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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA -- read in early to mid 2000's -- likely published in early 2000's -- it's about three girls in high school who are best friends and their journey

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Kristin | 2 comments This book was likely published in the early 2000's - the cover is of three girls, all look differently. One has long brown hair in braids with glasses on and maybe a beanie, another is super tan and has long gorgeous flowy brown hair, I can't remember what the third looks like but I think she had short hair. The style of the cover was almost in like a digitized paper mache look. Like each piece and detail was cut out and placed on top of the other.

The three girls are in high school and all very different. The girl with long pretty flowing hair, her dad is a retired famous musician. The one with braids I think her dad is like military or something. The other girl is more of a sheltered, nerdy family.

I think they were in like Colorado. The girl with the braids and glasses had to join something kind of like ROTC and had to wear those swishy windsuit pants that made her butt look huge.

It's kind of like a teen, highschool romance book for all three girls.

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