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message 1: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (kristy_mac) | 23 comments Hi, I work for Storey Publishing.
I am noticing a few problems with our book Queenspotting.

The digital edition of Queenspotting (9781635860382) is missing a cover.
Cover for ebook can be pulled from:

The hardcover edition (9781635860375) of Queenspotting has the wrong subtitle.
Subtitle should be: Meet the Remarkable Queen Bee and Discover the Drama at the Heart of the Hive; Includes 48 Queenspotting Challenges

The two editions are not linked, and should be. Digital edition (9781635860382); Hardcover edition (9781635860375).

I hope you are able to help. Thank you!
All the best, Kristy

message 2: by Neil (new)

Neil Powell (el_gringo) | 458 comments 9781635860382: added image as above, added page numbering and corrected page title to remove duplication

9781635860375: corrected subtitle and added book description from Amazon

Both editions have now be combined

message 3: by Kristy (new)

Kristy (kristy_mac) | 23 comments Much thanks!

message 4: by Emily (last edited Apr 16, 2019 01:24PM) (new)

Emily | 13538 comments I took out "Includes..." from the subtitle, as it is not considered part of the subtitle and is a description according to Goodreads standards.

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