held hostage?
One can only guess, but it is likely... \0/

Unless you follow the hidden Vimeo link.
Ash_Vlogs has gone to vim...
But relax.
It was only once... but you'll only understand if you watch video three from Kate...

Video 3: "He's waiting for you in the Dirt"
A gloved hand burrys Bad Boi (the hard drive) in some... get this...
There's twigs, leaves, so a bit forestry... but that's that.

Now, as for the vimeo video....
Apparently, Bad Boi was dug up.
Because a Drip watched the Racka videos about A....
Well, we'll get there.
But, the vimeo shows them burning a body in a bodybag in the dark, and the ground is kind of...

So, maybe the guy in the room was just an unlucky Drip.
Who knows?
Not me.

*Unimportant Side Note*: All three of these videos can now be seen as posted videos on the Ash_Vlogs youtube page... Just sayin'....

Now, to instagram and RackRacka...
Where the cult took over Ash's instagram...
And posted some pictures...
With a message for RackaRacka...
"Thanks for the collab Danny, your fans are so supportive! But they might be upset to know that you're not telling them everything. What else did you find in the tent?"
Now, Danny is the face of the channel known as "RackaRacka".
So, what are they talking about?
What is Danny hiding?

((To be continued...))

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Before we introduce Danny...
You must first note that, when the three videos by Kate moved to the Ash_Vlogs channel, they were replaced by three more:

Video 1: "Dead Girl"
This video features a baby crying in the background (remember how Kate had a baby?) and there's a flash of a... something... that looks like a picture drawn on white fabric. What it is is a drawing of two blobs (like Drips) holding hands with crosses over their eyes. One is bigger than the other, and they're sort of smudged... So is Kate in trouble?

I think so.

Video 2: "plus/cross scissors (in emoji)"
The captions read, "Hello Drips. There is something you should know. Happy_Drip (whoever runs the SnapChat portion of Ash_Vlogs titled 'happy_drip' which gives Drips 'tasks' to complete...); they have been a bad Drip. As a result, we have decided to modify Task 2. We will show you a picture, and you will wave at it. Say the following: 'hello, Zachary'. If you do not complete, the task will be removed within 24-hours."
This is followed by a picture of a crying, snotting baby that you are meant to call Zachary...
Kate's baby?

Video 3: "Bad Girl"
There's dark. Everywhere.
Except for a phone screen viewing the previous video...

Plus, there's some extra footage...
A fourth video.

This one is called "True Friends."

In it, you see a woman (who will look familiar as soon as you realise why it's called 'True Friends') coming out of a bathroom. She looks at the person behind the camera and jumps, scared, and then says, "Will you stop?! I did what you asked me to do. Okay? I'm done. I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!"
The woman, in case you forgot Ash's 'true friend' was Al...

So did Al betray Ash?


((To be continued...))

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Now, as time went on, This Is Kate continued to post more videos including a snippet of 'Zachary' screaming and running alongside a car (this was videotaped from the driver's seat) as the filmer drives away mercilessly, leaving the child, literally, in the dust. Out in the middle of nowhere...
There's more videos, something along eighty more, so we'll stop here, but I think that Kate and her baby may have been eliminated.
Bad Drips. What can I say? XD

Now, on to RackaRacka!

((To be continued...))

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Okay, so, RackaRacka.... Where does one start?

Let's start with the fact that his channel was completely normal.
'WAS' being the key word there...
Now, granted, he has yet to have odd clips and hidden links in his videos, but there's a reason why:
He's still active. On a regular basis.
Remember how Ash_Vlogs (the not-so-creepy version) had posted and then done nothing with the videos for months and, with the oldest videos, even years?
Well, that may have been why her channel was targeted.
Ash herself says that she thinks they're just a bunch of money thirsty, attention seeking people...
But wait.
Wasn't Ash kidnapped?
More on that in a minute.
First, let's talk about RackaRacka (more specifically, Danny).
Now, after the weird videos started popping up on Ash_Vlogs, but before the weird Instagram hack and messages to Danny... AND before the odd "Bad Drip" car stalking video.... Somewhere in that timeframe.... Danny started to get weird messages and phone calls with nobody on the other end. Then, after reaching out and inquiring as to what may be going on, he was contacted by a Discord group known as 'I_Know_Where_She_Is'. Now, these people all seemed to be people interested in the puzzle of Ash_Vlogs and how to solve it, to find on what was actually going on... They pointed Danny in the right direction and, after plugging in a lot of code into many websites, he opened a file that featured a photo of his sister with her mouth agape seeming to scream (even though it was just a snapshot of a previous video where she had- at a moment in time- made an odd face) and it was edited to have blood all over it.
Now, this was not a simple pdf file.
It was an mp4 (aka video).
In typical Ash_Vlogs fashion.
So, Danny goes on the hunt and threatens Ash_Vlogs as a whole believing that, as everyone else seems to, that the whole vlog was a sort of ARG (Alternative Reality Game) where players were meant to look for clues and unravel the mystery. He says, in essence, that he's had enough, that this has gone too far, and that- if the vlog was serious- they could come to his house and fight him.
Not wise words.
Not at all.

Side note:
Never taunt a cult.

((to be continued))

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